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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 202

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 2, 2012 11:47 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 202

The anime...is off to the next space. I don't think there's any chance left for the sequel...Rui vs Yukihina is just a disastrous choice of battle...-_-"

Please also credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:202 "The Last One"

Pg. 1
C:E - The great "Emperor" is BACK!!
** The revival of the Emperor forebodes a new turn of events!? **
Prostrate yourself before this great me...!!

Ogami - "Emperor"...

Pg. 2
C:E - But you seem really wrecked up there, Rei.
I'm glad you have control over Leviathan now,
but it looks like you can't abuse it if you're in that state.
Toki - Hold it!!

How did you come back!? I thought you were already...

C:E - Yeah...you're right,

And it's all your fault!! [Go burn in hell.]
Sakura - They're friends again.
Rui - A-...Are they really?

Toki - I-...It's your fault for butting in on our BLAAAAZING battle of friendship!!
Isn't that right, Ogami-kun!?

Pg. 3
C:E - It was short, but those stupid days I spent with you
weren't half bad.
Never expected that you'd hug me though.

Ogami - ...Obstinate bastard...

C:E - I know that you really wanted to cry in relief.

Sakura - Thank goodness...

Rui - Oh, that's right... Sakurako-san is the only one who can bring back "Emperor"...
She must've given enough of her power to Rei to revive "Emperor" along with the key for Leviathan.

Sakura - So how did you come back? Back then when "Emperor"-dono was gone, Kurako-dono...
Ogami - Well, that's because...

Pg. 4
I've directly kissed with-

Will you
shut up
for a bit,
Ogami - Y-...Yes!?
Toki - Well, a lot of things had happened, but at least it's good that he's back, right?
Sakura - Yep.

Yuuki - "Rugrat Emperor" is really a fool.

Toki - R-...Rugrat Emperor...
Yuuki - If so, then that means he was revived ages ago, wasn't he? Why didn't he come out until now?

Sakura - Now that you mention it...
Heike - It's probably because of those rare kinds.

Pg. 5
Since the villains we're facing this time are the rare kinds, you don't feel like participating in this battle, do you, "Emperor"?

Your feeble side really makes me pity you.
C:E - Shush, fucker.

I just want to enjoy myself.
I'm back to life now, so quit this stupid thing and let's find something fun to play, Rei.
Sakura - B-...But "Emperor"-dono...

Ogami - Stop fooling around. Get back inside me along with those demons already.
I'll stop those rare kinds.

C:E - ...You deaf, Rei?

I said
I want to

Pg. 6
Sakura - WAH!!
Rui - What are you...

Toki - W-...What!?

Heike - ...It seems like

Pg. 7
we've been completely surrounded by the demons.

Ogami - ...What the hell do you want?
C:E - Told'ya I'm fuckin' not gonna fight those troublesome rare kinds. That's friggin' boring, so let's play something.
Toki - Huh!? What're you saying...

Yuuki - Look, a skull tree.
Toki - Y-...You adapt too fast, Yuuki-kun.

Sakura - Is "Emperor"-dono treating the rare kinds differently because of December 32...?
Heike - No, he's just being annoying.

Sakura - Eh!?

Heike - That's how he is. "Emperor" is egoistic and wild... A lonesome man who never gives in or believes in anything.

Pg. 8
C:E - Maybe I'll have the demons kill each other for fun?
Ogami - Let go of me. I have no time to be playing with you.

I'll kill those rare kinds...no matter what you say.

C:E - Rei...

Who do you think you're barking at?

Toki - Wha!?

Tch!! What the hell...

Your lives are in the palm of my hand now.
...Oh yeah, I just got an awesome idea.

Pg. 9
C:E - Let's gamble using this, Rei.
Coin toss.

Rui - What!?

C:E - If it's heads, I'll "lend you my power" as usual.

If it's tails... Let's see...
How 'bout... "siding with those rare kinds with their revenge on humans"?

Sakura - What...
C:E - Rei, you too understood how those rare kinds felt, didn't you?
...Since you went through all that and got your life all messed up.

Pg. 10
C'mon, no one is gonna stop you from having some fun, right?

Toki - That's bullshit!!
Rui - Cut it out already...


C:E - ...Hah. Starting to fire up now?
It's just a game between me and you...no hard feelings.


Pg. 11
Or tails!?

Pg. 12

Rui - Wait...
Are you nuts!? Let "Emperor" go, or else the demons won't stop!!


Pg. 13
Ogami - Don't you belittle me.

I've chosen to burn all the evil of my own free will.
Like I'll go along with your half-assed decision.

Sakura - Ogami...

Pg. 14
C:E - That's what I wanted to hear.

Toki - What...!?
Rui - The demons are gone!?

Pg. 15
No matter what you're going up against, this thing inside you will never waver.

C:E - I'm sure that even if you're facing the rare kinds, you'll make a different choice from me,
the choice...that I couldn't make on that day.

Sakura - "Emperor"-dono...
Yuuki - Heads and heads.
Toki - Huh!? What're you...

Pg. 16
Yuuki - Both sides are heads.

Toki - Huh!? That's cheating!!
Rui - ...No, he isn't.

Heads means "Emperor will lend Ogami his power"...
"Emperor", you were planning on lending your power to Ogami either way...

Pg. 17
C:E - Damn lame!! You really believed that for real!?

Toki - What...
Rui - You...
C:E - Don't freak out!! Wusses!! It's really exciting, isn't it?

Heike - ...He really is just fooling around, isn't he?


Ogami-kun is the only one he'll never doubt, no matter what.

Sakura - Senpai...

Toki - I'll definitely tear you to shreds again...
C:E - Hah, hilarious!!
Since you guys are super hilarious, I'll tell you something good.

Pg. 18
It's about the secret behind the rare kind's...immortality. [And Yukihina's too.]

Sakura - Wha!?

C:E - Since it also concerns Yukihina, I'll bet Heike would never tell you this,

but the one who made the rare kinds and Yukihina immortal is the same person.
And that guy also holds the key to Ogami's sixth flame.

Rui - Th-...
The same person!?
If he has the key to the sixth flame, then that means...

Pg. 19
C:E - Yes, he's the last of the four founders of "Eden".
[Emperor the Great]
[Sakurakouji Sakurako the Amazon]
[Heike Masaomi the Wondrous]

Rui - That person is the one who made the rare kinds and Yuki immortal...

Sakura - And if we meet him, we'll find the way to stop the rare kinds too?
Toki - Piece of cake, huh!? And we'll get the sixth flame as well!? So where is he then?

Heike - Deplorable!
Ogami - Why do you seem so disappointed?

Heike - There's one big...shocking problem.

Pg. 20
That guy is already dead.

Toki - WHAAAT!? [Then what should we do!?]
** The one who resurrected the dead is dead himself!? Who is this mysterious founder!? **

next: Let the sleeping dog lie...!?
to be continued

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