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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 201

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 16, 2012 18:49 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 201

Another self-promise broken...all thanks to ToX2...-_-"

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:201 "The Return of the Emperor"

Pg. 1
Kanda - Because of all the chaos, no one will even notice an explosion in this old building... At least, that is good for us.

Sakura - Ogami!! Are you hurt...

** What has become of Ogami after the end of the battle!? **

Pg. 2
Hang in there!! Are you all right...!?
** What was the price he had to pay for going beyond his limits!? **

Sakura - You're soaked with sweat...and your body seems to be very weak!!
You're on the verge of losing your power, aren't you!?

Pg. 3
Heike - ...It would seem that a single use of Leviathan used up
so much of his power that he's about to lose it.

Sakura - Heike-senpai!! [Since when did you...]
Heike - Such marvelous Leviathan...I must say.

Even though this is your first time summoning, how you gained control over it was also wonderful.
It would seem that you've been rapidly regaining your original power ever since you obtained Beelzebub.

Rui - Heike, how are things in town now? Are all the people safe?
Heike - ...Everything has been taken care of even without you having to remind me.

Kanda and I had already concealed the matter to the best of our abilities.
Also, the police had opened an evacuation path, so things have started to calm down.

Pg. 4
So, we finally reduced him into the state of hibernation using Leviathan, I see...

Heike - ...My apologies. I will certainly carry on your intention...

Rui - Hey, Heike. Does his immortality have something to do with Yukihina?
His curse mark looks the same.

...Hey, what exactly is...

Pg. 5
Heike - ...Do you really care that much about that former friend of yours?
...Even if I knew something, I have nothing to say to you.

Rui - Heike, you must've known something... Could it be

that you also knew who the human he mentioned was...
The one that caused December 32!?

Heike - ...Oh, you think so?

Worry about it all you want then.

Pg. 6
Maeda - Cheer up, Aoba. You can still make up for it, right?

Ogami - Withdraw yourself from "Eden"...

"Eden" had their HQ destroyed and is currently in chaos due to those rare kinds. Even if you withdraw yourself right now, they shouldn't come after you.
Kanda will take care of everything afterwards for you.

Toki - ...True. Plus, you haven't done much yet since you just joined recently.

Ogami - I want you to be with all our classmates in order to protect them.
As they're related to this now, it's possible that "Eden" will come after them too.
Same for you, Uesugi...

Uesugi - Yeah.
Aoba - Wha...!? Wh-...Why would you---

Ogami - ...You are extreme with almost everything you do,
but you're also very righteous.
Despite how you go about doing things, I believe you're a warrior more trustworthy than anyone else.

Pg. 7
Aoba - A trustworthy...warrior...

Maeda - A-...Aoba?

Aoba - I... I'll think about it.

[I'm not doing this because I want to, okay!? It DEFINITELY isn't like that, got it!!]

Pg. 8

Pg. 9
Okita - Ogami, you said to us before, right?
To never come "to our side".

We didn't really understand you back then, but it looks like we ended up learning a little about the underground world while we were with you.
We don't really know whether what you did was right or wrong,

but we do know...the weight of your determination.

Pg. 10
Rui - Look!!
The town has lightened up again!!

It was...
a really long day.

Pg. 11
Work completed!!

Pg. 12
Rui - Who the hell!!
Put takoyaki into the pot!!

Toki - It's Yuuki's turn to die...
Heike - It's super delicious.
Rui - Stop messing around!!
Sakura - I got an octopus.
Ogami - It's not like he'll die or anything.

Toki - Aaah, dammit!! I'm getting tan lines! I hate Sports Day!!
Sakura - Well, that's because your skin is fair.
Rui - I don't want another one of that either.

Heike - How about I give you some hexagonal tan lines?

Shibuya - Of course, I shouldn't have exercised so much.
Toki - ...You didn't even participate, did you?

Yuuki - But I...really like being first.

Pg. 13
Toki - What do you mean, Yuuki...?
Yuuki - I've always been first in everything... School, exams, work.

Toki - And what of it!?
You're really proud of yourself, huh!? You born genius...

Yuuki - ...True,
but this is the first time people are happy when I got first place.

...That was my first time,
but I

really like both "Sports Day" and our "red team".

Sakura - Yuuki-kun...

Pg. 14
Sakura - We got another good memory now.

Ogami - ...Yes.

Sakura - Let's put them into an album sometime!! Like how Mother and Father did for me.

Ogami - [I can't become your family.]
Sakura - O-...Of course, only if you approve of it.

Ogami, are you listening...

Pg. 15
O-...Ogami!? What's...

??? - I'll rape you, bitch.

Sakura - ...Eh!?

Pg. 16-17
Toki - What's wr-...


[The demons have gone berserk...!?]

Heike - Well, well... It looks like they took the advantage of Ogami while he's weakened to launch their attack.

They certainly are very troublesome demons.

Toki - What's so funny about that!!
Yuuki - Ogami...hang in there!

Pg. 18

Sakura - Prince-dono, Ogami is...
Rui - Crap... All seven of them have the power to defeat rare kinds... If we can't keep them down...

[not just Ogami, we'll all be consumed by them...!!]


Pg. 19
[The demons stopped!?]
Rui - Eh!?
Sakura - What happened...

C:E - ...You small fry will never grow out of it, huh?

Pg. 20
All of you, kneel down before me,
the great "Emperor"!!
** The "Emperor's" sudden revival!! Who could have arranged this fate!? **

Sakura - "Emperor"-dono!!

next: Crux, conviction and reservation...!!
to be continued

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