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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 216

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 1, 2013 17:33 | Go to Code:Breaker

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I still think...wouldn't it be better if I just use my time to translate Midgard no Shugosha or some other Tales series instead...but then I recall back that if I stop translating, that'll also mean I'll end up quitting CB as a whole as well, since as soon as I decided to drop any series, my motivation overall will drop really fast that mostly I end up not keeping up with reading them anymore. So guess I'll stick around for a bit more, even though I know most people don't care and want to read the scanlation anyway. ._."

Please ask me for permission before using.

code:216 "Mastery of one's own firelight"

Pg. 1
** The bleak darkness engulfs it all...!! **

Yuuki - Everything had been nullified...I can't even see the other side of this darkness.


...If we fell into it, we're dead, huh.
Kanda - Yes...not only physical matter, but it seems that even the space is being nullified.

Pg. 2
[This is almost like a lone island...!!]
[We can no longer get out of here nor can anyone come and help us!!]

Yuuki - No need to worry. All of us here will just have to finish him off.
Kanda - But the Negation will spread out more and more as we're doing it!!
Everyone is in danger right now, yet we can't use phone, computer...or any communication method at all!!

Yuuki - Right, let's give it a try then.

Sound has no restraint.
It can fly out anywhere.

Kanda - Are you saying that you're going to send signal throughout the whole world using "Sound"...!?
That's not possible...!! With Negation covering the entire area around us, your "Sound" will only be scattered out!!

Pg. 3
Yuuki - Even so...
I just have to do it until it works...!!

[Fifth!! Ogami!! I'm leaving that side to you now...!!]

Pg. 4
** Is there any hope left for Ogami who had already been imprisoned!? **

Sakura - Ogami!! Wake up,

Rui - Dammit!!

You...damn demon!!

Pg. 5
Get away from Rei!!



That bitch...she can use the other flames even while controlling that Sixth Flame!!?...What an immense power.

Kagerou - Don't you
touch Rei-kun,
you dotard.

Rui - ...Dotard?
What do you...

Pg. 6
Kagerou - [I love how your brother,]
[Saechika burned with]
[that blue flame.]

Sakura - Wha...
Then you really are the one who killed Saechika-dono...!!?

Kagerou - You truly
are family.

I love how your parents
burned along
with that car too.

Pg. 7
Saechika - [It's so hot...It's so hot, "sis"!!]

Rui - [Then the guy]
[who I saw back then]

[was actually the young Mishiru (Kagerou),]
[who had the same face as Ogami!?]

Pg. 8
You killed...both my parents and Saechika!!

Kagerou - Help me,

Mishiru - Ugh...

Sakura - Mishiru-dono!?

Rui - Just now...I...

Mishiru - ...Please.

Pg. 9
Please...kill me

Sakura - Mishiru-dono!? What're you saying...

Mishiru - I-...If I die, Kagerou will be gone too...
So please kill me right...now.
O-...Otherwise, Kagerou is going to kill Rei-kun...

...On that day,

I took everything you cherished away from you...

Pg. 10
Your family...your happiness...your future...
everything you've been promised with, I burn all of them away in just a few mo-...ment!!

R-...Rei-kun is very kind. I-...I will never kill him...
please execute me with your own hands!!

I...want to die.
I don't want to hurt anyone anymore!!

Sakura - Mishiru-dono!! What's that you're saying...
Rui - ...I got it now.

Sakura - ...Eh!?

Rui - ...I fully understand your feelings now,

Pg. 11
Sakura - N-...


Pg. 12

Rui - Ah...

I'm awake now!!
Sakura - W-...What had you done!!?

Rui - Kagerou!! Dammit!! I can't forgive that bitch!!
I'll definitely kill her with my own hands!!

But!! Even so, I'm not going to go with the fiendish way by sacrificing Mishiru!!

...This helps blow away all my stupid confusion now...!!

Sakura - Prince-dono...
Rui - Plus...

Pg. 13
To me...
Kouji - [I'll sever that "Chain of Sorrow" myself.]
[...Now, Rui. Isn't that good enough already?]
Toki - [If I killed Saechika, the one who'll be in grief the most will be Prince...]
Rui - there are still people who care about me even more than myself...

If I let myself drooped down to kill evil for my own personal grudge,
then it'll also mean I've lost to them.

Even though it's not the happiness nor future that was promised to me,
I had already found a new awesome future after meeting with those guys.

Rui - If you get it now, then stop telling me to kill you...

Kagerou - You die then.

Pg. 14
Sakura - GWAAA!!

[This is the Dichromatic Twin Flamberges of Netherland, Mammon.]
[If we]

[get hit by that directly...]
Kagerou - I told you to die.

Pg. 15
Sakura - Wha...!?

Rui - ...Still don't get it, you dumbass...?

Pg. 16-17
That filthy flame won't work with this Graceful Protector God...!!

Kagerou - Mammon
won't work!?

Sakura - Prince-dono!!

PM - Your dark side had been strengthened with that powerful positive thoughts that shines brightly like a sun then, Code:05.

Pg. 17
Rui - Kagerou!!

You get it now, do you!! Your flames aren't going to work with me anymore!!
So stop with all of this,
and free Rei and Mishiru already!!

Mishiru - Ugh...
Rui - ...Mishiru!?
Hey!! Can you hear me!?

Sakura - That's good!! Her consciousness is back...

Mishiru - Asmo...

Pg. 18

Pg. 19
Rui - Pri-...

** After Ogami, even the prince is down now!! Has their hope run out, leaving behind only despair!? **

next: Haste makes waste!!
to be continued

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