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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 203

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 14, 2012 17:41 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 203

I seriously don't know now whether they're going to have a sequel for the anime. They don't mention anything about December 32 or that key, but they put Seeker and Kouji right in. Well, guess time'll tell...though got to be honest, I hardly am that pleased with the anime either. -_-"

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:203 "Zed the Hero"

Pg. 1
Cat - Never expected Rei-kun to regain Leviathan.

Cool - To freeze the dead for eternity is a really threatening power, but he won't be able to use it very often.
...There won't be a next time.

Franken - His death has made me grievous... But for the sake of our goal, we have no time to be mourning.

** Lunch wanes alone at the death of his comrade... **
Isn't that correct? My Lord...

Cool - What's wrong? It's rare seeing you not having any appetite, Head. You have to stop staring at the outside and start digging in...

Pg. 2
Lunch - I'm in pain.

Pg. 3
Cool - It's not your fault.
Cat - Yeah. Plus, we're here for you.
Franken - ...I'm sure they will understand someday as well.

Lunch - You're right.
They might not understand it now, but both Rei-kun and Sakura-chan will understand

that our revenge and plan are actually for the greater good.
Window - [You have the right to seek revenge.]
[We shall help you with your revenge.]
[The Angel's Blessing]
[An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Evil for evil...]
Lunch - The real game...has already begun.

Pg. 4
Toki - [The last of the four founders is dead!?]

** The last founder who exceeds everyone's expection!! Just how true is Heike's word!? **

Heike - One of the four founders of "Eden" is Zed the Hero.
His corpse still remains within his grave.

Toki - H-...His grave...
Rui - He's really dead...?
That means

Pg. 5
we can no longer
find out about the rare kinds' immortality, [and Yukihina's as well.]
get the sixth flame nor learn of the third truth of the founders...!?
There was a glimpse of hope, and yet...
What are we supposed to do now!?

Ogami - A shovel!?
What's this for, "Emperor"...?
C:E - Ain't that obvious?

We're digging up his grave.

Pg. 6
Gravestone - Here lies the grave

C:E - This is Zed's grave. Now, dig his corpse up and you'll see.
Toki - S-...So easy to find, huh...
Rui - ...And no one even tried searching for it until now.

Y-...You're serious about digging him up?
Ogami - ...I don't really believe in God,
but that would be really disrespectful to the dead. He might come out to haunt us.
Rui - Don't say that, Rei.

Toki - Hah, ridiculous. Let's quit this stupid crap and go ho-...

Pg. 7
Don't dig with such enthusiasm!!
Sakura - We definitely have to see him if it's to stop the rare kinds.

Rui - Let's divide into two shifts.
Toki - Don't become so cooperative at a time like this!!

Se-...Senpai? Shouldn't we stop them? [You don't like this idea too, do you?]
Heike - I don't mind, since I had already anticipated this.

Toki-kun, could it be...

You who had single-handedly killed evildoers is no good with the occult?
If so, then I must certainly buff you up.
Toki - Yo-...Your very existence itself is occult!! [And why do you even need to light up!?]

Sakura - Don't worry, Toki-kun!! I've seen in movies that great people always look beautiful even after they're dead...

Pg. 8
Yuuki - He's a dry mummy!

Yuuki - Mummy! Mummy!!
Rui - He's not a toy, Yuuki.
Sakura - Toki-kun turned into a mummy too.

Ogami - Now that we had dug up his corpse...there's no mistake that he's dead.
"Emperor", what is the meaning...

C:E - Here it comes.

Pg. 9
Rui - I can't breathe...

Yuuki - So tight...
Toki - M-...My power isn't working...
[What the hell]
[is this thing coiling around us...!?]

Ogami - Ugh...

Heike - It's his special power.

Zed's power is "Death"...
It's the supreme power to invite all living things to the realm of "Death",
...without any exception.

Pg. 10
No one can ever resist...!!
Everyone - GWAAAH!!

Sakura - S-...
Zed-dono's corpse!! I can't let you kill everyo-...


Yuuki - Nyanmaru!!
Toki - E-...Even rare kind power is ineffective!?

Ogami - [Is this the power of a founder!?]
Then I'll just burn that corpse up...

Sakura - Stop...it.

Pg. 11

Pg. 12
Rui - WAH!!
Toki - Ugh...!!

Rui - Th-...The power vanished...
Yuuki - Did Nyanmaru repel all of it with her power just now?

Ogami - Sakurakouji-san.

[That powerful rare kind power...]
[Just like back then and the same as Lunch's...]

Pg. 13
Heike - [She can even repel the power of a founder without breaking a sweat, hm...]
[That would mean she has surpassed Lunch's companions.]
...It seems the trigger is her intense fear of "death".

Zed - Uhmm~~♡ I can smell some nice girls.

And...was that the rare kind power of some cutie?

Toki - ...Eh?

Heike - ...So, you're awake now,

Pg. 14-15
Zed the Hero.

Zed - Good morning~ Fellas!!

Toki - Eh...
Yuuki - The mummy became all fleshy.

Toki - The corpse came back to life...


Pg. 16
Ogami - J-...Just what's going on...?
Heike - It's his lost form.

Zed is the "Death" power user... Since it's so powerful,
he's normally dead.

But when he loses his power during the 24 hours period, he's revived just as you see right now.

Rui - He's the opposite of us then...
I never thought that such a power existed...
Ogami - You mean Sakura's power made him lose his power?

Zed - Hey... C'mon now.
Don't hit me awake all of a sudden, will ya...?
I'm having a hangover, so just let me get some rest...


Pg. 17

Rui - H-...He startled me...
U-...Umm, I...
Zed - You can try to act like a man, but I'll know from your smell either way, cutie.

How 'bout we go and have some fun... Just the three of us?
Don't sweat it. You two are proficient enough, so I'll have you as my captives of love...

Rui - Go and have your eternal rest.

Zed - Wow, a strong girl, aren't ya?

Pg. 18
you're too soft♡
That means you're not making use of your superb quality, y'know?

Ogami+Toki+Yuuki - Wha...
[He's flirting with Prince...!?]

Zed - How 'bout I polish you up a bit, eh? [In just one night.]
An intense lesson till you drop♡ What do you say?

Rui - Wha...
C:E - You...

Don't you dare touch my 8tears, you wolf!!
Zed - Oh♡

Pg. 19
But...what do we have here? The four of us promised to never get in each other's way...
Yet now Masaomi and petit Emperor gave me a wake-up slap? This is quite something.
Where's Sakurako-chan then...?

Ogami - I have something to ask you.

Please tell us how to make the immortal rare kinds become mortal again,
and also about the key to the sixth flame as well as whatever truth you know.

Zed - You're...

I see, so you're...

...Sure, no problem, but I'll need some sort of reward, y'know?

And that is...
Toki - [Reward...!?]

Pg. 20
You guys'll need to get lots of cuties♡ and throw me a welcoming debauch for 24 hours♡
If you do, I'll tell you everything!!
** The overly buoyant erotic man!! He's incredible in a way, but will they really be fine!? **

Everyone - [...Huh!?]
Yuuki - What's that guy saying?

next: Hades in a wolf's hide...!!
to be continued

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