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To-LOVE-Ru 127


+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Dec 16, 2008 06:31 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 127

Page 1
[left up: snap mode…]
[left bottom: the serious momo….scary!]
Nana: kyahahaha!// stop it.

Page 2
Plant: hehehe… let’s have fun together….//le.. Let go!

Page 3
Momo: shut up….
Plant:zzzz//what??!// what did she do to him?!
Momo:this is ‘isoron alpha’ and it’s a poison for plants. // soon, this kid will start to rotten, starting from his roots.
Plants: !! // what did she say?!

Page 4
Momo: and now… who’s next? // I will painlessly send you to heaven…. Right now…
Plants: …….//gi…gi…// she’s a demon!! // her eyes looks bad!! // run!

Page 5
Nana: I thought that I’m going to die.
Yami: I owe you once, momo Asuta Deviluke.
Momo: just call me momo.

Page 6
Momo:ahh… but then, // those kids ran away when I told them that…how cute…..
Nana: this girl, sure scary.
Rito: haa // haa// are you alright? Lala….
Lala : yeah.. But it’s hard to climb a hilly path when I lost all my strength.

Page 7
Rito: lala!!
Lala… I… I cant…

Page 8
Rito : ……// here // I will carry you…
Lala:eh? But….
Rito : its ok ….

Page 9
Lala: eh… looks like rito’s rank is up…..
Rito:ahh… I don’t have such intention.
Lala: sorry, because I lost all my strength…
Rito: it’s ok.. don’t worry about it…// I hope we find the luckberry fruit soon…// for the sake of celine….

Page 10
Lala: somehow, being like this makes me recall one of my memories…
Rito: memories?
Lala: yeah… when I was a kid.// the fist time I sneak out from the castle, I ran to the woods. // and then I got lost // when the surroundings become darker, I started to feel scared.// even peke isn’t with me at that time…

Page 11
Rito: …..// and then, what happen?
Lala: papa found me. // then, he carry me back to the castle on his back.
Rito: on his back…. With that body!?
Lala: hehe.. papa isn’t that small in the first place. // 10 years ago, during galactic alliance first war, he use his power and becomes like that.

Page 12
Lala: sob // sob
Deviluke: heh… so you don’t like being here? // don’t waste my time // you stubborn girl!.
Lala: papa….

Page 13
Lala: just like back then.
Lala: rito’s back makes me calm….

Page 14
Rito: there….// lala// want to try climb that?
Lala: lets try… // more… a bit more…
Rito: eh….

Page 15
Rito: achoo…! // eh…// uwaaa// kyaa…

Page 16:
Rito: huh!
Lala: yaaa! // sorry! Are you alright rito!!
Rito: ’aklakjh’
Page 17

Page 18
[box: same time on earth]
Celine: Giiiiiiiii// giiiiiii
Mikan: ce..celine// what’s wrong? // suddenly being rage….

Page 19
Yui: kyaa…
Oshizu: please stay calm!!
Celine: gi….
Haruna:!? // shi…// shining!?
[left: celine’s last stage!?.. or so, is it a sickness that emits light?]

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