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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

To-LOVE-Ru 156

Make'em Big

+ posted by Kaibayugi2002 as translation on Jul 11, 2009 02:55 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 156

Page 1
Panel 1
Nana: Ahhh...
Panel 3
Haruna: Nana-chan, is something wrong?
Panel 4
Nana: Haruna! Oshizu! Actually a while ago....
Panel 1
Momo: Look look Nana! /Look at the underwear I’ve bought. Aren’t they beautiful!?
Panel 2
Momo: My, What's with that face?
Panel 3
Momo: uhm I'm Sorry, I was talking about myself but...
Momo: Well… a bra means nothing to you anyway right?
Nana: !!
Page 3
Panel 1
Nana: That's why! That Momo...She only does it because her chest is a little bigger!!
Haruna: Ahh......
Panel 2
Nana: Alright, that settles it!/ No matter what it takes I’m going to make my breast bigger and stand tall over Momo!!
Haruna: uhn!?
Panel 3
Nana: Of course, you and Oshizu will help me.
Haruna: Wait a sec Nana-chan!?
Oshizu: Whe...Where are we going!?
Page 4
Panel 1
Nana: I'm home

Panel 2
Mikan: Welcome back Nana-chan. Ah, You brought Haruna-san and Oshizu-san too.
Panel 3
Mikan: Rito and Lala aren’t here at the moment, they went shopping.
Nana: Ahh No Mikan / They're my guest today.
Panel 4
Oshizu: Sorry for bothering you.
Haruna: Hello Celine-san
Celine: Mauu
Page 5
Panel 1
Nana: Ah, That’s right. Mikan Would like to participate in Operation Breast!?
Panel 2
Mikan:Op.../Operation Breast!?
Panel 3
Mikan:uhn....I don't think I will
Nana: I see, Too bad
Panel 5
Haruna:So This is your room Nana-chan!?
Page 6
Panel 1
Haruna: I thought you would have a pet animal or something, SO my hearts pounding
Nana: I can always call them with the D-Dail so there’s no need for us to stay together.
Panel 2
Now then!/ Let’s think of ways where we can make are breast bigger
Panel 3
Haruna: Even though you say...ways.../I've used many methods, but none of them were very effective. You know like push-ups and stuff...
Panel 4
Nana: ? Haruna, isn't your chest considered normal for its size?
Haruna: ...You think so?
Page 7
Haruna:But, When I look at Lala-san and Kotegawa-san I feel...you know
Nana:AHhh I see!
Panel 2
Oshizu: Since I've been dead for so long I don't really get what's going on, but /Why does everyone feel as they should have to have big breast?
Panel 3
Is it to prepare for a famine where you want to store nutrition or something?
above Haruna head: Uhn
Nana: No Oshizu! /
Page 8
Panel 1
Nana: It's because /it makes you feel more grown up!!
Panel 2
Nana: In spite of everyone treating Momo Like an adult, they always treat me like a child!! /In spite of us being twins! I'm sure it's because of our figures!!
Panel 3
Oshizu: I see! Then That means you want to be a woman, right!!
Panel 4
Oshizu: Indeed it does seem like having a big chest like Mikado-sensei is more adult-like, doesn't it?
Nana:See what I'm saying!?
Page 9
Panel 1
Oshizu: come to think of it I've heard talk about this before!! /They say In order to get bigger breast you should get someone to message them!!
Panel 2
Haruna: uhn
Oshizu:How about we give it a try?

Panel 3
Oshizu: I will use my will power to help you okay!/ Eyaa!
Page 10
Panel 1
Nana: Waaaa!!
Panel 3
Nana: Wha!!
Sound effect: rub rub rub rub
Haruna: Ah...Nana-chan...
Panel 4
Oshizu:Now Haruna-san
Nana: !!
Page 11
Panel 2
Panel 3
haa...ah! that tickles/...ahahahaha...Stop...
panel 5
page 12
panel 1
Nana: St-Stop Oshizu
Haruna: ah...O...Oshizu-cha...
Oshizu:There and there
Panel 3
Nana:I...I don't think this is working...
Oshizu: Uhnnn you don't think so?
Panel 4
Haruna: Oshizu-chan Who did you hear about this from?
Oshizu: From Risa-san!
Haruna:I thought so!!
Panel 5
Nana: Alright/ Let’s try searching the Galaxy internet for a method
Page 13
Panel 1
Haruna: Space also has the internet...
Nana: I'm not very good at using things like this so it might not work.
Paenl 2
Nana: uhnnnn? /For a simple way to increase you bust use the "Cute Octopus"...
Panel 3
Haruna: Cute Octopus?
Nana: It's a type of Octopus that lives on the surface of the planet Hacchi./ She's a friend SO I'll try calling her with the D-dail.
Panel 4
Nana: Cute Octopus Oku-chan!!
Page 14
Panel 1
Oshizu:Wow How cute!/ What are you going to do with her?
Panel 2
Nana:Uhm.../With her cute sucking cups, she attaches to the bust...?
Panel 3
Haruna: Attaches?
Octopus:Chumimiin(Ok, Master!!)
Panel 4
Page 15
Panel 1
Panel 2
Oshizu:hyaaaa/ Ge-Get her offfff!!ahhhhhhh
Panel 3
Nana: Oshizu!!
Panel 4
Nana: Waa
Page 16
Panel 2
Nana: Ahh!?/ Hey Stop it...
Panel 3
Page 17
Panel 2
Mikan: Operation Breast.../I wonder what it's about...
Panel 3
Yaaaaa/ah haaa/………
Panel 4
Mikan:I'm glad I didn't join in.../ Well then. I think I’ll go and prepare dinner.
Page 18
Panel 1
Nana:haaaaahaaaaa/ di...did that really have any effect...
Panel 2
Haruna:Na...Nana-chan.../ I've a thought...
Panel 3
Maybe we... shouldn't try too hard to get bigger breast?
Nana:Eh! WHy!?
Page 4
Haruna: Because of all the great looking people around me, I also unconsciously started worrying too much about it/ But you know...I remember something someone said once.
Panel 5
Haruna: He said...THe important thing is not what on the outside but what's on the inside.

page 19
panel 1
Nana:Was it Rito? WHo said that...
Haruna: Yeah
Haruna:There are people who can jsut say thing like that. I feel it's better if you can improve youself without pushing yourself to hard...
Panel 2
Nana:(Rito...that guy...)/So you also think that way too...
Panel 3
Nana:I understand, Haruna...
Panel 4
Nana:I will improve my outside and my inside!! That what you saying!!
Haruna: She doesn't understand at all.
Outside Panel
If it Nana she will do it, Became the Perfect Lady!!

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