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Kekkaishi 214

Kekkaishi 214

+ posted by kaya as translation on Oct 16, 2008 11:02 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 214

I've been busy lately, but I will still try my best to be faster so we can catch up.
Anyway, if you pay attention, you'll realize this chapter's title has the same title as Chapter 212. It ain't typo error on my behalf.:p

Disclaimer for scanlators:
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Wait for the volume raws instead(and this would ensure better quality for the readers too.)
Read this for more info.
Thank you for your understanding.

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit. This is all I ask.
If you see any errors, please let me know.
Comments are always welcome.
Kekkaishi is licensed; please support Tanabe sensei by buying the manga.

Thank you very much and please enjoy! 

For those who need to refer with the pictures, click here.

[side text: Sen confirms Tokine and his position from the sky. The two of them, who are shaking off their pursuers.]

Yuugami: All I can think now, is to head for the loophole straight away…//
However, it does seems that we have to enter the forest in order to cross the First Island…
Tokine: Huh?//
But didn’t you said that the forest’d been cast with spells…?
Yuugami: I’m an employee in this place, so I’ll be excluded./ The problem is you, who is the outsider……//
Basically, the spells in the forest are the types that confuse all your five senses. //
Hence from this moment onwards, do not believe in your feelings.// Believe only in my hands and we can get this through together.

Tokine: Ah……….

[side text: They are the fugitives. Alas, they must never waver.]

Chapter 214: Loophole

Yoshi: Where, Kagemiya?!// Where’s Tokine…?!

Sen: She disappeared…//
Yoshi: Disappeared?!
Sen: She was led into the forest by a man in white…

Yoshi: Who??? A man in white?!
Sen: I don’t know~!!// How the heck would I know that?! Don’t ask me!//
Calm down! At least we know she’s fine now…

Yoshi: Tokine!//
Tokine!// Tokine!~
Sen: Gah. No matter how much you scream, she just can’t hear ya!~

Yoshi: TOKINE~~~~!!!

Tokine: (That feeling before…)//
(Could it be that boy…?//So that means Yoshimori is here too…?)//
(But,// it might just be me…)//
(It’s only…//a happy thought that I want to believe in…)

Tokine: Yuugami-san!/ Yuugami-san!!//
The trees!/ The trees!// I can sense that the trees are chasing after us!!
Yuugami: You imagined it!

Tokine: So!/ They do look like this because of the spells?!
Yuugami: Ahh./ The enemies are way wackier than you thought./ Besides, the number would increase if we fight them. So do take care.
Tokine: This surely can’t be my imagination!//
Wait up… I’ve been feeling that my feet below are muddy since a while ago…
Yuugami: It’s definitely not muddy at all!!//
Argh, jeez!// You leave me no other choice!!

Tokine: Ah!

Yuugami: Close your eyes and cover your ears.// It’ll be better if you’re able to hold your breathe.

Tokine: But…
Yuugami: It’s alright. You’re acting like a log, waiting to be hold./ So I shall pretend that I’m running with a log as well!

Tokine: A log…?!//
(Eh…Wait./ If the spells would only work on my senses,/ then all I have to do is to separate myself with the outside world…)//
(Perhaps with my Kekkai,// it might work even better against the forest’s spells…)

[The Second Island]

Saigo: Those bastards…// I’ll never forgive them…//
From the beginning, I should have/ annihilate all the women who are younger than me, and the men who stick up to them from the face of the earth.

[The Third Island]
Saikaku: It’s Ne-san. She haven’t caught them yet…?/ They’re sure messy to deal with…//
All the Shikigami have been destroyed.// For the time being, I want you to clean up the reception.//
I have to do something about those three invaders as well.//
But before that…// I need to track down that lady who escaped…

[Map: The First Island]
SFX: Burns

Saikaku: (What…?// She’s traversing the First Island…?)//
(Neither did she look hesitated…// nor she’s running in circle…)
(Where is she going indeed…?// What is her intention?)// (According to the direction she’s moving,/ she’s dashing towards the edge of the island…)//
(The edge of the island?!)// Is she…?

Yashiro: Is that girl// heading for the “loophole”?

Saikaku: Yashiro-san?!
Yashiro: Let me take a good look.
Saikaku: Wait a sec! Please, stop!//
You’ll tear it…
Yashiro: (Why…Why does that girl know the path to escape….?!)//
………// (Yuugami…?)// (That dude…I thought he looks like he know nothing, so I assigned him with me during the deployment…)

Saikaku: …….// What’s a loophole?// And Yashiro-san,/ wasn’t your left arm injured…?

Yashiro: No need to play dumb.// You, the Enjouji Clan takes charge of this island before the Prosecution Office is even established./ Don’t tell me you know nothing at all.//
This can’t be helped then. I shall deal with it myself./ Bring me to that place right now.
Saikaku: Uh-huh. That’s why I don’t get what you meant….

Saikaku: ?!// UGH…

Yashiro: You heard me.// And here I thought you guys can finish it quickly, so I passed the task to you….

Yashiro: Either that girl is to be brainwashed, or to be killed at once. Those’re the only two choices and nothing else.// And here you are, allowing her to gain some secret information, and she even escaped; that’s the hardest to be dealt with.
Saikaku: Ugh…//Argh…//My head…

Yashiro: Saikaku.// Aren’t you the island’s recorder?//
In order to record the truths happening in this unincorporated island,// your eyes and your brain are modified to analyze the news in a split moment…//
And, I do know someone/ who has the eyes of yours.//
Those records inside your head…// if they’re erased in this very place now, I don’t mind at all.

Yashiro: If I can bring you to the brainwashing room// and use the equipments there, that’ll be a little more delicate, somehow. Too bad…//
I’m sorry,// but I won’t be able to go easy on you in here.

Saikaku: (How come…?!// From my perspective, Yashiro is the type of practitioner who is weak in telepathy and has to rely on tools and his foresight to fill up the gaps….!)//
(How could he possesses such a great power…?)
Yashiro: This power…/I wonder you’ll be able to witness it with that eyes of yours…

SFX: Crows…

Yashiro: I’m nice, so let me spare a word or two.//
Sooner or later,//everything in the past shall be destroyed.//
Starting from today, the balance of the power inside Urakai will be gradually shattered….// To be able to survive or not, will wholly depends on the ones you chose to follow. //
You, who still embrace the past,// will have very limited way to survive then.//
Do it now, if you like to change.

Miki: I thought they will emerge from the reception if they go into the forest…// But they haven’t appeared yet…

Sen: Ah!// Over there!//
Someone is there over the edge.

Yoshi: Tokine…!

Miki: It’s okay, Yoshimori-kun. Just go!/ I will back you up with my black wing.
Sen: Huh?/ Vice-Chief, isn’t this too…?!

Yoshi: Thank you so much!!

Sen: Wai…Wait up!// Oi, Yoshimori!

Tokine: Hey…Yuugami-san, I’m fine already so…//
Put me down…
Yuugami: Listen!// It’ll brews trouble still if I let you down right now!

Tokine: I’m truly sorry…//
Because of me, you’d worked yourself to a frazzle…//

Tokine: Yuugami-san?!

Saiko: So you think you can escape again this time, ah?

[side text: The island’s execution-in-charge, Enjouji Saiko. She’s way too stubborn.]

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#1. by denis ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2008
Thanks u.Even if because u r one u already knew it i hav to say that u r a goddess.
#2. by Clod ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2008
belissimo. thank you kaya:hug
#3. by Tanis ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2008
Welcome back ! And thank you so much for this chapter ! :D
#4. by kaya ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2008
Quote by Clod;1071049:
belissimo. thank you kaya:hug
Quote by Tanis;1071960:
Welcome back ! And thank you so much for this chapter ! :D
You're welcome!:tem

Quote by denis;1070742:
Thanks u.Even if because u r one u already knew it i hav to say that u r a goddess.
Heehee, your comment make me embarrassed in a good way.:p

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