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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Lock On! 3

3rd Shot: Diamond Head

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Mar 8, 2010 14:37 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 3

For REDHAWK only

- and for those who cannot wait to read it (tho there is another reason why I post this early)

for int translator, please wait until Redhawk release it first before releasing yours. right now, we are waiting for a decent raw to work on.

Page 1
Star: what does Sanada say to Niko today!?

Put your name on the paper……
Paper: Club Formation form

My name…?

What is that?
I want to create a photography club….
This is an application form, in order to create one, I need 5 members along with an advisor…

Page 2
I don’t think there is a need for you to create a photography club….
Considering that you always take pictures as you please, don’t you?
I think like that too, but…….

A hindrance has appeared…..
Yeah…. That was unforgettable, 5 minutes ago ……
That was just now!

5 minutes ago

That is good… gimme one more!

What the hell are you doing!!

Oh my god… that’s Ueno, the counselor…..
See ya!

Page 3
Taking pictures inside the school is prohibited!!
Star: The Pro Photographer Sanada’s “natural enemy” teacher, appears!
3rd Shot: Diamond Head

Page 4
First year class C, Sanada Utsuru
If I’m not mistaken, you are a pro photographer…
I don’t have any problems in regards to your occupation, but….
I won’t let you do that insolent act, as a hobby, in the school!

Insolent you say…..
I just want to take pictures of smiling girls!

And I also want to take their sexy and lustful pictures too!!
Like hell I would let you take those kinds of things!!


The person who interferes my photographing…..
Should be eliminated!
So I clinched my knuckle!

But, I didn’t hit him…..
Because I might end up being the one who will be eliminated from the school….
You should’ve just hit him, you know….

Do you know why I attend school, even though I have a job already?
TN: High school isn’t compulsory in Japan. There are people like famous Idols didn’t go to the high school to concentrate on their career. Tho, usually 98% of middle school student will choose to go to high school per year

Page 5
When I attend school, I get surrounded by a lot of high school girls!
I can take pictures to my heart content! That’s the reason!
Are you an old man!!

If I can’t take it as a hobby, then I will take it as a club activity!
If it’s a club, the teachers or even the PTA can’t say anything about it!!
TN: PTA=Parents and Teachers Association, to those who didn’t know….

I want something to justify with so that I can take pictures around the school!!
Please put in your name!!!
Like I would put my name with that kind of filthy reasoning from you!

Just bug the others!

Page 6
Sign Board: Let’s Photography Club
TN: don’t blame me if this makes no sense in English, blame the author XD…..
What is that…..

I’m from the photography club, please….

Tissue: Recruiting Members!!

Page 7
Sanada , What are you doing?
Members Recruiting Drive….
Do you guys want to join?

The truth is, I was targeting the girls but I think I can make an exception for this one…
Who the hell you think you are!!

You…. Ueno, the counselor have an eye on you aren’t he?
He won’t approve the photography club you know…
Well, people say that his head are made from diamond because it’s so hard….

I pass….
Me too
Me three….
You Heartless!

We don’t like to take photos aren’t we?

I don’t want Ueno to put an eye on me…

Photography Club?

Page 8
Damn it… I thought I would gather people in a flash…
Only Yuki has joined!!
Why Yuki did join?
Eh? Because it sounds fun…

Photography club, huh?
Hmph! Looks like you did some thinking….
But, the school is a place for learning!
The student’s job is to learn!
Please try and understand the true nature of these useless things!
TN: yeah I know it sounds weird, but that’s what he said, closest to the understandable English…


Th..that guy…..!!

As long as he is here, there is no freedom for me!
Looks like I have to take scandal photos of him and eliminate him!
What the hell are you thinking!

But I wonder if there will be any scandal involving him…. he’s the teacher’s role model you know….

Page 9
Did you wait long…
Ah… no, it’s ok. Thank you….

I thought that all the students are afraid of him….
But looks like there are students that are close to him…
Because he is the counselor teacher you know…
Because of he’s friendly and gives advice, he’s quite popular you know….

What’s the matter?

Page 10
What’s the matter? Want me to consult you again?
Are you free after this?

Can you come to the school’s backyard?

“Come to the school’s backyard” she says!?
Eh? You could hear the conversation? Side: you have good ears too?
No, I read the lips…
You can do that!!? Side: disgusting!!

Talking about the things that a guy and a girl will do at the school’s backyard…
It must be about love confession or indecent act!
The two will become one!!

I smell a scandal!!
Are you paparazzi!!?

Page 11
The scoop will be mine!
Don’t do weird things!
Good luck!

Damn it…
That Sanada guy… where did he go?

Ah, why do I have hide?
This is like I’m paparazzi….

Page 12
She’s crying!

I can’t respond
To your feelings….

Of course, I think that you’re cute but…
Just ‘as a student’

The reason why I give my consult to you is because…
That’s my job as a teacher

I won’t have any love feelings for my student
You too should know the true nature of useless things!

I got it…

I’m sorry….

Page 13
As a teacher, that was a great thing to do, but…
That’s kind of cruel….


Eye patch?



Page 14

Sanada you bastard!
You sneakily took pictures, huh?
How vulgar can you be!!?
I will never approve the photography club and those sorts of thing!!!

I didn’t take it…

I don’t take pictures of a girl shedding tears
And I don’t even want to see it….

You’re great….
You’re strict to the student and also to yourself….
But, is it ok for a teacher to lie?

Lie…you say?

Page 15
You also loved that girl, didn’t you?
Not as your student but as a woman…
That cold attitude ….
Was just an act



What t-the.hell are you talking abo….
You are trembling, sensei…
That entire act was useless….

Sanada’s eye can see trough acts…
Then it’s really….

If you had faced her with your true self, she wouldn’t be crying back then
Instead, she will show us a lovely smile…

What do you know!?

Page 16
You, who act on your instinct and do insolence things,
What do you know!?

I’m a teacher!
It’s a teacher’s duty to lead the students to the right path!!

Things such as a teacher falling in love with a student should not be happening!!

I did the right thing!!

Page 17
You stupid!!

You bastard! You hit a teacher!?
This is not about being a teacher or a student!!

Page 18
What is the right thing?
Lie and make a girl cry is a right thing to do!?

Because you’re a teacher!?
Because she’s a student!?

You used that as a reason to reject her!!
And you made her cry, didn’t you!!?

Page 19
You can expel me or do whatever you want
In exchange…
Face her with your true self


You stupid!!

What the hell are you doing stupid!
I think pervert does not make sense right n…..
Shut up!

I apologize for the entire disturbance this idiot had caused….
I am sorry!

Page 20
You are a really weird person…
Is that so?
I won’t be surprise if you were being expelled…

Besides … he didn’t get that angry though
Someone was interfering with his photographing earlier….

My true self….
My true feelings….. huh?



Page 21
I want to correct my words earlier….


I did say that a teacher should not have any love feeling for his student,
And you are cute only “as my student”
That was a lie…..

I won’t lay my hands on my students…
That will stay a fact

If you still have the same feelings even after you graduate….
At that time, let’s talk about this again….

I’m sorry,
This is all I can say….

Don’t apologize…..

Page 22
I am really happy!


You can’t take pictures inside the school….

Page 23
I know that you are not just some insolence boy…

The photography club…
How many people did you get?

2 people….

When you manage to gather 5 people then, come to me
I will be the advisor

If it’s possible, I want a female teacher to be the advisor….
You bastard!! Just be grateful!
Star: they are unexpectedly a good combination…the photography club advisor has been decided!

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#1. by thone ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2010
Hi, Kenji, Excuse, I want to using your translation, but for my spanish scanlator, can I Make Of liberation my chapter in Spanish?
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