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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 209

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 5, 2013 18:12 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 209

...That was close. I actually almost forget to read Code:Breakers...like, seriously...>.>"

...Not like I've read that many manga nowadays. I didn't even read chapter 208 yet (rather, I didn't even download it yet). Well, if I want to translate, it only takes me one hour to finish the chapter...especially when there's Yuuki and Nyanmaru~ OVA cheered me up by a tiny bit too (not much, but still better than nothing...Anime was the main reason why I lost my interest, so I want something to compensate for that...), so... ._."

But again, not even sure who needs this, really. I know that scanlation group already has another translator on (which tbh, I don't even care anymore. Not like I read any scanlation anyway), so guess my translation is no longer needed. Only wants to keep on doing just so I can continue reading...Reading raw alone without translation won't last for a month, since I'll forget about ever reading at all very soon if I don't get myself worked up over it...-.-"

If you want to use it for scanlation, please do proofread it before using.

code:209 "The Day of Return"

Pg. 1
Sakura - Hang in there...!! You're safe now, so just a little bit more!!
People - Ugh...
Kanda - They're still in the state of confusion.

Everyone!! I want ambulances to come here within ten minutes!! ...Please hurry!!
Ogami - Let's get out of here. I'm worried about Yuuki and Rui since we lost contact with them.

Cool - Man...
** What truth is shown at the end of their battle...? **
You're really shrewd...Toki.

Ogami - ...He isn't dead yet...?

Toki - ...Sorry, but guess I don't have any sympathy for some trash like Ogami-kun over here.

No matter how many people died during December 32 and how much sufferings you guys have gone through,
none of those matters to me.

Pg. 2
** His solid determination flips back the sorrowful feelings!! **
I'll...show no mercy in cracking down any evildoers who threaten other people.
That's my determination.

Cool - L-...Like I'll ever ask for your sympathy...
I'm glad to have fought with yo-...

Sakura - Cool Yankee-dono!!
[He's...rotting away...!?]
Just what's...

Cool - ...There's one thing I need you to know though...Toki...

Pg. 3
Th-...The person who's pulling the string behind December 32...
is...Prime...Minister Fujiwara...y'know?

Sakura - Wh-...What...

Cool - ...Struggle on...

Sakura - Cool Yankee-dono!!

Pg. 4
Kanda - P-...Prime Minister Fujiwara!? I can't believe it...!!

U-...Umm, Heike-san, what's the meaning of this...You do know something, do you, since you're one of the founders!?
You do know about this all along...!?
Did the prime minister really...!?

Toki - Senpai.

You have...something to talk to me, don't you?

Pg. 5
Heike - ...No, I don't think I do.

Kanda - Wha-...

Sakura - ...Why, senpai...?

You know about the prime minister, don't you?
...And you even lied to Toki-kun...
about Nenene-senapi...

I know you knew about all these since ages ago.
Kanda - Sa-...Sakurakouji-san...
Sakura - Then...

Pg. 6
Then why!?
You know how important this is to him...
yet why!?

Why did you lie to him!?
Toki - [I've known]
[him...for many years.]

Sakura - Can't you be a little more considerate about his feelings...?

Toki - That's enough...!!

Sakura - To-...

Toki - ...That's how you've always been, right?

Pg. 7
You don't trust me, do you?...No, you never trust anyone other than yourself.
That's why you never tell us the truth.

...Don't mind it.
I've never trusted you either.

I'll stop the rarekinds by myself.
Got no reason why I shouldn't, after all.

Sakura - Wha...!? Wait, Toki-kun!! You can't do it alone...


Pg. 8
Rui - The...
The main culprit behind December 32 is Prime Minister Fujiwara...!?

Cat - Yeah...He's the one who caused power users and rarekinds to fight against each other by tricking the "Emperor".

Rui - No way...
But why...would he!?

Cat - Isn't that obvious?
It's so he can obtain that incredible energy from the negation.

Negation's dark energy is said to be so immense it can wipe out an entire city or even a country really easily.
Even the most powerful and wealthy people won't ever oppose you if you ever get a hold of that power.

Pg. 9
Rui - You're saying...that he sacrificed so many power users and rarekinds just for that...!?
That's absurd...

Cat - But he's the type who'll value that over people's lives, no?
Sakura-chan sealed the power of the negation inside the "Pandora Box", and that box has been kept
by the prime minister and "Eden" since.

But well...not for long anymore though.
Rui - !? What do you mean...!?

Cat - It's gonna be ours in no time <3

Pg. 10
Rui - So they're actually after the "Pandora Box"...for that dark energy of the negation sealed inside that box!!?
I won't let you...!!
I'll never let that fall into your hands...

Cat - Too late now...We've already gathered enough lives and got everything all set.
It won't be long until "Pandora Box" becomes ours.

But before that, we'll have to get rid of all the hindrances.
...Even though Lunch told us not to kill you,

but you're seriously an eyesore.

Pg. 11

Yuuki - Nyanmaru's really the best.
Book - Nyanmaru saves everyone!

Pg. 12
Cat - Wh-...
What're you...

Yuuki - Your story really bores me.
Too much hate and grudge.

Just read this and you'll know how awesome Nyanmaru is.

Book - [Vol.] Nyanmaru saves everyone!
Cats on earth are in danger as Nyan-no-suke is burning with vengeance!! What'll Nyanmaru do!?

Cat - You...
fucking with...

Pg. 13

[I missed!?]


Pg. 14
[Shit...!! That sword...]

Pg. 15
Yuuki - Serves you right for not looking up to Nyanmaru~
Rui - It's the sword Sakurako-san gave to Ogami...
He left it with us just in case something happens.

The swing from this sword will pursue the rarekinds, regardless of their speed, and reduce them into the "Lost-ish state". [I heard Shibuya and Sakurako forged this together.]

Cat - Guh...

Rui - Now, feel free to take your life ba-...

Pg. 16
Franken - I can't...even reluctantly adore these flowers, it seems.
Cat - N-...No one asked for your help, giant!!

Rui - A...
[My head...]
[is being crushed..!!]

Yuuki - Fifth!!


Franken - I shall be merciful...
to crush you down to pieces, away from your sufferings.

Pg. 17
Rui - [Dammit...If only I still have my power...]

[I'm sorry!!]

Yuuki - FIFTH!!

Pg. 18
Dolls - Sir, you are in a hotel, so please keep your voices down.

Cat - [They can stop that brute...!?]
Who are you...!?

Franken - Ugh...let go of me!!
Dolls - Please.
Franken - ...I said

stop it!!
Doll - Plea-...

Pg. 19

A-...A mechanical doll!!?

But who...is the one manipulating...

Sakurako - I see that you're not...very pleased with my dolls.

Yuuki - Ice!! But this is...


[Could they be...]
Yukihina - Should I freeze all of them to death with my ice then?
Sakurako - Aww, don't hog all the glory to yourself.

Pg. 20
** Their trustworthy comrades made their return!! **
Sakurako - We shall be your opponents then.
Rui - Sakurako-san!!

next: The day the clock of disaster counted down to zero!!
to be continued

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