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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 213

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 11, 2013 17:42 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Please ask me for permission before using for scanlation.

code:213 "The Devil's Grin"

Pg. 1
TV - [Reckless driver ran over 4 children.]
[Prime Minister Fujiwara]
News - ...With that, Prime Minister Fujiwara is looking into reforming the laws to seriously address this problem...

[Still on the run]
PM - Reforming laws won't change anything,
not even ridding off any evil.

I'm fed up with all these
obvious vicious crimes.
** That calm expression forebodes the upcoming storm!? **

Nenene - Airy.

Pg. 2
It's so airy.

PM - What do you see, Nenene?

As you inherit Toki's magnetism which were sealed inside this "Pandora Box", you can partially fuse with it.
So you're the only one who can look inside that box, you know?

I really wish to see inside too...
That box can even seal time, so the Negation power is still the same as it was back in December 32...

...But guess you won't understand even if I say it.

Nenene - Papa...
I saw a person inside.

PM - Oh? Who might that be?
I highly doubt that though. No one can possibly survive inside that immense power of Negation.

Pg. 3
That power...
the Negation is indeed marvelous energy.


Oh dear, Nenene, sometimes
you're just simply sloppy, aren't you?
== Sorry for the bad rhyme...

Nenene - ...Magness.

PM - Take a look, Nenene.
The sun is setting.

Pg. 4
What color will this world
be when the sun rises again, I wonder?
** His smiles reveals of his evil intent!! **

Pg. 5
Oh, you're...

Lunch - I finally found it.

I've come for the "Pandora Box".

Pg. 6
Heike - I guess immortal can still feel the pain, hm?
Your face...
is twisting in pain. How Special ✩ Sweety.

Now, be good,
and tell me.

Pg. 7
"That thing of Ogami"...
Where's Ogami-kun's...Chibigami-kun's own arm?
His arm went missing on December 32. I know you've heard about it from the "Seeker".

The "Seeker" is the same as Nenene.
Seeker - [That's not all there is in here.]
[There are many more things,]
[including something precious to you too.]
Heike - Sakurakouji-san had once sealed his power inside that box, so he was able to fuse with it and looked inside.
Once he did, he learned of that arm's whereabouts, didn't he?

That's the arm of the "hybrid", not just any power users, and not some toy for you to keep.
Now, tell me where that arm is...

Yukihina - *pfft*

Heike - ...What're you laughing at?

Yukihina - So you haven't asked that out of Nenene, huh...
Wasn't that why you always stay close to her?

Pg. 8
Not only her...but the "Code:Breakers", the prime minister and Lunch,
to you, all of them are nothing but pawns for you to reach you own goal.

And you never spare any sacrifices...
like those comrades that followed you and died on December 32...!!

But I'm...


Heike - [He covers the whole area with powdered ice!?]

Pg. 9
Zed - High Mist Death Scythe!!
That Yuki, he instantly vaporized all the powdered ice in the air and caused phreatic explosion...!!

Yukihina - ...You can never control me.

Heike - ...That's why
you're simply awesome, Yukihina...

Pg. 10-11
for always making me serious...!!

Zed - [Masaomi snapped!!?]
Heike Kami Shiki!!?
== Heike Divine Technique

Yukihina - Shut it.

Pg. 12
Ogami - This is...the Fujiwaras' villa?
Rui - "Inoichi", is the "Pandora Box" here then?
Inoichi - Top priority.

Sakurakouji - Ogami, before Lunch-kun strikes Prime Minister Papa,
we got to protect him and stop Lunch-kun.

Ogami - ...If this is really the right place though.
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Yuuki - This is bad.

Pg. 13
Sakurakouji - Those are...!!

Rui - Then Lunch had really come for...!!
Sakurakouji - And the "Pandora Box"...!?

...Let's hurry!!

Prime Minister Papa!!

Pg. 14-15
PM - Here, you can have it.

Sakurakouji - ...Eh!?

[Prime Minister!? What are you-...]
Why do you give that box to "Lunch"-kun!?

Lunch - ...What're you scheming?

PM - Scheming? There aren't any schemes.
[One who schemes must've his brain in creams.]
[Just joking.]

Pg. 16
I wanted to apologize for all the bad things I've done to you on December 32.
I actually planned on giving you this directly as my repentance...Please accept it.

I won't say for you to trust me,

you still have your friend's last wishes, no?

Lunch - ...So this
is the "Pandora-...

Pg. 17
Sakurakouji - Ka-...

Pg. 18
Hang in there,

PM - What have you done...
...Such a

Sakurakouji - [Prime Minister Papa, so you actually are a kind-...]

PM - waste.

Sakurakouji - Eh!?
PM - How many times had you told you this, Kagerou...?

Rare kind blood is invaluable.
And look at how much you've spilled?...What a waste...

Pg. 19
Sakurakouji - Wh-...
What're you...

Yuuki - You care about his blood more than his life?

PM - ...Isn't that obvious?
What's so surprising about that?

Rui - This...scum...!!

PM - Oh!! But at least it went well, I guess.
The "Final Key" to completely open the "Pandora Box" is Sakurakouji-san,
but I can open half of it with Lunch-kun's blood.

Pg. 20
The "Pandora Box" is opening
with the rare kind's blood!!

Sakurakouji - Wha...

[Then he]
[killed Lunch-kun, so he can...!?]

PM - Now...
the world will be repainted with a new color.
** That madness hidden behind his smile forebodes the coming tragedy!! **

next: The word is a scene of constant changes!!
to be continued

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