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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 211

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 25, 2013 16:52 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 211

...I believe tomorrow is an exam day...? And at 8 AM in the morning...? And I still haven't finished with my reading...? -.-"

Meh, actually had this left at page 18 for an entire week...and out hesitating whether I should continue or not (since tbh, I don't find much meaning in doing this if everyone except Rena is going to read the scanlation later on anyway...except for the fact that if I don't translate, I'll definitely stop reading this series in less than 5 chapters...and despite of the fact that their translation sucks big time too...I mean, I can use this time to translate at least two more monthlies, really *shrug*) Took me less than 10 minutes to finish the rest, so...why not, I guess? ._."

Please ask for my permission before using this for scanlation.

code:211 "The Assemble of Gods"

Pg. 1
Rui - Yuuki...!!
** He may be victorious, but he still carries onto his desolation... **

I can even hear the life inside flowers,
but I couldn't hear one in you at all.

Rui - What do you mean...

Pg. 2
Cat - Still have the time to be looking around, huh!!
Rui - Gah!!

Rui - Gwa...
[H-...He still has that much power even in those small bodies...!!?]

Stop fucking...


Cat - WAH!!

Pg. 3
Rui - Your life forced you to return to your normal form, huh!!?
You're no longer an undead now!!

[His body is rotting away!?]

Th-...That guy's too!?

Cat - Shit...becoming small is really too much for "this body" after all...

Rui - What...
What on Earth...is happening...

Pg. 4
Yuuki - That's expected, since these guys...are dead to begin with.
I still can't hear their life even after they got back their lives.

Yukihina - So that's why the color of their lives is different from mine.
Rui - ...What does this mean!?

Zed - Correct...all these rarekinds are special.

I forcefully resurrected them and made them immortal...
Rui - Zed!!

Where have you been...
Zed - Nay <3 I was out getting more booze. [Rui-chan, you're hawt! <3]

Pg. 5
That's why the lives of Yukihina, who was originally alive, and the lives of these guys, who were originally dead, are of different colors.
Once they get their lives back, their bodies will no longer be able to hold that and crumble away. That's the solid proof.

Rui - B-...But why did you...
Zed - That's their last wishes...

As a founder, I also held some responsibility over what happened on December 32.
...I was just trying to atone for it myself.

Rui - Th-...Then "Fussy Lunch" too is...
Zed - No, he's the only pure-blooded rarekind who survived December 32.

Cat - ...He's our friend...

Pg. 6
He already has seen enough death!!
We didn't want him to avenge for what happened on that day alone!!
Since he knows best of how sorrowful the death of friends is, that's why...
we wanted to help him with it, even if that means we have to become immortal...

Do you even understand our feelings!?
Rui - ...They've gone that far just for Lunch...

Yuuki - No, I don't,
nor do I even care.

Cat - Wha...
Yuuki - Do you even consider
how'll he feel to not only see you die once, but twice?

It's because you guys refused to die, and got resurrected as an undead,
that he has...to go through that undesirable feeling again,
and feel the pain of having to lose you guys for the second time, isn't it?

Lunch - [Reggae Four-eyes is dead.]
[...I'm in pain, perhaps.]

Pg. 7
Cat - ...But we're friends.
That's why we...

Yuuki - Friends!?
...That's not what a true friend is.

...In the past...I used to hurt other people in order to save my friend too.
Ogami and Nyanmaru risked their lives for me, so I won't become evil.

Even if it ends in a fight, righting the friend's wrong
is what it means to be a true friend, isn't it!?
Then what is with you helping him to become evil?

Pg. 8-9
...Ogami and Nyanmaru will do whatever they can to stop Lunch,
because they're friends.

Cat - ...But it's already too late.

The reason why we three act separately was to distract you guys.
...And while we're doing this...

Lunch is going to Prime Minister Fujiwara
to seize the "Pandora Box".

Rui - What...
did you say...!?

Cat - Please...

for us...

Rui - ...Cat ears

Pg. 10
Heike - My, my...what a Surprising✩Emotion that is.

Rui - Heike!? You...
Since when did...

Pg. 11
Heike - My...I actually hurried to get here with my speed of light to help you...but I guess that's not needed, then.
You have some special-graded power up, haven't you, Yuuki-kun?

Yuuki - That ain't funny!!
I've already heard about all your evil plan...

Heike - Oh dear,
it would seem that you have run out of time.

Rui - Heike...tell us what is the meaning of...

Sakurako - You side with those rarekinds?

Pg. 12
What an evil brat you are...
You tricked me and even betrayed me? Don't think you can get away with this...Masaomi.
Shall I slice you up to pieces?

Rui - Sa-...Sakurako-san!?
Heike - Oh dear, your beauty will go to naught if you are that crossed,
you know!!

Rui - Wah!? Stop it, both of you...
[What's with this aura!!? It's just like a torrent of power...that'll devour us if we ever let our guards down...!!]

Hey, Zed!! Do something!!
They're your friends, aren't they...?

Pg. 13
Rui - [He...He's sleeping...]
I-...Is he numb or something...?
[while those two's murdrous aura is clashing around him...]

Zed - Hm?

*yawn*...C'mon...will you stop that?
If your "Life" kept on overflowing like this,
my precious lost hours...
will be gone.

Rui - "Death"!?
[All of us will die...]

Sakurako - Zed!! I won't forgive you if you go back to hiding yourself inside that grave and wait for everything to subside without ever caring for the world this-...

C:E - ...Quit

Pg. 14
yapping already!!!

Rui - [All of them stopped...]
But these demons are...

C:E - Just stop with your talk and follow the command of this great "Emperor", all of you!!
If not, I'll kill you!!
Rui - "Emperor"!! Rei!!

Pg. 15
Sakurako - Oh, what tiny demons.
Zed - Perfect size for kid, huh <3
Heike - At least it's much better than before.

Rui - Wha...!? The demons are engulfing them, but they didn't even bulge!?
[How can they still be smiling!?]

Yukihina - ...They are Gods,

The founder of Gods...
[In the past...]

[those four created the past "Eden" which gives raise to the current one.]
[They are the four who had touched the power of God...!!]

[And on December 32, they are the four Gods who vowed]
[to never cross one another again...]

[...That's right.]

Pg. 16-17
[The possessor of the omnipotent power of "Life" - Sakurakouji Sakurako the Amazon]
Sakurako - I shall kill anyone who has crossed my path.

Zed - Whatever, can I just have my nice sleep?
[The possessor of the forbidden power of "Death" - Zed the Hero]

Heike - Such an Exciting <star> Melancholy Party.
[The most powerful of all matter, "Light" - Heike Masaomi the Wondrous]

C:E - You dirt!! Follow this great me!!
[The supreme power of "Seven Flames of Demons" - Emperor the Great]

Yukihina - [Now, the four have reunited and the time which had stopped since December 32 starts to move again!!]

Pg. 18
And right now, Lunch is also out to get the "Pandora Box"...
...I don't know if this is God playing tricks,
but this might really mark the end of the world.

Rui - Wha...

Sakurako - Little kiddie!!
Zed - Petit <3 Emperor-chan.
C:E - Shush it, you old folks!!
Ogami - ...I definitely wouldn't want these kinds of Gods though.

Heike - ...Anyhow,

Pg. 19
please behave yourselves by remaining here.
I will not allow anyone to intervene with my plan,
...not even you, "Emperor".

Sakurako - My, how crude!!
Masaomi!! What do you even have in your mind for these past hundred years!?
Zed - Feel free to.
C:E - Hey!! Who do you think I am...

Rui - Yuki!!

Yukihina - Don't bother with this guy. "Emperor" and Rei, quickly go and stop Lunch.

Ogami - Yukihina...

Pg. 20
Heike - Now what's with this turn of event?
You, an evildoer, is putting up a right man's mask?
Yukihina - You'll never come out of your trance if "Emperor" is around.

...It's just us two remained now.
I'll never let this golden chance gets away this time...

Let's get...our hundred years war settled now, shall we?
** The closing of the endless fate!? **

The author is taking a break to gather information in the next issue. Please stay tuned for the return in Issue 14!!

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