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Kekkaishi 222


+ posted by kaya as translation on Feb 8, 2009 08:21 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 222

Sorry, Kekkaishi fans. It has been a long long time. I deeply apologise for my absense. I actually thought of giving up doing translation due to my hectic schedule, but I think I should at least make sure Kekkaishi catch up to the latest before I stop.

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit. This is all I ask.
If you see any errors, please let me know.
Comments are always welcome.
Kekkaishi is licensed; please support Tanabe sensei by buying the manga.

Thank you very much and please enjoy! 

*{T.N}= Translator’s notes

*{T.N= "Shinyuuchi" means a protected divined land. Our Karasumori is a Shinyuuchi, for example.}

People who want to refer with the pictures, click here.

Chapter 222: Support

[side text: The crack from last night is so taxing that it drained him?! It can’t be ….helped?]

[side text: The central Shinyuuchi in the North-east has been hunted. According to the prophecy, Karasumori would be next. What to do, Yoshimori…?]

I had enough…)

Kurosu: Ah!//
Not again…/What’s wrong with things lately? The chalk keeps breaking…

Yoshi: OUCH!

Kurosu: You’re finally up, Sumimura.

Yoshi: ……// Sensei, did you say something?
Kurosu: Huh?
Yoshi: Something like “You had enough.” or whatsoever….//
HU~~H~~~?/It’s a dream~~?

Kurosu: Why don’t you pay attention to my class instead of your dream~?!
Yoshi: WAH~~~~~~~~!!(Don’t throw the chalk at me!)

Sen: Yes./ Yes. Oh, starting from tonight?!//
No, it’s earlier than I expected so I’m grateful./ After all, I was feeling a little uneasy…//
Right. Anything else?//
?/ Yes…// Well then, tell me the details after reaching here…// I got it.//
Yoshimori./ Yoshimori!//
We got some supports from Yagyou coming tonight so…

(SFX: Snort~~~~~~~~~)

Sen: Y.O.U!// How can you still sleep so well in this middle of the emergency?!
Yoshi: WAHH!!/ MY HEAD!!

Sen: Don’t you understand that anything could happen at this time?!// Did you get it or not?!
Yoshi: Erm…But the range is too big that… it‘s hard to understand, ya know…?

Sen: No matter what, the prophecy has already singled out a name!//Everyone knows that the next would be Karasumori!
Yoshi: But! It’s not that whatever is mentioned in the prophecy will all come true…

Sen: In fact, didn’t “the God of Calamity who fully clad in a bloody stench” had appeared?
Yoshi: Well…/ Is that really the God of Calamity…?
Sen: If that’s not a calamity, then what do you called it then?!

(Yoshi: What truly bothers me,/ is not the external circumstances, but with the happenings of Karasumori by itself…//
Until now, I still don’t get the meaning of the crack…)

Sen: I say; the more you bother, the more things will crumble.// Nonetheless, danger will always approach. This, shall never be changed. //
So you must stay sharp.//
If not, that prophecy might really come true.

Sen: (100%?!)//
Rea…Really?! With that ratio…/ Is that even possible?!)
(Sazanami: Hey… You’re too loud.
So, in other words…//Unless the future can’t be change,/ or those words… won’t appear in the prophecy in the first place.)

Sen: Those words…?//(And that image!)

Sazanami: Yup./ The possibility to avoid Karasumori’s destruction that you saw is still pretty high though.
Sen: (It can be avoided……!)// (I see…/It’s still a future that be changed then…!)

Sazanami: What’s more, didn’t a disciple’s lady has also appeared in Karasumori?// She belongs to an association of telepathic practitioners which follows the same rule. And they will only pick one person to predict the prophecy.

Girl: (The master is…)
Sen: (Come to think of it, she did mention the word “master”…)
Sazanami: However, the existence of this association itself, is kept in the strictest confidence…/ so it can be said that for the prophecy to be spread, is remotely impossible.

Sen: What…? Then how can this happened…?
Sazanami: I don’t really know the details./ But…

Sazanami: Urakai which begins to shatter, is certainly a reality.

Sen: What…?!
Sazanami: The interior is shaking so much that/ the cracking sounds can be heard everywhere you go.//
Well for me…// I have no idea how much I’ve been on thin ice…/And I’m afraid that…//
If I don’t skate through all of these,// I won’t be able to survive…..

Sazanami: Ha! Though you can say that I’ve made my bed and now I must lie on it…
Sen: Sazanami-san?!//
Sazanami: My bad.//
There’s no point telling you all these.//
(Well, it’s decided that they send more support to Karasumori./ So just do your best then.)

Todoroki: I’m Todoroki!~
Makio: Makio here!~
Takemitsu: Hi, this is Takemitsu.

Todoroki+Makio+Takemitsu: IT’S BEEN A WHILE!~~~
Sen: I believe you guys’ve met before.// They’re from Yagyou Battle Troop.
Tokine: Hello…
(Hakubi: All guys…)

Takemitsu: We’re worth a hundred men!/ Anything happens, we’ll just wipe…
Makio: Ah, it might not be official,/ but I got a feeling that we have to hurry here…//
The main reason we came to Karasumori is not for the security reason…

Support from Urakai Headquarter?!

Tokine: Why…?/ We didn’t ask for any assistance…
Makio: Well…This case is requested by the Headquarter…// Of course our chief wasn’t very pleased, but the dispatch has been decided by then.//
Well, even you guys wouldn’t be pleased too if the Headquarter intervenes, right?
Yoshi: Not really…

Todoroki: No worries. We’re here!
Makio: We’ll kick any fools who dare to mess with the Headquarter!
Takemitsu: And that’s why we’re here to back up you guys!
(The banner: The Headquarter Eviction Team)

Makio: As a whole, you got the full support due to our arrival./ By then, the headquarter won’t have the chance to intervene. And they can see us working as a great team, defeating the enemy.
(The Headquarter: What kind of combination is that?!)

Tokine(image): You don’t stand a chance at all, you useless brats!
Makio: Then we just have to be direct and firm with our words to send them back home.
(Yoshi: I see…)
Tokine: Why do I have to be the one to say those things…?

Makio: Anyway, no matter how strong the enemy, we will never give up./ And if we can’t work well together,/ we’d also prepared ourselves by strongly request to the Headquarter to withdraw our support.

Sen: Don’t worry./ They might look like they’re kidding, but Makio-san is the leader of the Battle Troop./ He’s a reliable person who’s good in handling situations and giving accurate commands.//
The three of them are skillful and balance each other pretty well.

Sen: In Yagyou,/ Makio, who assists his comrades and issues commands, will be in the centre.//
Then we’ll go to our place by the side, solidify the formation that not only consists of our main offense, but with the defense too. //
The ones in the forefront are the dexterous fighter, especially the ones with cutting edge speed and power.// The strongest lineup in the Battle Troop…

Makio: Of course the decision lies with you.// But we’ll lend our hands if you ever need us.

Yoshi+Tokine: ……

Yoshi: Karasumori will be protected by us.//
But,/ I’m really glad that others are willing to help us reach that goal.//
Thank you so much for the help!!
Makio: You’re welcome!

Tokine: Ah.

Yoshi: Ayakashi!
Madarao: And it’s a big one!
Makio: Oi, need a hand?
Tokine: No thanks. We’ll be fine.

Yoshi: WAHHH?!

Makio: Oh my, what the heck is that?!

Makio: Ah.// Could you be…

By the order of Urakai Headquarter, I am here to guard Karasumori and assist the Kekkaishi.// I’m Hiura Souji.

Makio: Wow, what a… bloody appearance.
Souji: Ah,/ is it my fault that I executed it?
Makio: No, no… Say, you’re alone?
Souji: Yes.

Makio: (This is not what I expected. I thought there’re only three of us./ Maybe he’s too good?
Todoroki: How old are you?
Souji: Fifteen.
Takemitsu: How did you make that move?

Tokine: Yoshimori?
Makio: Ah, pardon me. The dedicated Kekkaishi here are,/ the two over there.

Yoshi: (Those eyes…// No, I can’t be wrong. He’s the Shinyuuchi Hunting‘s…//
Why is he here…// Karasumori. Is he planning to…)

Souji: I was ordered that I must protect Karasumori with all my life.// Pleased to meet you.

[side text: Eh?! Why…Why is he keeping a low profile…?!]

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#1. by byteeater ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2009
thank's for translating this series, hope you will continue translating this series :D
#2. by Meromorphe ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2009
Thanks for continuing it
#3. by denis ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2009
Thank's we'll be lonely without you. I hope you'll continue if your schedule lighten a bit later
#4. by ant ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2009

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