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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Tales of Xillia 2 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 2, 2013 14:26 | Go to Tales of Xillia 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia 2 1

Now I know why the game is rated as more mature than usual Tales game...It's all because of "that bitch", is it? That spirit bitch...-_-"

On another note, I've decided to make ToX2 unreserved translation. After all, I want to keep on reading this, and can't wait for Eternal's release forever. I'm the person who gets more motivation when there is active update on the scanlation front after all...My hype for all the other Tales series have reached almost non-existent because there's no update on the scanlation front at all. I even end up stop reading ToGf manga already, despite of the fact that I'm subscribed to vToM myself. I don't want ToX2 to unnecessarily follow that trend, so even if Rena said she wants to quit or whatever because I no longer reserve things for her, I will still unreserve it...otherwise this series will be dead for me as well. Whether there is another group who wants to do it or not is another story. Just PM me if you want to do it. I only want to know if anyone is really interested after all.

PS. Despite of everything, I'm not providing the raw though. I don't want to cross Rena anymore than I already have. But...just as a little teaser...My failed redrawing fails...nonetheless...:p

Please PM me for permission to use for scanlation first.

Tales of Xillia 2
Chapter 1 "The Meeting with What One Needs to Protect"

Pg. 1
Julius - It's the decision you've put everything into that's important.
Ludger - What're you doing, Julius!
** Who's that approaching shadow!? **
Julius - Are you even capable of making that decision? Of destroying?
Think it through...and answer me!
Ludger Will Kresnik!!!

Ludger - What do you mean?
Stop it...please!


Pg. 2-3
** The popular RPG **
** has now turned into a comic! **
** The first chapter you can't miss!! **
** Can you save the world - "just for that single girl"? **

Pg. 4
Ludger - ...U-
[Capital of Elenpios: Trygraph]


It's that...
"dream" again.

Julius - Ludger, how much longer are you planning on sleeping there?

Pg. 5
'Morning, Ludger.

Ludger - 'Morning, Julius.

Julius - You're quite a daredevil for oversleeping on the very first day of work.

Maybe I should give you some preaching as your brother?
Ludger - No need for that.
I'll make the breakfast now.

Pg. 6
Julius - Oh?
Tomato omelette?
You must think it's perfectly OK to feed me with tomato alone, hm?
Not like I'll object that though.

Your customers are very lucky if they get to eat your food.

Ludger - [The dream I've been seeing ever since one year ago]
Julius - Ludger!

[of my brother killing me...]
[Just why am I seeing that dream...?]
Julius - What's wrong?
Ludger - It's nothing...

Julius - By the way, do you want something special to celebrate your new job?
Ludger - No...nothing I really want.

Pg. 7
Julius - No need to hold back on me.
[But well, if you ask for a mansion, I'll have to decline to it though.]
Oh, maybe I should give you a necktie.

You're working in front of the public at the station.
Need to keep a good posture.

Ludger - I-...I'm fine.
I can take care of that myself.

Julius - Just let me get you one anyway.
Let's get going now then.
You should get going too. Station man can't be late, right?

Pg. 8
Ludger - What's wrong?

Julius - Nothing.

I'm off now.

Ludger - I really feel like I'm not being honest to myself lately.
Just what's wrong with me, seriously?

Pg. 9
[My brother is an elite,]
[a crown agent in the special assault team of the giant enterprise, Clanspia Corp.]
[He is clever, handsome and warm.]
[Not being good with housework is his only flaw.]
[I seriously admire him.]

[Since I wished to get closer to where my brother is, I took Clanspia Corp. entrance exam last year, but was rejected.]
[So from today on, my workplace is Trygraph station's cafeteria.]
[* Written "Rejected"]

Julius - I think that job suits you though.
I've eaten the food you made everyday. I can guarantee your skill.
Ludger - My brother had even praised me.

I also think that that's a perfect job for me.
[And I got accepted right away, too.]

If I was able to see that dream,
then does that mean I'm actually jealous...of my brother?

Back into the swirl of negative thoughts again...
No good!
Let's not think of that and get going then.

Pg. 10
Jude - Weren't you the one who want to collect the data yourself?
I even asked Baran to get a ticket for you...

Collect it for you?
But I don't even know which one is the express train.


what should I do now...?

Ludger - Do you need some help?
I'm going to the train station as well.

Pg. 11
Jude - Can you?
Yes, please!

My friend just tossed her job at me.
Thanks for calling out to my help though.
Ludger - It's OK.

My brother always told me as well,
that I'm too caring for others,
but I just can't sit idle at that.
Jude - Hahaha.

A lot of people said the same thing to me too,
that I'm a softy who'll just help everyone and anyone.

Ah, sorry. That was really rude of me.
Ludger - It's fine. It's the truth, after all.

Pg. 12
Elle - 10 o'clock train.
10 o'clock train...

[Just where is it...]
Lulu - Meow~

Elle - ...You...

Do you know the place with lots of big trains?
The Trygraph Central Station...

Guess not.
There's no way you'll know, right?

Lulu - Meow~

Elle - ?...That sign...?


Hey, wait for me! Are you going to the station too?

Pg. 13
Ludger - That's the express train.
Jude - Thanks!

Ludger - Isn't that...

Vel - Here is the express train heading for Ascald, sir.
Bisley - Hmph.

Ludger - Bisley Karcsi Bakur.
the CEO of Clanspia Corp...
I've seen a photo of him during the entrance exam...

Pg. 14
Vel - From Vice Manager Redau, sir,
the crown is acting strange.
Bisley - Hmph.
I will certainly enjoy it if he does come at me.

Station man - Sorry for keeping you waiting, Mr. Bisley.

Ludger - A softy, huh...?
But I didn't even ask his name yet.

Station man - Can I have one sec?

Pg. 15
It's about that girl over there.

Ludger - Who's that?
And why is Lulu with her?

Station man - She said you've done something inappropriate to her.
Ludger - What!?

W-...Wait a second!
I didn't!

She's lying...!
Station man - And why would she be need to lie like that!?

Ludger - Why would she...

Pg. 16
Elle - [Sor]

Ludger - [She used me as an excuse]
[to sneak into the train!?]

That girl!?
Station man - Hey! Stay still, 'else you'll call for more trouble for yourself!

Pg. 17
Ludger - Ugh


Pg. 18
the Exodus...? That terrorist group...?
They went into the express train...

But why right now!?
Is this some evil day!?

Pg. 19
Lulu - Meow.

Ludger - Hey!
[You're fine, right...Lulu.]
Are you alright!?

Elle - Ugh...
Ludger - Alright...she's still alive! Hm!?

Isn't this...Julius's watch?
Elle - Hm...

Ludger - It's gone!?

Pg. 20

Just what's with today?
Nothing makes any sense to me today...

Surrendering...isn't an option, huh? Seeing what the other passengers had become...

Elle - Papa...

Ludger - Wait right there.

Pg. 21

Exodus - What the?
He's strong.

Damn...an agent!?


Ludger - Shit...guess it'll be tough to fight them without any weapon...

Elle - Oh yeah!

Pg. 22
Old guy!

Exodus - Die!

Ludger - Listen up!

Pg. 23
== Roaring Shower

...call me that!
I'm not...that old yet!

Pg. 24
But thanks though. Are you alright over there?

Elle - I'm perfectly...fine.

Ludger - Guess that's a yes then...if you can still act up like that.

Jude - Eh?

You're the guy from before?
Why're you here?

Bisley - Impressive, Dr. Mathis.
Your Rieze Maxian arte can even defeat all these enemies.

It would be awesome if my company's guards can learn from you,
though they can't use Spirit Arte like you do.
Indeed...I'm glad we boarded the same train.

Pg. 25
You too do have very impressive skills.
I'm the representative of Clanspia Corp., Bisley Karcsi Bakur.

Ludger - I've seen...you on TV several times...
[I do...know him...]

will Kresnik.

Jude - Kresnik?

Elle - Ludger...

Vel - We have his data in our database.
He's Manager Julius's brother.
Bisley - I see.

If so,
we're just like a family then.

Pg. 26
Ludger - Umm...


Bisley - It begun then, those Exodus.
Jude - Exodus!?

Bisley - They are the terrorist group who opposed the formation of peace between "Rieze Maxia" and "Elenpios".
And this express train is heading for the nature factory our company and the government have put together the investment into creating, Ascald.

Today is the opening ceremony of that factory.
Jude - I was invited to that ceremony as well.

Bisley - Those terrorists took over this train
as their first warning to our company for promoting peace.

Elle - But that's not good!

Ludger - [This was supposed to be my first day of work...]
[and I was accused of sexual harassment and got stuck in the terrorist activity...?]

Pg. 27
[Just what's with today!?]
Ludger - We got...to stop the train

Elle - You can do that!? Really!?
But how!?

Jude - Yes, if we can get onto the driver's seat at the head car.
Bisley - Is that your plan then?...Interesting.

Jude - I'll go too,
since I have some responsibility in this as well.

I'm Jude Mathis.
Let's work together, Ludger.
Ludger - OK...

Pg. 28
I really don't get this girl...

Jude - Let's hurry.

Vel - Shall we call for reinforcement from the altaworld fraction?
Bisley - No need.
== Altaworld = Bunshisekai (alternative world). Not the official term, of course, since X2 isn't localized yet. I believe the explanation on that will come in about...5-6 chapters, I guess, but if you want to know what it actually is, you can PM me for spoiler.

This is a perfect chance to watch what he's made up of.

Elle - It's gone!
Papa's watch is gone!?

Bisley - It's dangerous to move around, little miss.

Pg. 29
Elle - But that watch is important to me!
It's my charm to get to the "Land of Canaan".

Bisley - The Land...of Canaan?

Things are getting interesting now.

Ludger - We finally reached the head car.
Jude - Yeah.

Ludger - Sorry for getting you into this too, Jude...
Jude - Don't mind it.
It's true when I said I have some responsibility in this after all.

Ludger - Yeah, we both have a wasteful character after all.

Jude - Yep,
for being softies.

Pg. 30
Ludger - Jude Mathis.
Our world, "Elenpios", and Jude's world "Rieze Maxia" were once separated by the barrier known as "Shell".
This man is the man who's said to remove that Shell.
I've read about him in the underground magazine.

So he's softhearted enough to even change the world?
Jude - I'll go in first.
I'm already used to this.

Ludger - Julius!?
Julius - Ludger!?

Pg. 31
Why are you here!?

Ludger - You too, why are you...

Julius - ...I'm on my work.

Ludger - Oh yeah, you're an agent at Clanspia Corp, right?
I just met with your boss a while ago.
Julius - What!?

Bisley - Well done, Julius.

I have an excellent subordinate with me.

That's my crown agent.
Always so quick at work.

Julius - Will you stop joking around...sir?

Pg. 32
Bisley - But I never know you have such a splendid brother.
You must've really treasured him, I see.
Such a kind brother.

Ludger - He drew out his sword?
What's going on here?

And I've never seen him with this...

Julius - Ludger, I'll be right there!
Ludger - [In the past, I once almost drowned while playing in the river...]

[Julius...had that face on him when he tried to save me back then.]

Julius - Treasure him...
Yes, I am,

Pg. 33
of course!

Elle - Those watches...

It just pops out in mid-air!?
And it's glowing!?

Exodus - Die! Traitors!

Pg. 34

Pg. 35

Julius - Ugh.
My swords...


Pg. 36
Elle - Wh-...

Exodus - S-...Spirit arte!?
You freaks!!

Ludger - What're you doing!?
Come over he-...!


Pg. 37
[Something's coming...inside me!?]

Pg. 38
** What has happened to Ludger!? **

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