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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Youkai no Oisha-san Prelude

2- The heroin's afraid of demons!

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Nov 16, 2011 20:25 | Go to Youkai no Oisha-san

Kotoko: G-ghost...// Doctor?!
Kuro: Tee-hee
Kotoko: (Small: It's not something to smile about! ) But... demons can’t die...they can’t even get sick.
Kuro: Well, they have a lot of constipation, acne, and anorexia lately.
Kotoko: Is this the life of a school girl?! (small: get a hold of yourself, demons! )

[Yang Chapter : The heroin's afraid of demons! ]

Kotoko: Well this is it, Kai!
Ayumi: Well done! // See ya, Kotoko!
Kotoko: Uh-huh, buh-bye!
Students: Still, that’s odd. Why did we even go there in the first place... / to that dark scary forrest in the mountains...? // Hmm, I forgot. // Well, never mind...
Kotoko: Wow, it seems everybody else forgot it... // (Perhaps it was such a shocking state... / but maybe it’s for the best that we all forget... / Such terror...
Kuro: So, I’ll go also...

Kotoko: Hold on! // Um... Gokokuji-kun...
Kuro: ... (small: I-I already prepared <3)
Kotoko: Earlier, whats up with that, being a doctor and all?
Kuro: Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t want anyone to know. / (small:I'm a student now and such.) Could you keep it a secret?
Kotoko: ...Ehh,.... I don't think anyone would believe me even if I told. / I don't really understand it myself either... / why go through all that trouble to treat demons?
Kuro: Oh! Yeah.... // Um...
Kotoko: But, Gokukuji-kun... // after all, you still think like a human.

Kuro: What?
Kotoko: Oh, nothing... / How embarrassing! I said something really weird... // Sleep well!
Kuro: ...
Kotoko: ( Gokokuji-kun is amazing. // Having power over so many ghosts... // He must be very powerful. // ...but, I don’t understand... // Why does he want to be a “doctor”..?

Kotoko: (A "demon” is an enemy of humans. // That’s right...demons... // If they didn't exist ... / then I'd also... )

Kotoko: Huh...

(The Next Day)
Kuro: Kasuga-san!! // I heard you fell down in gym class!! // Are you ok?! // (.. Kasuga-san~
/ Whats this ) // .. Kasuga-san
Kotoko: !

Kuro: A-are... you ...okay?
Kotoko: I should be the one asking you that!!
Kuro: Ah, I carelessly stepped into the girls’ locker room...
Kuro: ...HUH?! I heard you were chased by a demon? ...Is that right?
Kotoko: Yes... // Until now, / I've only encountered evil spirits who have been rather weak.
Kuro: ....
Kotoko: It's different if the spirit is more powerful. // You see, after I went to bed, I suddenly felt something looking at me. // I turned around and there it was! Clear as day...// It ran away quickly, but it was huge... // Its hair was long and shaggy... / it made me sick. I thought I had seen enough ghosts, but this one gave me a weird feeling. // That's why I need... // your help with an exorcism..

Kuro: He.. (small: monster)
Kotoko: Pay attention! (small: Where did you stole it from? )
Kuro: Um... but... I’m a doctor.. / Exorcism is not my field ..(small: This's first time I see someone use small demons to throw at people...)
Kotoko: B-but...even if it’s a bad Ghost?!
Kuro: How did you decide on that one..
Kotoko: .... / I see..// So it’s like that.. // Gokokuji-kun... // As I thought, your thinking is just like a ghost’s.

Kotoko: Geez...// Why can't you be on my side! // ....
Kuro: Hey, Kasu...
Kotoko: Gokokuji, if you have something troubling you, just let me know, okay? // If you get bullied, I’ll protect you!
Kuro: ....
Kotoko: I’m your friend...

Kotoko: (I’m sorry... // ....... / That was childish of me... // That's right... // I don't need an ally. // I’ll just have to read grandpa’s books and learn how to perform the exorcism alone. / I have done everything by myself for long time now... // As a kid I used to cry a lot... / Because of my ability, I was often called a liar or a creep. / Nobody wanted to be friends with me...)

Kotoko: (Even so, // I didn't give up. / I grew stronger. / Whenever I faced an obstacle, a strange power would arise in me. // .. It can't be helped, / people will persecute others for being different. // They cause pain. // They reject you.

Kotoko: ( It's // because they're humans--- )
Kuro: It's so pretty ...

(Next Day - 2:00 AM )
Kotoko: I'll be all right... / I'll definitely win! I can do this! // Show yourself, monster! // ..... // Your'e coming, right?

Kurobo: ...Go... // Go-Go... / ..Go-Gu...
Kotoko: Hey... // you have a good body, don't you..? // But, you see... // Ouch! // I can kill you all by myself!// ...RIN!!

Kotoko: Pyo! // Henbai Spell // Tou! // Cha! // Kai! // Jin! // The repelling spells that I taught myself... // Retsu! // Sai! // Senryu.. // KYAA~

Kotoko: M-my blood..? // Turned into THAT!? (small: No way...) // Henbai is a alternative spell for "UHO". It’s a magic word used by the sorcerers to protect people while traveling // .... // "U" is used to call upon Ryuuja, the god of water. // I did follow the instructions in the book exactly... // This ... is this really the measure of my strength? // AH!?

Kurobo: ..oo..
sfx: dripping // dripping
Kotoko: ..
Kurobo: pururu
Kotoko: Why are you hesitating, Kotoko?! // That is a terrifying beast...//
Kuro: Kasuga-san! // I am sorry...

Kuro: Forgive me
Kotoko: !?

Kotoko: (Why? // Why are you interfering? // Gokokuji-kun...) // Huh? // What? // What’s this...?

Kuro: Got ya!
Kotoko: !?
Kuro: This fella is called Tsuchikorobi. Similar to Tsuchinoko* [snake like creature] / Also know as "Earth Spirit"
Kotoko: ..
Kurobo: go-go-go...
Kuro: Usually they are more like algae – they’re pretty. // They lazily roll around in the mountains, / causing travelers to become bewildered and lose their way. // But they are just lonely.
Kotoko: ( A lonely algae ...?)
Kuro: But it’s weird... // I wonder why / did it come so close to the city? Only mountains are suited for their bodies. // You seem somehow worn out... (small: stress perhaps?)

Kurobo: gururu..
Kuro: ? / Hey, hey! Keep steady! You're badly wounded... Don't be scared anymore!
Kotoko: Oh.. // I remember now...// I— // I know that ghost... / I think... I’m not sure... // ..Long ago...
Kuro: ....
Kotoko: ..In the past... Back then...// ( When I was a child, I got lost... // I wonder why I went to the woods alone // Anxiety... Insecurity...
Kurobo: kiss
Kuro: Tsuchikorobi // Eats the "energy" unseen by the eye

Kuro: Because // anxiety is a negative energy
Kotoko: (Negative...energy?)
Kuro: For heaven’s sake, I told you to be still!!
Kotoko: (..Could it be...)
Kuro: It's your fault Tsuchikorobi, for acting sneakily until it's cause misunderstood!
Kurobo: guga~
Kuro: Since you ate too much your body has turned quite ugly you know!
Kotoko: (Ugly? / Is it because you ate my "negative energy"? )

Kotoko: (Now that you mention it...It’s always been like this // Even when I was teased // driven to tears // I was never even slightly upset // For some reason, I always picked myself up and smiled... // I became strong... / In my own way... // That’s right... / I remember now...
Kuro: owaa~ // Kasugasan! // Please, run! // This fella is excited for some reason!!
Kurobo: fuuuuuuu~
Kuro: It's coming that way...!

Kotoko: You supported me. // You held my back.
Kuro: Kasuga-san!? / Hurry...
Kotoko: It’s okay... // It’s normal...
Kuro: Kasuga...san?
Kotoko: I think I nearly killed this little child... / that’s why... It’s perfectly natural for me to be killed as well...

Kuro: Ka.. // Kasuga-san..? //Shikigami.. //What happened to the water spirit?
Kotoko: Ehh...

Kuro: !! // Damn! It went underground!! // Kasuga-san!!

[Since it failed to kill the enemy, the only way he can disappear is by returning to the person who summoned him. // The summoner]
Kuro: Kasuga...
[will perish.]

Kotoko: (...Why? // What happened...? // Just a little while ago you were so upset and... // Am I mistaken? )

Kotoko: (You protected me...? )
Kurobo: guu..
Kotoko: (Since the very beginning..?) // .. //..W.. // Why?... // Ha...

Kotoko: They say that if you gather many clovers you'll be happy, / that’s why I... // In the hopes of living without being ridiculed
Tsuchi: Found it! // I found it!
Kotoko: The clover I wished for so badly... // Just for this...?

Kotoko: .. Why..? // Huh? Why must it be like this..? // Even though I was so despiteful... // I was the reason for its torture... // Why on earth did it choose to protect me? // Say... why whould a ghost want to protect... // humans... // Sorry... // I am sorry... // .. your death... // I.. I... // I let you die...

Kotoko: (Even though you wanted to be a friend...) // I am so sorry!!! // I am sorry... sorry... // ..Sorry...
Kuro: It...didn’t / really die...

Kuro: you could say it’s been reborn
Kurobo: Chyu chyu chyu
Kotoko: .. // Eh?
Kuro: It seems the little fella scattered into tiny pieces. / Then by connecting some of the pieces, it was revived to this size... // From now on, please use your "Positive Energy" to make it grow bigger.

Kotoko: .. // AH! // Thank you, Gokokuji-kun!
Kuro: I am a Ghost doctor... // Helping ghosts is my job!
Kotoko: (..But)

Kotoko: (You also fixed me...a human. // I also believe that one day I will save this ghostly child // ...and... // From now on // I want to stay close // I’m sure there are many more in this world... // Ghosts who have been hurt... // And the people who notice it... // (Small: Ah, sparrow) // ..

Kuro: ..
Kotoko: Hey, Gokokuji-kun?
Kuro: Yes?
Kotoko: Perhaps... // is there also something I could help out with? // Oh, great / Ghost Doctor!
Kuro: .. Are you sure? // I’m sure. // You won't regret it?

Kotoko: I won’t! // Just like this... // I took my first step into this weird world. // Will I really, // realll~~~~~~~~lly // regret this decision or not? // I'll find out soon...
Kuro: TADAAA!! Nurses uniform! Here you go!♥
Kotoko:.. .. .. .. // Where the hell did you get this from?!
Kuro: No-no! That was a joke... so Tsuchikurobi could grow faster from Kasuga's anger..
Kurobo: chyu-chyu-chyu

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