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Kekkaishi 254


+ posted by kaya as translation on Apr 24, 2009 18:33 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 254

Hello. I know. It's been a long long time since I ever touch any translation. Due to my hectic schedule, I'll have to give up doing it.
Translation is something I enjoyed and learnt a lot, but the one I really want to pursue the most at the end of the day is drawing manga, so I like to devote my time for that instead.

Nevertheless, as a Kekkaishi fan, and as a translator, I want to fufill my duty to ensure it catches up to the latest before I step down.

If something like a big hitus or mediocre translations happen to Kekkaishi again, I might go back and buck up for a bit, of course. Lousy quality is a big no-no! You hear me.

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit(INCLUDING THE PROOFREADER). This is all I ask.
If you see any errors, please let me know.
Comments are always welcome.
Kekkaishi is licensed; please support Tanabe sensei by buying the manga.

Thank you very much and please enjoy! 

*{T.N}= Translator’s note

Proofreader: sillyblob

[Side text: “KEKKAISHI” At last, “The Blank State” training has come to its very end. However…]

Shimano: What happened, 22nd Successor?//
Have you cleared your mind since yesterday?

Yoshi: Yup…// I’m fine…
Shimano: But…// (Why is he trying so hard….?)

Shimano: (…It’s still much too rushed…//Since we're at this stage, it’ll be most troublesome to finish it with a sloppy job…// We should see this through to the end…)//
Take it easy, 22nd Successor./ If you’re tired, you should rest.

[Side text: What’s wrong, Yoshimori?]
*{T.N= He looks more like he can’t wait to go to the restroom. }

Chapter 254: Conditions

Sen: No matter how I look at it, it’s still kinda fishy.//
But that Yoshimori…//
He made a promise with Hiura to take care of things…// But he refuses to give me any of the details.//

Sen: You know…Yoshimori will be anxious if we interfere. But soon…// The fact that Hiura is the murderer of Okuni will be announced, clear as a bell.//
Is that alright, Chief? Is it even alright to let Hiura loose?

Masa: Isn’t that Yoshimori’s decision?

Sen: ……// (Is he being serious, leaving Yoshimori to protect Karasumori?)//

Sen: ……./ Karasumori only reacts towards Yoshimori‘s situation.// But Yoshimori is explosive, isn’t he?

Sen: I beg your pardon. Although this is just a theory,// but I'd like to report it as regarding the conditions of the legitimate successors.

Masa: ….// Go on.

Sen: According to what he said about Karasumori being able to speak, //it appears that Karasumori possesses a conscience and a personality.// And based on the contents…// Not only does it have a sense of morality, but it’s restless, displaying an attraction towards excitement…
(Karasumori: I want to get out.)

Sen: Simply, a legitimate successor is someone it ‘likes‘,// someone it finds interesting.//
And how it judges the appeal of the four successors// depends on their abilities and their potential. //
Even Tokine// is not considered rightful to it. (Tokine: Look! Come over here!)
*{T.N= Now I see why Karasumori wants to get out. Prefers older women? I can understand, being a forest housing just … teenagers… But hey! Tokine is not too bad.}

Sen: But I still don’t get it.// So I tried asking Yoshimori, ‘Has it met any Akayashi that it quite enjoyed?’

Yoshi: H~m… Something big or strong?// I guess it likes them both…//
Once-there was a friend of Madarao called Kouya.// He’s definitely its type.
*{T.N= Excuse me?! Choosing a dog over a girl? Girls smell better, you know?}

Sen: That Kouya had a feisty personality.// By the end, his wish to be strong had been granted by Karasumori.//
Additionally…// This was not an Akayashi but,/ Gen too… was favored.

Sen: In other words,/ someone direct, unpredictable and promising // is its type.
Masa: I see…

Sen: How the seal appears at the beginning// is defined by nature.

Sen: But when it deems the individuals as interesting, it will grant them power,// a power to live up to its expectations.

Sen: With this pattern,/ Yoshimori could be regarded as one of Karasumori's most preferred people in history.


Sen: And…// The problem that pains me the most is…//

Sen: The “The Blank State” training which Yoshimori is taking./ The technique seems to be compatible to Karasumori.//
Dealing with the changing Karasumori,/ Yoshimori has undeniable become the only candidate that can control it.//
Their surroundings must move accordingly.

Sen: Right now, they’re still keeping in balance,/ whether it’s Yoshimori, Karasumori, or their relationship…//
But if Karasumori is ever attacked,// then we must make a move.

Sen: When that arrives, what would happen exactly?// What kind of disaster would it spring?

Sen:…// I know that it’s scary to be attacked, but…/ I… This anxiety…//
Masa: Really, it was a great choice to send you there.

Sen: Huh?
Masa: You’ve got me a little surprised.//
Sen.// I guess you’re the only one who can analyse Karasumori’s situation.

Masa: It might fully reveal itself in the coming times.// I want you to witness it all.//
You’re the one most suitable for this kind of job.// Of course, it might be dangerous but…//
I’m so glad to have you in Yagyou.
*{T.N= HAHAHA. Sen is blushing!!!}

Sen: Meaning, what Chief really wants to know is Karasumori’s true nature?

Masa: No./ To say it precisely…

Masa: I want to know just how truly valuable Karasumori is.
*{T.N= Is Yagyou hit by recession too that Masa has to sell Karasumori?}

Masa: I hope the real price is something I consent to as well.

Sen: (…// Even though the contents are a little too… I finally got to hear him speak his mind…)
Sen: Is that really OK? To let someone like me know…?

Masa: I’m counting on you.
Sen: Ah… yes…

Sen: Oh yes! If Okuni’s men have met Yoshimori…// Does that mean they’re planning to move too?! What do you think, Chief…?

Masa: Ahh…// I guess…so?

Sen: (What the? They didn’t even tell you?!)
Shu: Sen-chan!

Sen: WHAT?!
Shu: Hakota-san is about to set off…

Masa: Are you asleep?

It’s been so tranquil since those brats left…

Masa: I say, Kouya.//
You’re Karasumori’s type.
Kouya: What was that?!

Hakota-san: My little boy. Will you be ok when you’re alone?
Hakota: Yup! Don’t worry, Mama!

Hakata: After all, I’m not alone!// And once Mama gets to a safe place, I’ll be more relieved!
Hakota-san: Really…?

Hakota: I will be more useful…!
Sen: Shu, don’cha think you should stay behind?
Shu: I think Sen-chan should be the one staying. / It’s so dangerous!

Hakota-san: Well then, Mama is going!// Don’t be picky with your food! Have a good meal later.
Hakota: Yes./ I got it, Mama!

Everyone: Thank you, Hakota-san!/ We’re counting on you.
Hakota-san: You guys take care too./ I’ll see you soon, okay?

SFX: Slam//



Fumiya+Ito: From today, we are transferred to support the policy against attacks to Karasumori.// Majinai Division, reporting!

Fumiya: …Huh?
Hakota: Mama…

Finished?// Right. Good work.//
Kuku…// The gradual disintegration has been going well, Suigetsu.

Suigetsu: So, does that mean the arrival of// a new era for Karasumori?

SFX: Kukukukuku
I’m actually really looking forward to it.//
He actually thinks he can see the light of his howling?// Tsu! Suigetsu…


[The House of Dreams]

Servant: Hisaomi-sama.//
The details are unclear, but we managed to get information on the destruction of Urakai’s Research Centre.

Hisaomi: …../ Is that so?// Anyway, get someone to quickly// gather more information.
Servant: Yes.

Hisaomi: Curse…//That bastard..!!//
He dares to mess with Urakai this far…!!//
How can I allow…//him to do as he likes…?!

Akayashi: Message.//
Tomorrow night, the battle in Karasumori begins.// Be prepared.
Hiura: Understood...

[side text: The myriad of tension succumbing--- the time has come! Taking a break for next issue. On issue 19th, History’s biggest fight has finally…started? !]
*{T.N= Of course I'm not taking a break here. I'd been hiatus-ing for far too much that Kekkaishi fans are killing me.}

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#1. by Rogue_Sapphire ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
If my translations were lousy and you noticed that, please comment on the respective ones. I always look for feedback so I can see where I can improve my translations.
#2. by kaya ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
I'm sorry, Rogue_Sapphire. I didn't mean to indicate your translation in a way or another. I find yours one of the better ones. So please keep up of your good work.
#3. by Rogue_Sapphire ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
I didn't take any offence kaya :P
I seriously wish I could get more feedback with my translations, especially since I'm fairly new to translating. Keep up the good work with Kekkaishi.
#4. by sillyblob ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
I did send you a message on a couple of improvements I thought were possible...maybe you didn't you get it?
#5. by Rogue_Sapphire ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
Hmm. Yeah I remember that, was great. Thanks. I thought I updated that, but looks like I only did in the .doc on my computer. My bad.
#6. by ddadain ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
Nice translation.

I'd release a "REAL" proofread (compiled comparative translation between the Japanese, Chinese and English releases) of the chapters if I wasn't so busy.

Some weird phrases here and there (e.g. "Fumiya+Ito: From today, we are transferred to support the policy against attacks to Karasumori" / And based on the contents… / etc.) stemming from the phrasing of the original Japanese and its direct rendition to English + some other grammar stuff ==> Lost in Translation >:D

Although, awesome job catching up. Three more chapters... :D

#7. by sillyblob ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2009
...what can I say, I'm in the middle of exams!
#8. by wounded ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2009
Catching up to the latest chapters.

Hopefully after it catches up, Kekkaishi will have a weekly release.

Thanks for trans
#9. by Digitalr ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2009
That's indeed what we're all hoping for and we're almost there, as ddadain said.

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