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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 214

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 17, 2013 18:49 | Go to Code:Breaker

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*sigh*...Alright, fine. If you want to repost, then go ahead. I'll allow it, but only if you follow my conditions for it. I don't want to have to rage rant afterwards because some scanlator decide to use my translation without telling me and use you guys as an excuse, like "Sorry, I didn't know since I got my translation from <somewhere else>"

Scanlators, please ask me for permission before using.

I allow reposting only if you follow these three conditions:
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code:214 "Where miracle lies"

Pg. 1
Sakura - Wha...
** The accursed "box" has opened!! **

Rui - S-...Shit,

the "Pandora Box" is...

Pg. 2
** Are disasters about to fall upon them just like in the legend!? **

Pg. 3
Sakura - WAH!!
[What's this...?]

[This is neither special power nor rare kind power...]

Rui - I'm feeling sick now!!

[This is just]


Pg. 4
Sakura - ...Eh!?
It vanished...

PM - Oh, looks like this the limit of what Lunch-kun's blood can do.

Rui - ...Huh,

What a laugh!! After that flashy opening, nothing happens...!!?
Did that thing just rot after being left for 100 years...?

What're you-...

Pg. 5

[Even my "Shadow" is!?]

Sakura - Is that a special power!? It isn't rare kind power either...Just what exactly is that!?
Yuuki - It's pit black I can't see anything inside.

PM - This is the Negation.
As the word implies, this power will annihilate anything to nothingness.

Take a look outside.

Pg. 6-7
Sakura - What...

Everything just vanished...

PM - Looks like this really is all Lunch-kun's blood can do.

Of course, since it has already opened, the Negation will come out little by little,

but once the "Final Key" open up box completely, its power will be all released at once and annihilate the world.

Sakura - [...That's right.]

[On that day]

Pg. 8
[On December 32...this same darkness engulfed everything right before my eyes!!]

PM - Just like how the disasters pour out of the "Pandora Box" in the mythology, this Negation will wipe out the entire mankind.
And once all the creations in this world cease to existence, we'll be able to see it...

the new horizon way beyond.
[I'm getting wizened just by waiting for the horizon]
I just can't wait. I'm sure it'll be great!!

Sakura - Wha...

What are you saying...?

Pg. 9
Yuuki - You're trash,
a filthy trash just like what Lunch said...

Ogami - Yuuki!!

Yuuki - Wha...

Pg. 10
PM - I missed...?
Ummm...I can't control it as well yet, huh?

Rui - H-...
He can control the "Pandora Box"!?
[But just because the box has been opened can't possibly mean...]
PM - You want to know?

If so,
then I'll tell you.

Pg. 11
Yukihina - GWAH...!!

Heike - What's wrong?
-'s wrong?
-'s wrong?
Over already?

Yukihina - Zip it...

Pg. 12
Sakurako - What's this!? Masaomi, you're quite nasty, aren't you!!?
Shall I chop you up!?
Zed - C'mon, don't be so pissed.

Sakurako - I don't want any word from a random guy like you!!
Zed - ...You're really nasty.

Heike - How long are you going to quibble?...Now, tell me where Chibigami-kun's arm is.

Yukihina - You're this powerful, yet you continue to serve "Eden"...?
Is Fujiwara that frightening?

While he's a human,
he has been living for 100 years without aging at all.
Plus, he can manipulate "Pandora Box" at his own will.

...Your words back then...

Pg. 13
Heike - Such exceptional power user holds the duty to protect all men. For that justice...
I desire you.

Yukihina - Were you saying that to make me give into that bastard!?
Your justice is more frivolous and despicable
than any evil!!

Heike - Shut up, trash.

Yukihina - ...Right on the mark? Pathetic...
Well...either way, everything is already too late now.

Heike - What did you say...?

Pg. 14
Sakurako - No way...this is...
Zed - Yeah, this is bad.

[The Negation has already begun!!]
[Just like on that day...!!]

Yukihina - Kukuku, as long as I can make you feel the pain, I couldn't care less what the Negation will do to the world...
Tough luck for you though...
While you're stuck with me, that "box" you longed for has already fallen into someone else's hands.

...Fine, I'll tell you, since there's no more need to hide it.

Heike - ...It's exactly as you thought.
Chibigami's old arm is currently with...

Pg. 15
PM - ...You see? While I'm just a human,

I have the unique ability of dignified power user to continue living without aging for almost 100 years,


and the ability of rare kind blood to manipulate "the box" to a certain extent.

That's all thanks to you, Ogami-kun,

Pg. 16
since I have your old arm...the arm of Chibigami-kun, a hybrid.

Pg. 17
Sakura - [Wh-...]

PM - Though my main objective on that day was the Negation.
Well, but since I'm a human, I can't use the seven flames nor the rare kind power.

Yuuki - Shit.

PM - Sorry though, Ogami-kun...
but you're not getting this back ever again.

Rui - Tha-...That can't be possible...
He can control the power capable of destroying the whole world using hybrid arm...?
Then how are we going to stop him!?

Pg. 18
Rei!? "Emperor"!? Why're you laughing...?

Ogami - I've always been wondering
of when I'll ever come to see that arm again.
And at the same time,

that it'll be great if it's with some incredible evil.
C:E - Since that'll make it worth burning even more!!

Rui - Idiot!! What're you saying!!?
That's your real arm...
Ogami - ...I

Pg. 19
no longer care a bit about the arm of Chibigami who can't
protect anyone during that day...

[I couldn't...protect anyone...]

Sakura - ...Ogami.

Ogami - I'm completely different now...
this arm,

Pg. 20
I'm going to burn that arm down along with "that box"!!
** The azure flame burns with that blazing determination!! **

next: Those with greatest talent never boast about it...!!
to be continued

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