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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 215

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 26, 2013 13:15 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 215

...Not like I didn't expect this to come up when the demon of lust appears...-.-"

Please ask me for permission before using.

code:215 "The captured flame"

Pg. 1
** Confronting with the abominable past!! **

Pg. 2
Sakura - He negates even the blue flame!!

Ogami - Tch...

how 'bout this!!?

Pg. 3


PM - So she's telling me not to claim it all for myself, I see.
Alright then.

I'll just sit back a bit and watch you two's emotions in motions here then.

Kagerou - Let's play,

We have not played together
for so long,
in decades already.

Sakura - Such jokes.
Rui - No...she isn't joking.

Pg. 4
She probably...had crossed over space and time to the present just like you, Ogami and Lunch.

Sakura - ...What!?
...You remained the same age from December 32 to the time Goutoku-san adopted you, no?

[How many years inbetween!?]

Yuuki - You're awesome, Nyanmaru.
Rui - ...More like, she never noticed it?

Zed - Rui-chan's right.

Rui - ...Is that you, Zed? [This voice's]
Zed - Awesome, Rui-chan <3 You're in love with my voice now?
Rui - Go die.

Pg. 5
Zed - That is the truth which this founder, Zed the Hero holds...
On that day...the "Pandora Box" engulfed in the Negation, objects, people, time, everything.
But four children were thrown to the present by the distorted time locked inside that box...

That's Ogami, Lunch, Sakura-chan,
and Mishiru (Kagerou), the four of you.

Rui - But why only these four?
Zed - I don't know either...Well, but all of them do have exceptional powers.
Not only that,

I believe those four hold very strong determination beyond what the "box" can suppress.

Sakura - Determination...
[Ogami's determination to eradicate all the evil, Lunch's determination to get revenge on humanity and my determination that no one should ever be killed...]

Pg. 6
[What's Mishiru's...no, Kagerou's determination...?]
Ogami - Mishiru!!

Hey!! You can hear me, can't you, Mishiru!!

Kagerou - Mishiru is but Kagerou's

Yuuki - She saw through his moves since they have the same power.
Rui - And Rei can't fight properly when he's facing Mishiru too...!!

[On top of that...Mishiru has the sixth flame that we didn't know of...]

I'll protect him...

Pg. 7
Fujiwara - Don't butt in.

Why don't you relax a bit while the whole world is being nullified?

Rui - Wha...

Pg. 8
Yuuki - [This is bad...Everything is becoming pit black]
[as we're speaking too...!!]

Fifth, you protect Nyanmaru.

I'll protect everyone from the Negation.

Rui - Yuuki!!

Pg. 9
Toki - [What's this...!?]
[Something is draining away my power...]

[That's right...]
[something much...]

[further away...]

[Just now...]

[My cigarette...]

Kouji - Now you can see it with your second sight, don't you?

Pg. 10
The end of the world...

Toki - Kouji!! You're still alive...?
I heard you already quit smoking, but you return to smoke again?

...And the same brand as your father too.

Kouji - Toki,
are you able
to kill your father with your very own hands?

Pg. 11
Sakura - Ogami!!

Ogami - ...Dammit.

I know you can hear me. Answer me!!

Kagerou - I'm Kagerou's murdering machine,
ru~~~ <3

Pg. 12
Ogami - Stop fooling around!!

Sakura - Ogami!!

Mishiru - S-...


Pg. 13

I...I don't need the arm that cause

I don't need it...!!

Chibigami - Hey, "Miso Soup", why are you all wounded like that?
You clumsy?

Mishiru - ...T-...There's a "tool" that's better broken.

Chibigami - You silly, you can't call something this warm a "tool"!!

? What? What's wrong?

Pg. 14
Mishiru - ...It's

Ogami - That's...


Pg. 15
Mishiru - Rei-ku...

Ogami - That's...enough. Don't hurt yourself.
Can't you get a clue already!!?
You're not a "tool"...

Mishiru - ...Then

prove it...to me.

Pg. 16
Ogami - Mishi-...

Mishiru - ...Make Mishiru

feels that she's alive...

Ogami - Idiot!! This isn't the time for that.
Move aside...
Mishiru - Don't...worry.

Pg. 17
We're not the only two enjoying.

Ogami - You two!? Why're you...

Pg. 18
Sakura - Ogami!!

Wake up, Ogami!!

Rui - Hey, Rei!!

PM - It's no use. Your voice will never reach him.
[That's just dumbly dumb, you know?]

Sakura - But why is he...!!
PM - Seems like he has been enthralled,

Pg. 19
by the demon who rules over the sixth
of the flames which incinerate the seven deadly sins.

"That thing" is a rake who can bewilder all men.
Sakura - Wha...
[You mean...]

Kagerou - Rei-kun, Rei-kun,
Rei-kun, Rei-kun,
Rei-kun, Rei-kun, Rei-kun,

PM - Anyone who was sucked into that illusion

[this ominous]
PM - will be trapped in there forever.
Kagerou - Rei...<3
Sakura - [tremor is...]

Pg. 20
[the demon which rules over the sixth flame,]
[Asmodeus of the "Lust"!!]
** His soul is captured and his body is chained!! Is there no hope in facing Asmodeus!!? **

next: The nod of Homer!!
to be continued

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