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To-LOVE-Ru 159

Summer Memories

+ posted by Kaibayugi2002 as translation on Jul 31, 2009 17:41 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 159

page 1
panel 1

panel 2
Haruna: It's from Lala-san
panel 3
Lala: Ah! Hello Harunaaaa! I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be inviting everyone from our class to the pool tomorrow. And I was wondering if you would like to join us
Lala: They just opened up a new place!
panel 4
Lala: Rito says he's going too!
panel 5
Haruna: Yeah I'll go I'll go
Lala: I see! That’s good to hear
outside panel
Going to the pool!!

page 2
panel 1
Lala: Yup! Without you there’s no way we could start!
panel 2
Lala:But, We made a promise didn't we?
panel 3
That we would both do our best for love!
panel 4

page 3
panel 3
Mikado:........./ Anyway, it seems that the cause of your headaches was due to stress and fatigue.
panel 4
Mikado: I’ll give you some medication to take but if you don't deal with the source of the problem, Then it'll just happan again.
Patient: haa.....

page 4
panel 1
Patient:so the problem is probably him...
Mikado: him?
panel 2
Patient:The truth is, four days ago my pet ran away.
panel 3
Patient:A Rare Violent species called Mineralun. His name is Nuppul.
Mikado:Mineralun? I've never heard of that type of species before......
panel 4
Patient:In any case, Sensei! If you see him, Please let me know!!/shiriririn
panel 5
Yesss, This is Mikado's Clinic.

page 5
panel 1
Oshizu:Haruna-san! Eh to a pool!?/ I'll be there!!
panel 2
Oshizu: Yeahhhh
Mikado:It doesn’t seem like Oshizu-chan knows what stress is like
panel 3
box: Next day
panel 4
box:Sainan Water Land

page 6
panel 1
Lala:What a gigantic pool!
panel 2
Saruyama:Such bouncy objects

page 7
panel 1
Nana:Alright! Let’s go swimming
panel 2
Momo:Nana! You’ve haven't done any warm-ups yet!
panel 3
Nana:But It feels so good!!/Take this Momo!!
panel 4
Momo:Ahh.../Darn you Nana.

page 8
panel 1
Momo:Take this->heart
Nana:uwaaaaaa! Momo! Go easy on me
panel 2
Mikan:Yami-san, is this your first time at a public pool, uhn?
panel 3
Rito:Ohh Mikan, You’ve invited Yami too. That’s great!

page 9
panel 1
Yami:........./Please don’t look at me that much with ecchi eyes...
panel 2
panel 3
Mikan: Rito...Did something happen between you and Yami?
Rito:Eh? N....No, not really
panel 4
Rito: (She still seems to have that event about the kiss on her mind...)
panel 5
Haruna:Yuuki-kun, Lala-san!

page 9
panel 1
panel 3
Risa: fufufufu

page 11
panel 1
RIsa: We're here too!
panel 2
Such great sensitivity, they seem to have gotten bigger, don’t you think so Lala-chi?
Rito: whawha
Yui:How vulgar!!
panel 3

page 12
panel 3
Oshizu:I’m getting in too

page 13
panel 1
panel 2
Rito:uhn, you’re not going to swim Kotegawa?
Yui: I have to inflate this float first.
panel 3
Rito: Give it here.
panel 4
Rito:I'll do it./It’s going to be tough to inflate without a pump.

page 14
panel 1
Yui: Th...Thank you
panel 2
Yui: Jeez...Why I'm I being so nice!...
panel 3
Yui:(And this swimsuit... I bought in such a rush after the sudden phone call from Lala-san yesterday)/(I...I wonder if he doesn’t mind if it’s little weird...)

page 15
panel 1
Rito:How cute...
panel 2
panel 3
Rito:What a cute cat float.
Yui:Eh...Yeah, It is isn't it......
panel 4
Yui:(How misleading, Jeez!!)
panel 5

page 16
panel 1
Saruyama: You've sure changed Rito.....
Saruyama: I mean…for you to able have such a normal conversation with girls in their swimsuits.
panel 2
Rito: It's not like that./I'm just trying not to inadvertently look at their chest or anything.
panel 3
Saruyama: No...But still, if it was the old you, you would have fainted.
panel 4
Saruyama:This must be the effects of having Lala-chan in your life.../jeez, I'm so jealous of you! you damn bastard...

page 17
panel 1
panel 3
Rito:(Effects of ...Lala..)

page 18
panel 1
box: At that time, On Water Land's Special Stage
Run: Alright/ How’s everyone doing!?
panel 2
Run: Today is Run and Kyoko’s special show!!
Kyouko: So enjoy yourselves until the fire burns out, Okay? ->heart

page 19
panel 1
Principal:uhyoooo It’s Run-chan and Kyouko-chan, Let me have a lick!
Kyoko: Gee
Kyoko: (How does he find us in spite of being such a guerrilla!?)
Run: It’ll be okay if nothing happens...

outside panel
Dangerous eyes floating about on the water surface.

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