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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 199

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 4, 2012 05:41 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 199

Anime staff...seriously, what's with you throwing all the gags and jokes away from the anime and shove them into drama CD instead? (And...drama CD Shibuya...-.-") At first, I thought they just forsake all the gags and jokes in the manga for the seriousness...but after I listen to bits and pieces of the drama CD, now I get it. They basically have the drama CD as a gag slapper (though the only parts I listened to is a comedic scene original to the drama CD as well...) while anime is all serious...WTF? -.-"

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:199 "The New Demon King"

Pg. 1
Four-eyes - GWOAH...

Sakura - He did it...!!
[Ogami finally]
[landed a blow on the rare kind, with reinforcement from "Vital Acupuncture"...!!]
** Finally, the first serious blow hits the rare kind...!! **

Pg. 2
Four-eyes - OW

I see that you really became much stronger, Rei-kun.


Toki - [Shit!! That bastard is really fast!!]

Four-eyes - You still
cannot beat m-...

Pg. 3
Toki - [He can even keep up with]
[the speed of a rare kind!!]

You mean he's even stronger than Aoba-chan, the user of "Vital Acupuncture"!?

Aoba - O-...Of course, he is. It's like what Saechika said. You "Code:Breakers" are power users who can fight against the rare kinds.
You guys have that quality right inside your genes... If you're given a chance,

Pg. 4
[your physical strength]
[can easily surpass the rare kinds.]


Four-eyes - Ugh...!!
I guess

I'll just sap away every last bit of your life energy!!

Pg. 5
Sakura - Ogami!!
Rui - It won't work!! As long as he can use his rare kind power, special power will never work on him...

Sakura - He closed in on him!?
Rui - That's crazy!!
[Is he trying to get himself killed!?]

Four-eyes - A power user rushing into rare kind power directly like that is just suicidal.
You're too reckless...!!

Ogami - Ugh...

[I can see it at such a close distance... The single point where]
[there's no rare kind power coming out...!!]


Pg. 6-7

Toki - Wha-...
It's gone!!
[The rare kind power completely disappeared!!]

Ogami - ...Your vital point.

Aoba - So you finally found it. [Slowpoke.]

Pg. 8

Pg. 9
Ogami - Ugh...

Stop your stupid rare kind games.
Stop fooling around with people's hearts...!!

Four-eyes - ...You still
don't know

who was the main cause of December 32?

Sakura - Eh!? Wh-...What do you mean...?
"Emperor"-dono is the one who caused December 32 because he feared Negation...

Four-eyes - Do you really think "Emperor" is the type of person who would cause a massacre just from his decision alone?

Pg. 10
It's the humans!!

Classmate - Eek!!
Four-eyes - "Emperor" isn't the main cause of it!!

Humans deluded and instigated the "Emperor" into causing December 32...!!

Sakura - H-...Humans!?
[December 32 didn't involve only power users and rare kinds, but humans as well!?]

B-...But who was it that caused...
December 32...

Pg. 11
Four-eyes - Humans instigated power users to slaughter our families and friends...

Four-eyes - Dammit!! I'll never forgive them!!
Cool Guy - I'll kill them!!
Lunch - Don't.

Stand back, you guys.
I'll do it as I'm the strongest.

??? - B...But...
Lunch - Don't worry.

I'll go talk to them.
Power users and humans will surely understand us.

Pg. 12

Pg. 13
Sakura - N-...
No way...

Four-eyes - He took it upon himself in order to protect us...

Do you even know... The agony Headliner suffered...
How heavy the cross he had to bear...!!

Unforgivable... The humans who were the cause of everything.
I cannot forgive the humans who messed with Headliner's pure heart!!

Rui - You mean...the reason you mess with people in this game is just your revenge for what happened on December 32!?
To begin with, which human caused all of this!?

Four-eyes - ...Rei-kun is Headliner's friend. I don't mind sparing you and Sakura-chan,
but if you get in our way...

Pg. 14
I won't forgive you either!!


Ogami - Burn to ashes.

...December 32!?

Pg. 15
So what of it? ...Sorry, but I don't give a damn about some sophistry you trash spouted.

Sakura - Ogami!! Wait...

Four-eyes - Don't get...
into our way...

Pg. 16
Your petty flame can never burn my determination...

Toki - [His resolve...]

Classmate - KYAA!!
[is so strong!!]

Pg. 17
Four-eyes - ...Lost your will to fight so quickly...? Is that all you got then...?

What are you laughing at!?

Ogami - You're quite some evil...
If Satan Blaze isn't enough, then I'll show you...
the obstinacy that's much stronger than you.

Four-eyes - What're you...

Ogami - evil to evil.

Pg. 18

Pg. 19
Lunch - Rei...kun.

Classmates - KYAAA!!
Rui - The building is collapsing!!

Toki - ...Are you kidding me...?
This isn't like anything I've seen before...

Pg. 20
[another one of the seven demons]
[that incinerate the seven deadly sins!!]
** Summon the fifth demon...!! **

next: Color opening page with 23 pages in celebration of 200 chapters of serialization.
to be continued

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#1. by Ilyia ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2012
"You guys have that quality right inside your genes... If you're given a chance"

not quality, "potential" would be a better translation in this case I think.
Level [C] Translator

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