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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 218

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 14, 2013 03:51 | Go to Code:Breaker

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code:218 "The capricious flame"

Pg. 1
Toki - Yuuki's "Sound" is gone...!?
** Toki and Kouji working to get to where the rest is!! **

Kouji - ...While it's only faint, that "Sound" that my "Void" could sense disappears just now.
My "Void" could only sense the vibration of "Sound" in the air, so I couldn't capture the content though.

Maybe we can assume that something has happened at the source of this "Sound" where the others are.

Toki - Just get to it already.
Kouji - ...Let me explain again. To get to where everyone is,

Pg. 2
you need to float up using your "Magnetism"
while I use my "Void" to blow you into the air current and drop you down at that place.
[Air current]
That is our only way.

However, that is merely a hypothesis. If my "Void" power is lost midway, you'll fall into the Negation, which means your "death". Also, once you've reached that side, there's no coming back...
Toki - Haha, what a laugh.

I have to borrow my enemy's power to go kill my father.

Kouji - Toki.

Toki - You said you'll
sever the chain of sorrow, right?

...Now is my turn.

Pg. 3
Plus...those guys who can't do anything without me is waiting for me.

Kouji - When we first met, you're a cluster of vengefulness, burning with flame of refute.
So you've found it then; friends who you're willing to be with until your death.

Toki - ...What's that now?

Kouji - I've witnessed your determination.

Now go, Toki,
towards your friends!!

Pg. 4
Ogami - ...That's enough, Kagerou.

Sakura - [...Those cold eyes, and the heated voice,]
[even though half of him has become a vicious demon,]

[it's Ogami!!]
** His new appearance symbolizes good omen!? **

Pg. 5
Kagerou - How come, Rei-kun?
Asmodeus's power
is absolute.
How did you

Yuuki - Ogami!!

Kagerou - What are you

Sakura - W-...Wait!
[You can't, Ogami!! That person is...]

Pg. 6
[while she's Kagerou, she's also Mishiru-dono!!]
Mishiru - J-...Just kill...me
I don't...want to hurt...

Ogami - Then die.

Sakura - O...

Kagerou - No,
this can't be.
Rei-kun will never try to
kill Kagerou for real.
This never happened before.
You are

Pg. 7

Yuuki - No, Ogami...!!
[It's coming...!! Asmodeus!!]

Pg. 8
Sakura - [Nothing...happens!?]
Kagerou - What's wrong!?
follow my command.

Yuuki - Look.

That half of Ogami's body has returned to normal.
Where did that demon which was devouring on him, Asmodeus go!?

Pg. 9
Asmodeus - Awwww, Rei, I'm bored now.

Yuuki - She's huge.

Pg. 10
Ogami - Shut up.
Asmodeus - Oh dear, you're so cold.

But...that cool side of you
is just the type for Asmodeus. <3

Sakura - A-...

Asmodeus-san!? [Then that's the demon?]

Kagerou - Impossible.
Asmodeus is
Kagerou's demon.
Obey our pact.

Asmodeus - Like I care~

Pg. 11
I already found a new guy, so I'll be with him instead.
The way you use demons is just too crude. I'd rather obey Rei instead.

Sakura - [What!?]
Asmodeus - Because~

Rei is the only one who didn't fall for the lust in my illusion...

Ogami - Get me out of here already!!
If not, I'll kill you, you damn demon!!

Asmodeus - How tough you are. I'm aroused. <3 But everyone said that as first as well.
Plus, even if I were to release you, it won't be for free though...

Ogami - Smell.

Pg. 12
You're a demon after all...You want some payment, right?
Then you can have my sense of smell.
Just return me to them already. They're waiting for me...!!

Sakura - Wha...
[He even sacrificed his sense of smell...to come and help us...]

Asmodeus - I got moist...totally. <3
He's such a sinner for making a demon felt like that.

I want to know the truth behind Rei's strong intention that didn't even give in to my lust.
Until then, Asmodeus will be Rei's...
Not the pact, you need this kind of charm if you want to tie a demon down...
A pity.

Pg. 13
Kagerou - Bull

Then you demon can just
perish along
with him.

Kanda - [Master,]

Pg. 14

[can actually use magic.]

[It's a magical jinx that let me win any battle when I take off my glasses.]
[So please be assured.]

[No matter how tough the battle is,]
[this Kanda will carry fortune to you, Master.]

[Without fail...!!]

Pg. 15
Yuuki - [Ah...I knew it.]
[That explosive sound...and searing color...]

[This thing chemically reacts with alloy in the surrounding area,]
[to create several different colors...]

Ogami - Kagerou...
you've really overdone it.

Pg. 16-17

Kagerou - KYAAAAAA

Pg. 18
Sakura - AAH!!
[Such powerful explosion...! That flame!!]

My inner ear is dead from that explosion.

[So this is...]
[the Sixth Flame...Asmodeus!!]

Asmodeus - Fufufu, not bad. It's by far hotter and bigger than that bitch. <3

Pg. 19
Yuuki - She's gone!!
Ogami didn't kill Mishiru after all too.

Ogami - ...You can hear me, can't you, Mishiru?

...Don't worry. I'm not going to burn you.

Pg. 20
I won't just kill you so easily...
I'm going to have you suffer the pain much worse than death before that...with my own hands.
** An atrocious and ruthless volition!? **

next: Have the form but not the spirit...!!
to be continued

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