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Code:Breaker 200

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 9, 2012 18:15 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 200


DAMN! My want for ToX2 really is killing me. It falls right into the same track as ToX, as expected of the friggin' sequel! OP alone is killing me so badly already! (since tbh, it's the OP of ToX alone that made me decide to buy PS3 and the game right away)

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:200 "The One who Governs Over Envy"

Pg. 1-2
** CELEBRATE! The 200th chapter with a color spread and 23 pages!! **

** Time may pass by, **
** the weather may change, **
** but our "bond" will remain here forever. **

Pg. 3
Rui - The fifth demon...!?
But I thought he needed a specific "Key" to unlock the remaining three supreme demons of the seven flame demons that incinerate the seven deadly sins...

[Could it be back then when Sakurako-san...?]

Sakurako - My kiss isn't just a normal kiss.
Ogami - ...What's this!?

Rui - You mean, Rei...

was already capable of using the fifth flame!?

Toki - [Those shiny scales... The choking sea scent...]
So it finally shows up.
[That guy is the only one with those features out of the seven... That's right. It's]
** The fifth demon has descended!! **

Pg. 4
[Leviathan the Sea Beast!!]

Four-eyes - As expected of you. You can finally call out Leviathan as well, I see...
But it's meaningless if you can't control it like with Beelzebub.

Rui - What!?
Toki - ...He's right.

[That fly bastard is the demon which devours everything, friends and foes alike...]
[If Leviathan was to go loose as well, it'd be much worse than that time for sure...!!]


Pg. 5
Four-eyes - See? You're starting to lose control over it already...
Looks like I don't even need to fight, since you'll be consumed by that demon anyway.
If you get it now, then...

Ogami - Choose.

Will you quit your game of revenge on humans,
or will you die here?
Which one do you choose?

Rui - Rei!?

Four-eyes - ...Quit being

so desperate now, will you!!

Pg. 6

Toki - What...!?
[The silver flame!!]

Sakura - Oga...

Pg. 7
Four-eyes - Im-...Impossible!! There's no way the demon will listen to...


Rui - He did it!!
[The silver flame which severs all matter...]

Rei, that guy... He really brought Leviathan under his control...!!
[The fifth flame, Leviathan...]

Pg. 8
Leviathan - I see that you need me now.
...Very well.
I shall follow you.

Rui - ...He's so polite!!
Toki - Woah!? That guy is pretty reasonable, unlike that fly bastard.

Yuuki - Stop messing around, Snakie.
That petty thing can't be all you've got. Ogami's flame is much more powerful than that!!
You're just acting all docile and elegant that you won't show your true strength!!
Toki - Eh!?
== Snakie = Hebisuke in JP

Yuuki - I'll beat you up real good.
Toki - Y-...Yuuki-kun!? Don't pick a fight with a demon.
Sakura - ...Ogami.

Pg. 9
Four-eyes - [It's the humans who caused December 32 to happen!!]

Ogami - ...Even so, how you went about it is just wrong.

Pg. 10
Four-eyes - Why won't you understand?

Sakura - H-...His head can still talk!?

Four-eyes - ...Just how many lives had been lost on that day.

How many lives had been screwed on that day.

Sakura - N-...No way.


Pg. 11
Four-eyes - Why can't you understand that!!

Rui - H-...He revived himself!?

That curse mark... It's the same as Yukihina's.

[That means he's an undead like Yukihina!?]
On December 32, "Headliner" took everything upon himself in order to protect us.

So this time, it's our turn...--
Until we've accomplished our game of revenge by annihilating every single human, we will protect "Headliner" with our immortal bodies...!!

Pg. 12
Rui - [All of them are immortal...!?]
...You can't be serious.

[Even if we find all their weaknesses, we still won't stand a chance against these monsters!!]
Four-eyes - It's all for the friendship between us...
You get it now, don't you? You can never stop our game no matter...
Ogami - Nay.

"Lunch" is mine, so just give up.

Everyone - [Huh?!]

Four-eyes - ...What!?

Pg. 13
Sakura - What are you saying...
Ogami - There's no helping it, right? That guy wants to eat lunch with me and Sakurakouji-san so much more than you that he'll even change schools just for that reason.

I can see that you guys care about "Lunch" so much you'll even make yourselves immortal, but he seems to be madly in love with me and Sakurakouji-san though.

Toki - O...Ogami-kun!?
Yuuki - He's agitating his jealousy.

Ogami - I know you guys think of "Lunch" as your best friend,
but he's clearly more fond of me than you guys?
...I feel sorry for you.

Four-eyes - T-

That's bullshit!!
What would you know!?

Pg. 14
We know him a lot better than you do!!
A whole, whole lot...

...And yet why,
why does "Headliner" prefer a shithead like you...

Leviathan - "Envy"...!!

Four-eyes - What!?

Pg. 15
Leviathan - The "envy"!! I can smell my favorite "envy"!!


I'll engulf all of it!! KYAHAHAHAHA!!

Rui - Wah!!
That snake bastard changed all of the sudden.
Toki - S-...So this is the real him!?

[H-...His flame is nothing like the one he had before!!]

Yuuki - ...This is it.
This is what I was waiting for.

Pg. 16
Ogami's flame...is so beautiful.

Ogami - You finally show your true colors, you damn demon...
You just can't stay still when your favorite "envy" is right before your eyes, can you?

Toki - That's right!!
[The sin Leviathan incinerates is "envy"!! He agitated "Reggae Four-eyes" to use him as his pawn so he can take control of that demon?]

Leviathan - As long as you give me my "prey", I don't mind lending you a hand.
I shall form a pact

with you...!!

Four-eyes - No matter how powerful the real Leviathan flame is, I'll never lose to it as I'm immor-...

Pg. 17
[The flame just vanished...]


What's this...

[Isn't this...]
What the...

Ogami - This is...
the true form of the snake bastard...

Pg. 18-19
[Argenteous Phantom Flame of Hades]

Pg. 20
Rui - Phantom Flame...
isn't that an ice dragon!?
But Rei is a flame power user. How...

Toki - Heat absorption.

Since he can manipulate fire, it means he can manipulate heat as well...
If he absorbs all the heat in the area instantly,

he can create ice by rapidly lowering the surrounding temperature!!

[A flexible shape formed with cold and ice]
Ogami - If you won't burn,

Toki - [just like a dragon made out of freezing flame...!!]
Ogami - then I'll give you an eternal sleep...!!

Pg. 21
Four-eyes - Gwah...!!


Stop it, Rei!!
Aren't you also a victim of December 32, just like us!?

You already knew that humans were the cause of it, yet why are you still protecting them...!?
Didn't you die and got your life all messed up because of it!?

Yet why...!?

...Y-...You just want to forget, don't you? You just want to run away from it...
You were o-...overwhelmed by your sadness, regret and despair from back then... Y-...Yo-...
You coward...

Pg. 22
Ogami - I didn't forget anything...

no matter what kind of thoughts I have inside,
I can never forgive anyone
whom had fallen into being evil,
or mess with the good hearts of others.

I'll put an end to it all myself.
** As he bears more and more sorrow, he becomes even more powerful!! **

next: The atrocity at the root of revenge...!!
to be continued

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