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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kekkaishi 194

Kekkaishi 194

+ posted by kaya as translation on Aug 18, 2008 13:00 | Go to Kekkaishi

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This chapter marks the end of vol 20!:tem
There is a short comic strip at the back. It's about Vice-Chief Miki who dumped her work and gathered all the females in Yagyou to go on strike. Then all the guys in Yagyou are complaining to Masamori and told him to apology to her properly.(See the parallel?) I don't think we actually have a volume raw release.
Nevertheless, I will add it in later when I got hold on my own volume 20 to refer to.

*{T.N}= Translator’s notes

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit. This is all I ask. :tem

If you see any errors, please let me know.
Comments are always welcome.
Kekkaishi is licensed; please support Tanabe sensei by buying the manga.

Thank you very much and please enjoy!:tem

[Last Edited: 5th Sept 2008]

Chapter 194: Left Behind
[side text: No matter how late the night is, never put your guard down ever.
After all, she’s just a high school student who is in her adolescence.]

[side text: Tokine appears displeased. This can’t be helped… She can’t forgive Yoshimori who went to Okuni’s place alone.]
Yoshi: Tokine!//To…//Toki…//Tokineeee…

Yoshi: TOKINE------?!//
I’ve already apologized…//
And yet she’s still angry with me…//What’s up with her speed by the way…?!//
It’s my fault that I made her worried…//but I’ve never seen her run so fast before…(not until today)
SFX: muttered, muttered

Sen: You’re so unexpectedly sissy!
SFX: Startled

Sen: Well, if it was me, I wouldn’t have forgiven you too…//

Yoshi: EH---------?!
Sen: After all, you’re just going to leave someone behind again.

Sen: No matter how many times you were told, you’re still doing the same old thing./ Sooner or later, you’ll be the one who’s gonna left behind by that woman instead!

Yoshi: Left behind…//by Tokine!!
Tokine: (I don’t remember I’ve known this shortie before---)

Sen: Never mind…//But you two are surely siblings, huh?

Sen: Chief…/He went to Ougi’s place without telling anyone, didn’t he?//
Such a dangerous place…/ and yet he chose to make an ambush alone….//
At least spare a thought for those who were left behind.//
Right now, Yagyou is in a great mess due to Vice-Chief who has abandoned her work, isn’t it?
Miki: (Please cool your head and reconsider yourself carefully as a Chief.)
Yoshi: Even Hatori-san?!

Yoshi: And…How about Rokurou?
Sen: Hm, I don’t really know the details clearly but…//
I heard he was confined in a small room together with Okuni’s Shamans.//
Well, he needs to take a complete rest for a short while.

Yoshi: I see…
Sen: In the end, he still helped that fellow from the Ougi’s clan,/ Chief sure is another who is hard to read.//
Didn’t you met Chief back at Okuni’s place?// What’ve you talked?
Yoshi: Eh?

Yoshi: What’ve we talked…// Hmm, that guy sure is a little weird though…
Masa: (Along the way…//I may need to borrow your power…)

Yoshi: (However,//Aniki did actually requested for my help directly…)

Sen: (Something must have affected him in yesterday’s incident…)//
Eh?/ What do you mean, Chief?

Masa:[ What I meant is, Yoshimori hates that he didn’t know anything at all.// So I managed to reveal a little information without spilling the important ones.]//
[in this way, he could actually act like an adult for a while.]

Sen: (Till now, I still can’t really understand Chief’s thinking. Never mind. No matter how much I tried, it‘s futile.)//
Now then, What should I do?

Shu: Ah,// Sen-chan.//
Why is Yoshimori-kun here too?

Sen: He’s coming with us today.

Yoshi: Yagyou Karasumori branch?//
Eh! Eh! In such a place?!
Sen: Ah, just a little further over there.

Yoshi: Ew, why is this looks…. So normal…?
Sen: I’m telling you. It’s really narrow.


Sen: I’m back./And like what I’ve told you before, Yoshimori has come over too, so sorry to trouble you.
woman: Hel--lo, Yoshimori-kun./I have prepared some snacks too!~
Yoshi: (Who is this?)

Woman: But somebody’s sleeping inside, so please keep your tone down.
Yoshi: Yes. We’ll be quiet then. (Sorry to trouble you.)

Sen: This is Hakota’s mother.// She’s the one who takes charge of our daily house chores.

Hakota’s mother: I will prepare the tea right away!~
Shu: Please wait here./ We’ll be changing our clothes first.

Yoshi: ………

Yoshi: It does looks really normal…//
Hm? /On a closer inspect,…//In the garden. there are some kind of weapons hidden under the trees…//
And , / the large pile of mess over there are….// Sleeping bags?//
How many people are there indeed in Yagyou Karasumori branch…?//

SFX: Quietly

Hakota: Heehee…

Sen: Don’t open the door over there.// That’s Hakota’s room.
Yoshi: Room….?!
Sen: Hakota is not someone from the branch./ He’s here because of his mother.
(Hakota’s Mother: Come, the tea’s here!~)

(Hakota: Ah, nice to meet you!)
Shut the door!

Hiba: It‘s too bright. I can‘t sleep at all.
(Hakota: Wah?!)

Yoshi: Eh?! Don’t tell me this guy is…
Sen: Ah, *Hiba-san has returned.// You must be tired.//OK. Yoshimori, please close the door already.
{T.N=Hiba is the one who injected poison into Gen to control Gen from turning into his monster form.}

Yoshi: Somehow… it’s kinda cool.
Sen: Oh really?
Shu: There are also two people sleeping over there in the other room. But no worries at all.~

Yoshi: So you guys are living in such a place…

Shu: Ah, we’re already used to it. /although it’s a little messy.
Sen: Yup--Yup--

Yoshi: But Shishio’s apartment,/ is so much bigger than this…

Sen: That fellow….//can never mix well with people.// Chief is considerate to him, so he let him stay alone. //
We’re always living in situations that are moving at such a dizzying pace,//so no matter what, we have to adapt or we’ll be easily exhausted.//
But that fellow….still stays the same.//
If he changed even just a little bit, things would be so much easier for him…//
…………./Are you taking out your homework or not?

Yoshi: Eh, are we really going to do homework?!
Sen: You’re terrible. At least pretend a little.

Yoshi: What the?/Didn’t Kagemiya yourself has always been skipping lectures?! (I did used my Shikigami to attend for me though.)
Sen: Idiot./ I make a lot of calculations before I skipped them. And I never slack on my assignments either.
Shu: Sen-chan,/ it’s already a big improvement for you to attend school even.

Sen: Generally, it’s only secondary school level. /It’ll be really a easy task even without attending school, right?
Shu. In--deed~
Yoshi: Wha…WHAT--?!

Yoshi: (Kagemiya…/ I always thought he is someone who is erratic and short-tempered…/ I never actually expected that he is so mature.)//
(And he’s cleverer than me?!)//
Eh, it’s alright that you guys don’t have to go all way to send me off…//
Sen: Ah, we do have business here, ya know.//
The Yukimura has invited us for dinner.

Yoshi: WHAT?! / You’re going to Tokine’s place?!// WHY?!
Sen: Why? What do you mean by “why?”
Shu: They’ve been taking good care of us!~

Yoshi: Ow! I…I went to her house…./ *ONLY ONCE!
[Please refer to volume 3.]
{T.N=Yoshi went to Tokine's house to kill cockroach. Poor boy. :tem}
Shu: Ah, please wait. There’s a phone call.
(Ring, ring)

Shu: Hello. /Ah! Yup, I am. Alright!~// Bye then.

Shu: Sen-chan, Yukimura’s granny told us that their miso has used up, so she asked us to buy for her.
Sen: Uh--.

Sen: Sigh, this can’t be helped…~/ Let’s make a trip to the supermarket then.
Yoshi: What kind of relationship is that…?!// This friendly feeling is…?!//
Tokine won’t even talk to me right now!!

Sen: That’s it, Yoshimori. Bye.

Yoshi: who the hell are those people--?!// When did they become so close to Tokine---?! (Their way to adapt is too freaking fast!)//
Dammit, I wanna it too----!

Madarao: ………//Che, What the heck is that?

Yoshi: Fufu…//This is my most satisfying work ever. I named it, Cheese cake 1 whole!

Madarao: You’re giving that kind of stuff to a woman just to win her heart?!/ Your thinking still ain’t changing after all. So childish…
Yoshi: AH!/ Don’t say that I’m not changing at all!

Yoshi: I can't help it…// I’ve thought about it for a long long time,/ but I can’t just change overnight.//
No-no! I didn’t intend to use this to buy you over or something,/ but I did remember you’ve said that you love cheese cake…So…//

Yoshi: I…// I will change.//
Although it will be hard for me to change all of the sudden,/ but just by a little bit, I will…//
Likewise, the people around me,/they can change so easily…//
But for us, / we always stay at one place and keep repeating the same thing over and over again…//
That’s why I think it may be difficult,/ but I will do my best.

Tokine: Will it be alright for me to eat this right now?
Yoshi: Ah?// Uh!//
(Wait! I brought my knives and forks along too!)

Madarao: (No matter how disheartened you might be,/ you are willing to change because you have someone precious to protect…)

Tokine: Hmm!//This is delicious!

[side text: It’s fine for Yoshimori uses his Yoshimori way to move forth. After all, someone will bound to be able to see his efforts one day.
The next issue, a new progress!!!]

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#1. by Clod ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2008
thanx kaya. i hope u will continue with volume 21.

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