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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

To-LOVE-Ru 162


+ posted by Kaibayugi2002 as translation on Aug 28, 2009 16:38 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 162

page 1
panel 2
Lala: It’s great, isn’t it? Somehow the uproar has settled down.
panel 3
Lala: Anyways, what was it that you wanted to tell me?
RIto: uhn... You see...
panel 4
Rito: (I have to tell Lala... my true feelings...!)
panel 5
Rito: I...told you before that my feelings for you were uncertain, remember...
Lala: !
Outside panel
Now with all his might/ He's true feelings!

page 2
panel 1
Rito: But, Now I know...I.../do love you...after all
panel 2
Lala: EH! Yo...you mean it!?
panel 3
Lala: Wow!! Rito said he loves me!!
Peke: Congratulations Lala-sama!
Rito: Eh...

page 3
panel 1
Rito: Ple-Please wait, There's more!!
panel 2
Rito: I...do love you, but /there's also another person that I love, who has been in heart for a long time.
panel 3
Lala: Eh!?/ Who? Do a know her!?
Panel 4
Rito: Ah.../Yes...Well...
panel 5
Lala: Could it be...Haruna!!?

page 4
panel 1
Rito: h-h-h-ho-/how did you know!?
panel 2
Lala: Eh! So it is Haruna!?/ That’s great!
panel 4
Lala: Wow/Banzai!!
Rito: (eh....What's with that reaction.../Why would Lala say "That’s great!"...?)

page 5
panel 1
Lala: (Wow! I'm so happy! Rito Loves me, but he love Haruna more,/ This is the best!)
panel 2
Rito: Wh...What do you mean, Lala!
Lala: Eh? ah...Uhm
panel 3
Lala: (It's probably better if I'm not the one to tell Haruna that Rito loves her...)
panel 4
Lala: Well then Rito! Hurry up and go confess to Haruna!!
Rito: uhn!?

page 6
panel 1
Lala: come on! hurry up!
Rito: Why are you pushing me!?
panel 2
Lala: But If Haruna Loves you, then the two of us can marry you, right? (Heart)
Rito: uhnnnnn!?
panel 3
Rito: Me get married to both You and Haruna!? You talking about a polygamy (one man multiply wifes)!? You know that's unheard of in Japan!!/(Anyways, We don't know if Haruna would approve of that or not...)
panel 4
Lala: It's fine, It's fine, RIght, Peke!
Peke: When Rito-dono becomes the king of the universe, then the rules of the earth won't matter anymore

page 7
panel 1
Rito: (That absurd!!/That Lala...she’s too opened minded)
panel 2
panel 3
Lala: Now, put this on!
Rito: Eee!!
panel 4
Lala: Now go to Haruna!!
Rito: Kyaaaaaa
page 8
panel 1
Rito: uwaaaaaa
panel 2
Rito: Ple/Please stop this thing
Panel 3
Rito: !
panel 4
Rito: Daaaaaaaa

page 9
panel 1
Rito: Ya....Yami!?
panel 2
Rito: Wh...Why didn't you dodge!?
Yami: It would be a disgrace to dodge you like you were an opponent.
panel 3
Yami: However...Even though I said that

page 10
panel 1
Yami:That doesn't mean I'll allow you to get away with anything ecchi.
Rito: !!
panel 2
Rito: No, No this is, well... it was inevitability.
panel 3
Yami: There's no use in arguing...
RIto: Kyaaaa

page 11
panel 1
Rito: Uu...uun.../WH...WHy me...
panel 2
Haruna: What's wrong, Yuuki-kun
Rito: Eh
Panel 3
Rito: (Haruna-chan)
panel 4
Haruna: It looks like Run-chan is coming this way. She has been looking for you, Yuuki-kun.
Rito: Is th-that right

page 12
panel 1
Haruna: Everyone’s so amazing, even after such an uproar, they’re playing normally
Rito: ahahah That’s certainly true...
panel 2
Haruna: ...Yuuki-kun
Rito: uhn?
panel 3
Haruna: I'm...was so happy/ THat you risk you life for us...
panel 4
Haruna: Thank you
Rito: Ah...it was nothing...
page 13
panel 1
Rito: (Haruna-chan.../ I have to tell her what Lala said...
panel 2
Rito: I feel like I can tell her if I do it now.../ my feelings...for her over this long years)
panel 3
Rito: Sa...Sairenji!
panel 4
Rito: I have...to talk to you
panel 5
Oshizu: Uhn!!/ Rito and Haruna-san alone together!

page 14
panel 1
Oshizu: This is my chance!!/ If I glue them together with my will-power surely it'll help...
panel 2
Celine: Mauuuu
Oshizu: eh
panel 3

page 15
panel 2
Haruna: !?
panel 3
Haruna: What!? Whyyyyyy!?
Rito: I...I
panel 4
RIto: I...love......
panel 5
Run: You think Rito is here?
Yui: Probably

page 16
panel 1
Rito: You!!
panel 3
RIto: .........

page 17
panel 1
Yui: Eh/ehH!?
Run: Really!?
Nana: Eh... M Me!?
Mikado: Oh my...

page 18
panel 1
Rito: .........
panel 2
Lala: Heeeeee!!/ Rito, So You love everybody!!
panel 3
That great!! If Rito married everybody, then we could all live together(Heart)
panel 4
Rito: Ho/How did this happen!!

page 19
panel 1
Mikan: ......my my
Momo: I won't complian about my position Rito-san(heart)
panel 2
"Rito's TO LoveRU (Trouble) days/ will likely still continue on"

page 21
COsmic love forever(Heart)/
Love/under LOVE(Enjoyed the reading, And thanks for the encouragment!
Please wait for Yabuki-sensei and Hasemi-sensei next creations!!

Note: Thanks to everyone for reading my trans. You guys/gals are the reason I do the trans.

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