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Again!! 1

Congradulations on graduation!

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Nov 24, 2011 00:25 | Go to Again!!

-> RTS Page for Again!! 1

For VIscans

I remembered her from 3 years ago. // Perhaps, if at that time I would had said "yes" ... // no... It doesn't mater anymore // It's too late for that now. // After all---- ...

Today, with a death, my life as a high schooler has ended.

Mom: Kin-cha---n, / wake up! // It's the graduation day!! / You'll be embarrased if you're late.
Kin: ........ not going.
Mom: What did you say? / It is the time to go to school. // It's your last day as a High schooler. // Don't you want to properly say goodbye to your teachers and friends? // Write into each-others graduation album... / Perhaps do you have a girl to give your second button to ? // You do, don't you !?
Kin: No I don't!
Mom: You don't ? // You should have someone. // Well then, mom has to go to work today. / Sorry I can't make it to your graduation ceremony. // Eat breakfast before you go! // And put a incense candle for grandma. // I'm off!

Kin: Grandma. // I'll be going.
(phone: 2014 / March 14th ( Friday) 7:21 )

Kin: Chilly..
Mother: Nao-kun is feeling down because Pochi died... / Even the teacher was worried and called home....
Sad: Nao, want to go to school with dad?
Kin: .......

Mother: Who's son is Imamura-san again? / He's always going to school looking like that. //
Nao: Big brother's got snot dripping from his nose...
Mother: Nao is also scared of him. / He looks weird, I bet he's up to no good at school.
Aki: *swish* !! // Ouch...

Kin: .....
Aki: Oh, my / Imamura!!! // Damn'..
Guy: What are you / doing.
Aki: Oh, man that was close!! / I thought he'll kill me!! // I used formal speech to call his name!! Even though we have never even talked before!!
Guy: Hhahahahaa, It's ok. // Imamura just looked at you.
(is that wrong? )
Aki: Well it might be like that but, I totally can't tell what he is thinking.
(He isn't a Yankee so why is he waring clothes like that? )
Aki: After all the three years he never made even a single friend. // Wasn't he in Tokyo until junior high school? He probably doesn't even know anyone in the neighbourhood. // I don't think he has even talked to a girl even once. Plus, everyone's avoiding him. // But he comes to school anyways!!

Girl: ( Oh you hahahaha... // oh.. ) // ........... // e-.......// .... isn't?
Teacher: Imamura!

Kin: ........ // Kitajima-sensei
Teacher: Are you going to attend class looking like that today? Your hair's a mess! // You're such a trouble.
Kin: What the fuck's wrong with it?
Teacher: A lot of the parents will come today, // Try to be polite~~~
Kin: ........

Kin: Am I ok, now?
Teacher: Oh! / I think it looks much better than before!! // Imamura was so tiny when coming to this school. You have grown a lot- / Its such a shame you never entered any clubs. // Were there no clubs that would interest you?
Kin: Not that. // I just / didn't really feel like joining any.
Teacher: I see, I see- // You have done well for these 3 years. // Congratulations on graduation.

Students: I can't believe it is already graduation day. // So sleepy... // The final semester has ended.. // This feels so unreal.... // I should had confessed to Nojima-kun- .... Massive regrets... // Third year class C // I'll go ask for the button later, I hope I can make it on time!! // He's a junior from football club, but he suddenly stopped coming. // Third year Class D // Humph, couldn't help it, the seniors sucked!! // Arota Masahiro. // Aaaaaa- / In the end I couldn't get a girlfriend. // yes // Imamura Kinichiro

Kin: .... yes.
Students: you know the blonde, Kinichiro ?... / He wasn't really a straightforward man... // He slept a lot. // Do you know what Imamura will do after graduation? // He didn't apply to any universities, right? // I heard from the teachers, / that he doesn't have a job either. // No way! // I wonder what he wants to do then. // All this schools graduates have already decided what they want to pursue, / he's the black sheep. // Well he doesn't even have friends, so who cares. // Thats so mean ! LOL

Student: Get down now!
Kin: mh.......

(singing of the school anthem)
Kin: 3 years ago on the entrance ceremony, // That person sang this same song on the pedestal, // with a shockingly loud voice.

Kin: ( I can't remember what her face looked like.. )
Girls: Lets take a group picture--- // Me too--- // No----
Kin: I am sure it was .. / The Cheer Club... // ( Or school had a Cheer Club on the first year. // But I have seen them only on the entrance ceremony. )

Kin: (There are rumours that, / during our school years there were no new members / so it was closed down. // Their room should be still in the old school building. / Because I have no friends or acquaintances to ask from, I have no idea if it is still the same. )
[Sign: People not allowed]
Kin: ah, // It's open.

Kin: There are many clubs here..
[Photo club]
[Standing committee]
Kin: um...
[Cheer Club]
Kin: Thats it! // Fuck, / It's closed... // ........ ............

Kin: gh.. // .......... // (Just this last time, // I want to see it again)
Sfx /Sfx... // Sfx // Sfx //
Kin: ohh....
Aki: Hiro-kun, / what are you doing?

Aki: Wha-..? // !? // You're the // one from the morning..... // I .. /I didn't see anything ... // I was just meeting up with my boyfriend here... / Look.. I thought no one's here... um... // I won't tell anyone, so...
Kin: Hold on, / you're mistaken! (small: Um .. I'm just... )

Aki: A criminaaaaaaalllllll
Kin: Hey hold on! // Don't run away
AKi: Kya
Kin: Just wait a minute!

Aki: Kyah!
Kin: Hey... / did you fall? // crap... are you OK? // Can you stand up? Do you hear me? // Hey you! // Answer me!


Kin: Hey... // !?

Kin: ( Oh man... )

Kin: ( This sucks, I suppose, // This proves that nothing good can come from me mendling with other people. // Fuck.... )
Boy: Its all because of you that our team lost! // It's always like this-- // I told you to skip school, didn't I ? / Why the hell are you still doing here? // Things always turn for the worst when Imamura's around. // Don't take it to heart, it's not your fault. // Because of you, ...)
Kin: Everyone...

Kin: ( I am so sorry everyone.)
Mom:.....-chan // Kin-chan, wake up~ // You'll be late for school
Kin: What the'

Mim: Hey, / Hurry up with the breakfast already.// Sorry, it's only yesterdays curry.
Kin: We didn't have curry yesterday. // ( Is this a dream? )
Mom: Oh, / grandma, I'll put some miso soup here for you. // What do you want for the side-dish?
Kin: Grandma? // Huh?
Granny: ?
Kin: You're really here? Oh man I was shocked!
Mom: Kin-chan are you still sleeping?
Kin: Mom, / did you gain weight? ( Small: And your hair...)
Mom: How rude! / For your information lately I have lost some weight. // I definitely did not gain weight! // Enough of that, finish your breakfast and get going to school.
Kin sfx / sfx // Huh? / Why do I have to go to school.

Mom: Because it is the entrance ceremony and you'll sure be embarrassed if you're late!!
Kin: Ummm... / what? // Exactly, / when did I cut my hair? // ......... // ........ .........
Granny: Should granny also come to the entrance ceremony?
// Won't you get a little lonely all by yourself.
Mom: Stop that granny, Kin-chan is a high school student already!!
Granny: Oh? / is that so ?
Kin: Mobile... / Mobile... // It is a dream.. or ...

[ 2011, &th April ( Wed)
Kin: ( Back to 3 years ago...? ) // Hoo, before the convenient store was built...
Mom: I'll be good for daddy to walk Pochi, // He should go on diet~ // right?
Nao: Yeah, daddy is a fatty
dad: ugh... // Hussh // Pochi!
Kin: Rather than a dream, // It feels like I am inside my memories of 3 years ago----

[Entrance ceremony]
Kin: hmm... to think I'll be coming back to this place... We'll its a dream so...
Girls: Who is that? // I have no idea // Did you see him in junior high school? // He's scary....
Kin: humph, ... so it's the same / as back then... // Well definitely... / when at the school gates....
Teacher: Wow!
Kin: I'll be pulled aside by Kitashima.

Teacher: Whats our name, / punk?
Kin: Imamura.
Teacher: Our school regulations are strict about students appearance, you know. / I hope I don't have to hear any complaints form the parents. // About that bleached hair!
Kin: ( Oh right, yes.) // Three years ago I thought he got angry so I chickened out. // I ... // 'the fuck? // whats wrong with it?
[obviously trying to look cool]
[3 years ago]
Kin: um..... // Oh, but it should be OK, (small: This is just my style, not a statement. )// I'm not a yankee, I have no plans to apply to office work, I don't have a violent nature. Just take it easy.

Teacher: Oh! I see, I see // Got ya' // I'm the guidance councillor Kitashima. // Pleased to meet you! // ( Good morning // Whats that? On the bag.)
Girl: I'm sorry!
Kin: He's not really a strict teacher... As I found out later on. // ( Everyone in this school is ordinary and serious. // I was avoided ever since the entrance ceremony. // That continued for the whole 3 years. // The whole time. )
Guy: Isn't that girl cute! // Is there someone hot in our class?
Kin: ........ .......

Kin: Suzuki, part of the baseball club, he injured his shoulder right in the beginning though. And he never got a girlfriend. // Satou, she was the best and most serious during school. She got rejected by her university tutor and failed the entrance exam. // And.. um ... I have forgot her name, but she will gain 15 kg. How terrible. // His house will burn down. // This guy's .. um ... // Such high expectations of the newly starting school life, or am I just hoping. // Thats never going to happen , you idiot. // kyuu // If this is a dream then I want to wake up quick. // ( I have absolutely no good memories of this place.)
?: Now we'll sing the schools anthem.

?: Next up, / the Cheer Club will greet all our new students.
Kin: Thats right, // I can meet her, // again.

?: Huh? ... / Is that a girl? // What is that!?

?: what a voice... // I didn't know this school had Cheer Club ... // Why is a girl in the Cheer Club? // Wow... / look how pitiful... // Yeah! // Like watching someone commit a harakiri. // It looks horrible. // There are no such things as Cheer Club anymore!
Kin: 3 years ago, / I also thought like that. // Singing a song, that no one takes seriously , // on the podium with a loud voice, looking like an ass.

Kin: (No one needs such a cheer on. // I couldn't understand why is she trying so hard for something no one gives a fuck of?)

Kin: (She was the last, // of the Cheer Club. )

?: Football club! // So what do you think? / everyone gets along really well in our club.

Kin: If I could return to that moment 3 years ago. // If she'd only talk to me once again ... // I have something, / I always wanted to ask.

Kin: .........
?: Your head looks like it belongs to the Cheer Club. // Would you join us?
Kin: (Its the exact same as 3 years ago!!! )
?: Your head looks like it belongs to the Cheer Club. // Would you join us?
Kin: (Back then , )// Um ... // ( I was shocked and ran away... )

Kin: ( But actually ... ) // .... // Cheer Club... / Is it fun?

?: !? // But of course it is! // So then you'll join ? / A man can't fall back on his words!
Kin: um... // I didn't mean it like that...
?: One person for the Cheer Club confirmed!!!
?: Hey, hey, / are you really ok with this? // Now is your only chance to think it over ! // Is this for real? (small: wow)
Kin: ? // !?
?: Is he serious.... ? // Someone stop this...

Kin: Omg! ... calm down, calm down. // This is just a dream ..... !! // .. Now that I think about it.. I can't open my eyes...
Aki: ...... // ... ra / Imamura
Kin: huh?
Aki: Hey, ... / Imamura!!
Kin: This voice... // Who is it?
Aki: Imamura, you!!

Aki: Aren't you forgetting... / you pushed me down the stairs...
Kin: Uwaaaaaa / You are alive!! // I mean, I didn't push you down!! / You fell down on your own .... // Uh,... // Um .. !? // Wasn't it a dream that you fell down the stairs.. ?
Aki: It obviously not! / I'm sure I died!! ( It really hurt falling down the stairs you know!! )
Kin: ( Wait... // This isn't a dream.)

Kin: Why is this happening ?
Aki: Its all your fault! / Because of you I returned to 3 years ago!!
Kin: (Its my fault... // 3 years ago!? ) // No no no no no no no // This also, / got to be a dream ...
Aki: I can't wake up ! // You idiot, idiot!

?: Hold on. / If you're picking a fight with my newest member then please let it go through me.
Aki: Huh? Who are you?
?: Me? // Oh yeah, I still haven't introduced myself. // Kabosu Minami's Cheer Club captain, / Usami Yoshiko. // And how is the new members name and class?

Kin: ( had no friends, no clubs, I had nothing. // That was my life... )// .... Imamura Kinichiro.// Class 1C. // ( Is it going to happen Again!? )

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