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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Eyeshield 21 188

ES21 188

+ posted by karasu as translation on Jun 14, 2006 01:27 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 188

as always, don't bother asking me to give permission to anyone to use it for scanlation
use it as you like :D just don't forget to credit me :D
sorry for the lack of structure..
and..i'm not familiar with football terms and jargons..
this is my first try on ES21..so
if you think there's a term to better describe it (i used fumble for swiping a pass away.. i was using repel before)
don't hesitate to change it..

sorry for taking too long

here's my quick and horrible translation :D

188th down Momentary Aerial Battle
side: Who's the No.1 Catcher...? Catch or Caught! The Ultimate 3D Distressing Battle!

1st page
Monta Vs. Ikkyuu, Who's Winning!?

Is Monta going to catch it and score a touchdown!?

Or Ikkyuu's going to, and Deimon game over!?

It's a sink or swim long passs!!!


sfx: gashu

2nd page..

A low pass with a demonic speed...

This course...!?

Nice Pass MA-----X!!

sfx: dasshi

It's just within my reach, Hiruma-senpai



3rd page

sfx Baa

Monkey-kun's reaching distance is reasonable..
But, because i'm the No.1 aerial battler, I will catch it instead..

OOSH! Ikkyuu!!

GAAH! Can't do it, Can't win against Ikkyuu

Ku Ku Ku

From the moment I let go of the ball, he already got as many as 100 acknowledgement...

page 4

This is.. worshipping deity's kind of pass is usually a mountain pass.. not a long pass...

Monta and Ikkyu, the pass is within both of their catching boundary. Striking at that feasible area is the right answer

Super high level!

He's dragging them to crowd in their utmost limit area for aerial decisive battle!

It's a Hail Devil Pass

It's not about route-taking technique.

Winning this is genuinely about catching technique

Nobody can beat you there if it's about catching power.
Kick that genius Ikkyuu's ass!!

It's a sink or swim difference!


If you can't catch it,it's the end!

Catch ITT!!!

page 5

sfx: Don

page 6
It's an advantage to Ikkyuu

Even though catching is Monta's specialty

Ikkyuu's long fingers would allow him to touch and snatch the ball.

For this time, this pass is going to be intercepted.


page 7

sfx bii

This is.. The first one to touch the ball is..

I thought so! The strongest warrior in aerial battle!

Hosokawa Ikkyuu!!

AAA! That's Ikkyuu for you!!

Without a doubt, he will fumble the ball!!

page 8

sfx: gi gi gi gi


My job is not to win aerial battle.
It's to catch the ball!

You can fumble the ball with your long fingers.
But, first thing after, I'm gonna catch the ball! I'll show you

page 9

That's not what I'm aiming for

Too bad


Koryaa! Not yet..

ku ku ku

From that place, he won't fumble it... Till he can catch it, he will improve as it's
within that guy's level boundary..

page 10

It.. It's Ikkyuu-kun. The ball was not fumbled!

From the fingertips of that long fingers
He's already securing it in the air.




This is... Kantou's Ultimate Cornerback
Hosokawa Ikkyuu...!!

page 11
Almost, but not quite...

This aerial battle..
If your opponent wasn't me...
Saru-kun would've won..

Because, catching talent No.1 is mine



I.. myself, have the catching ability somewhat..
But, not even once i thought of it as talent..

sfx pakoo


At the beginning, i didn't even have the sense of distance.
I can't catch fly balls.

Whoever play baseball must be able to understand and feel it.. but..

uu... shit! Honjyou-san...
I... am not suitable for catching..

At the beginning, I'm somewhat not a person with great dexterity to catch.
Nobody does.


A little.. by a little.. i'm understanding it..

Firstly, even if you're scared, don't let your eyes off the ball.
Match your body rythm to the ball's movement.

page 13



To the...


page 14

This guy, since when?

How can this guy's hand in here ... !?

In order to secure the ball in, it's necessary to tuck it in the armpit.

To aim there...

No, that's not it!
such theory, it's impossible for him to have known it.



But this guy's body...
with experience and instinct, he felt it

sfx Gaa


page 15-16
Snatch it!!!

I'm gonna snatch it!!

Because I wanna win against Tetsuma-senpai.
I'm not gonna lose twice!

Why is this guy..
His eyes.. His personality..



sfx Buchi

page 17

CATCH! MAX!! (tl note: do i really need to translate this?)
sfx ga ga

page 18

sfx Doooon

Talent is surpassed by instinct and determination!!

bottom left
188th down - end

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#1. by Meno ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2006
Thanks man.
#2. by choucha0308 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2006
your translations are soooo much better than your bets :D

great job !
#3. by karasu ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2006
better than bets
what a pun..
it's not?

choucha0308... you're french, right? you've read the french one?
how did it compare?
#4. by Meno ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2006
The biggest problem you had with your translations was basically the various football terminology, which is easily corrected by someone who edits with a good basic knowledge of American football. Otherwise, a very nice job.

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