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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 205

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 6, 2013 05:01 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 205

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading as well.

code:205 "Sakura's frustration"

Pg. 1
Zed - C'mon, chill, Ogami-kun <3
** No one knows just how resilient this founder, Zed, is...!! **
It's not like you'll die if I gave Asmodeus's key to Mishiru-chan.

Pg. 2
Ogami - I'll definitely burn you the next time...
Toki - Calm down!! Ogami!! Getting angry over this guy won't do you any good!!

Rui - What should we do now, Rei? Should we search for her? But not only do we not know where she is,

[Kagerou killed Saechika!?]

Ogami - ...No, we should finish off those rare kinds first.
We already have the upper hand... With the knowledge of their vital points and how to undo their immortality...

Zed - ...Really? You think it'll be that simple?

Ogami - What're you getting at?

Pg. 3
Zed - Well, best of luck then, youngsters!! I'll go have some more drinks...

Heike - That's not even funny.

How can we let an untrustworthy guy like you roam wild?
Zed - Aww, Masaomi-kun, why so serious?

Heike - Prince!! You can at least dive underwater during your lost form, correct?

Please keep an eye on Zed. Never take your eyes off him.
Rui - Eh...!? Me!?

Zed - ...Which means I can take a bath with Rui-chan <3
Rui - Wa-...
Zed - YAHOO!!

Rui - What are you-...
Hey, Heike!!

Heike - You two "Re-CODEs" can go and enjoy some time together.

Rui - [HELL NO! Stay away from me, old bastard!]
Zed - [Ahahaha <3]
Heike - U-...Umm...senpai? Prince-dono has already...

Pg. 4
Heike - I certainly feel like reading on tonight.
[Extremely satisfied.]
Very Very☆Happy Hotel Night.

Rui - [GYAAAA]
Toki - ...Well, we can't move around much since we've lost our power...
Ogami - Guess we'll take a rest here until we get some news from Kanda.

Toki - Gosh, I'm already breathless just by having a rare kind's blood inside me... It's nothing like the rare serum at all.
That old man Zed really needs to cut it out.
I seriously can't trust him!!

Pg. 5
Yuuki - Do you trust Second then, Fourth?

Toki - Huh!? Heike? Not like I trust him or anything. That's just how he always is.

Heike - [I will certainly carry on your intention...]
Yuuki - ...You've known him for the longest time after all.

Toki - Well...he went in and out of my house pretty often since way back.
Yuuki - So you trust him?

Toki - No...
That guy is definitely suspicious.

I don't know how he is related to that bastard, what happened between him and Yukihina, why is he the only founder who remained in "Eden"...
I don't even know his goal. Even if I asked him, he won't tell.


he's different from that bastard.
President - [I'll have Nenene fight.]

Pg. 6
the only one who always took very good care
of my sister...

Yuuki - Fourth...
Toki - Bu-...But that doesn't mean I trust him!!
He's kind to my sister, but he never shows the slightest merit to me.

Damn... I've never seen anyone as perverted as him.
Yuuki - Yeah.

Toki - It's already embarrassing enough to even consider him as one of us.
Yuuki - Yeah.

Pg. 7
Zed - Man~!! Your fin is just splendid <3
Rui - I said, stay away from me, pervert!!

Zed - But it's such a waste. No man will ever let go of a beauty like you,
yet you always speak so manly.

Rui - Shut up. I've thrown away my feminine side already.

Zed - Thrown away...your feminine side?

GYAHAHAHAHA!! What's that, some kind of joke!? Which era do you think we're in right now?
Rui - Don't you dare laugh at my once in my lifetime determination!!

Zed - Oh...? So, how you are currently reflects your preference for men, then.
A motorbike and whiskey, hm?

Rui - And what's wrong with that?
Zed - Rui-chan...

Pg. 8
You really like Kouji, don't you?

Rui - Wha-...
are you...

Zed - Or maybe you unconsciously "imprint" him, just like a little chick?
I advise you not to though. That hard-headed guy'll honor you so much that you'll never get a chance to meddle around.

How 'bout going out with me instead? If you agree, we can have LOTS of fun during my remaining time...

Rui - [Shut up, you bastard!]
Zed - [Ahaha. Was that a bullseye~?]

Toki - Eh!? Did they really!? No way! Which one...
Yuuki - He's gone.
Toki - Eh!?

Yuuki - Second is gone.

Pg. 9
Sakura - See you then!!
Good night, Ogami...!!

You must be tired from digging that grave, right?
Yuuki-kun told me that your room has an open air bath. Take your time in it and have a nice sleep!!
I...I'll be sleeping in another room, so...'night!!

Ogami - Not doing your "family play" anymore?

...Last night, you also came up with an excuse in order to return to your own room.
Sakura - [Y-...You can spend your time together with "Emperor"-dono.]
Ogami - Isn't a family supposed to "always be together"?

Sakura - W-...
Well, that's...


Pg. 10
Ogami - That LIAR FACE...
I can always tell that you're lying.

Sakura - Ugh...
Ogami - How about you stop coming up with meaningless lies and spit out the truth?

Sakura - ...B-...Because I can't.

I can't convey my family love to you anymore.

...I was really shocked about what happened to Sister-dono.

[I...I thought I was able to at least see a glint of hope,]
Ogami - [But if it's you... I felt that I can have some faith in...]
Sakura - [...but...]
I realized just how conflicted and bitter you were to have to choose to stand where you are right now...
Ogami - [I couldn't protect her...]
[I'll be gone, so I can't be your family...]
Sakura - And just how strong your will is.

Pg. 11
...I'm speechless.
I no longer know what to say to you...

I can't even stop you from killing, so I want to make up with...

Ogami - Just quit it then.

Sakura - Eh!?


Ogami - Is that all you got? ...You're really boring.
Don't ever come close to me again.

Pg. 12
Sakura - [I'll make you stop wearing this glove one day...]
[I've chosen to communicate my love to you alone, until I can break that wall inside your heart and take off this glove...]

Ogami - You've already...done very well.

this is good.
We'll just part ways a little earlier than planned.
...That's all.

Sakura - You're not getting away so easily!!

Pg. 13
Ogami - Wha...!? What're you doing...

Sakura - I said I want to make up with you!!

...Part ways!? That's not funny.
I'll never let go of you until you stop killing people...!!

I'm scared...
I'm just scared of you...

The more I come to know how deep and painful that darkness in your heart is while staying close to you,
the more I realize just how shallow my words are... I'm scared of realizing
that you'll never accept them.
[I felt really disheartened...]

[Am I really no good?]

Pg. 14
What're you...
Ogami - What did you ever know about me?

You think you know me just because you knew what I did in the past?
...That's ridiculous.
Yes, your words are very shallow... It's stupid enough that you thought that anyone would ever buy them.

And you even get so heated up at that.

Sakura - ...You're right.

I really am...

Pg. 15

Ogami - The key is what's right here, isn't it?
Your words are worth nothing anyway...
So stop confusing yourself and just keep on
colliding with me with your actions like you always do.


Sakura - O...

Sakura - [One day, I'll have you touch my heart without that glove on,]
[and you'll know...how pleasant it is to love all life.]

Pg. 16
Sakura - Ogami!! You...
responded to my feelings...

Sakura - I see!! So that's it...!!
My thoughts will reach you even if I don't say anything!!
You can just feel my heartbeat
and my warmth,
and you'll understand...!!

Wh-...What're you doing...
Ogami - ...That won't work.

You just freaked out and ran away a minute ago. You've already LOST.

Sakura - I...I didn't!! I...I was only a little timid back then... I didn't lose...

Pg. 17
Ogami - You did run away,
didn't you?

Sakura - Ugh...

Ogami - If you want me to forgive you, then how about you wash my back for me?
If you do, then maybe I'll continue playing along with your "family play".

Ogami - [Gehehe, be sure to clean my back properly~]
Sakura - I...
[I'll wash your back for you right now.]

Ogami - Kukuku... To be together completely stripped is the best "family play", isn't it?

However, I was just kidding. I've had enough of your "family play".
You should return to your room before you catch a cold...

Pg. 18-19
Sakura - What's wrong? You get in too, Ogami.

Ogami - What...

Sakura - So you knew that my family always took a bath together after all. [I was really surprised that you did though.]
That means you're starting to understand family love now, don't you?

[Great bath~]

Ogami - Wha...

I didn't even want to know that!!

Pg. 20
Heike - You'll only be Special☆Happy

just for tonight...

This is all
for the sake of my "Eden"...
** Ogami and Sakura have come a little closer together!? Without even noticing the approaching storm...!! **

next: Despair among despair!!
to be continue

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