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Again!! 2

Aki's story

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Dec 11, 2011 22:33 | Go to Again!!

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(sign: Saitama prefecture Kobosu Minami High-school graduation ceremony)
Girls: Come on / Aki, don't cry--
Aki: Its just that --
Desc: 2014 14th March
Aki: I can't believe it is graduation day already // I wish we could be together forever!!!
Girls: Aki-senpai!!! / After the graduation, please come visit the Tennis club, ok! // I love you so much Aki-senpai! // Senpai // Ya-n
Aki: Yuna, RumiRumi, Helena // I love you too, take care of the Tennis club for me
Phone: *sfx: Bububububu...*
Aki: Oh...
Phone: *sfx: pakah-*

from: Hiro
Title: Lets meet up
Content: Wait me at the west building.
Aki: Hiro-kun... // ( It has been a long run, but my high-school life is coming to an end today.) // Meeting at such a deserted place ... / it makes me anxious ♡ // *sfx: steps* // Huh... he's already here? // ? // Hiro-kun // What are you doing?

Kin: You're... / from this morning...
Aki: !? // Imamura!? // (what is our schools unstable bleached pessimist / doing here...? Breaking into an abandoned classroom...
Kin: Fucking school! // Burn to the ground // you pice of shit! // Take this!
Aki: ......... // He's trashing it---
Kin: Hey you there!

Aki: ehhh!? // Ouch.... // It hurts like hell. This is seriously bad. // ... make it stop.

Aki: I don't want to die! // ..... / huh? // A dream?

Aki: ( I had a scary dream but... I can't really remember what was it was though... )
Mom: Aki- / Wake up! / Breakfast is ready-
Aki: mmm... / I'll take a shower first.. // ( Still, / can't remember... )
Mom: !? // Whats wrong? / Aki!?
Aki: ....... ........

Aki: My breasts are smaller!? // Why?
Mom: Have you lost weight? / In that case I'll take you to the vanity hospital- // ( If you'll open the door that is) // Don't forget to eat your breakfast. // I'll see you/ at the entrance ceremony-
Aki: !? / Did you say something? Mama? // Ah.... // (hmm... when did I get a haircut... // Ummmm.... / I got to go to school... // What day is it?
Calendar: 2011/ april Friday

Aki: Geez / why did mama hang up 3 years old calendar for? // oh? .. / the scrunchy from last time is missing... And it was my favourite~~ // hooh.. / look at the time... // I'll be late to meat up with Hiro-kun this morning!!! // He's still waiting / Hiro-kuu-n // ( what... // The girl waiting with Hiro-kun... )

Aki: Isn't that Hiro-kun's ex-girlfriend? // I know they dated in middle school but, they broke up on the first year of high-school... // Why all of a sudden?
?: Who's she?
Hiro: How should I know. / Lets go.
?: Uh-uh.
Aki: What the' ? // What is this? // After being so exited that we got accepted into Tokyo university together. // How cruel // ( Wait? ) // I ... // did graduate... // right..?

Aki: I do remember attending / the graduation though.
?: Good morning / Aki! // We were together in middle school! How lucky, we're in the same class again! // Aki, what club will you enter? // Finally getting into a good school, got to make the best of this!
Sight: 0,6 (contacts)
Sight: 1,5 (naked eye)
Aki: Still...
<-3 years ago
Aki: Why did both my body and time return to the state of 3 years ago?

Teacher: Hanai Yukiko?
Yukiko: Here!
Teacher: Hirata Ayano?
Ayano: Yes!
Teacher: Fujieda Akira?
Aki: (What the hell) // Heeere! // (I'll tackle the high school life Again!! with ease) // The first year of high-school is super easy / I can have so much free time!!
Students: ( Amazing! He did it again-!! / How does she know it all-?
Aki: Maybe I'll become known for knoeing the future...? // Soon, Hiro-kun will also break up with that ex-girlfriend / And fall hopelessly in love with me ! / I can't wait to go on dates already! // I'll go look for Hiro-kun!!

?: Hey, Aki! / I brought the cd you wanted to borrow.
Aki: oh?
?: How cool, you also like them!! / Cara Mana is super good.
Aki: Ah! / Cara Mana will brake up soon. I was so devastated- // Though when you listen to the songs they all sound the same / Ahahahhahaha Its been a while listening to them. How nostalgic! // Um.. / Sorry, sorry! Yeah, I love them! // Thanks! // Oh! (small: I have to hurry) // Well see ya' then !!
girls: ......... ........ // (small: What was that all about? / she said so mean things! )
Aki: ( The first year of High-school was a fun, filled with lots of laughter with friends.)

Aki: ( I am sure, I can have a amazing high-school life again!! ) // Hiro-kun!
Hiro: What is it.. ?
Aki: Hey, / lets go back from school together!! // And lets have a tea on the way!!
Hiro: ... what? I seriously hate it, // Calling me Hiro-kun out of the blue. // Who the hell are you?
Aki: Fujieda Akira!! // We'll become really good friends!
Hiro: You got to be... // Are you... mentally ok?
Aki: I'm fine! // I have heard it many times but you'll get used to it! // Soon you'll find out my charms!

Hiro: I really hate people like you. // Don't you dare to talk to me ever again.
Students: What is she doing? ... // That looks messy... // wow...
Aki: ( Why do I ... / have to be so embarrassed? )

Usami: First new recruit confirmed!!!
Students: Looks like the Cheer club caught someone! // You got to be kidding me!?
Aki: ( That bleached hair.... // no doubt... // Imamura. )// How dare you push me down the stairs!!!
Kin: !?

Kin: Fucking hell! You're alive!!
Aki: Why did you do it!? / Its all your fault I went 3 years back in time!!// ha.. // ... but // Imamura, .. / you also came back..? // ( Small: Now that I look at it... his face isn't that evil...
Kin: Nonononononono // Isn't this a dream...?
Aki: Geez... // If I could, I'd wake up you idiot idiot idiot!
Usami: Hey! // If you're picking a fight with my new recruit then let it go through me.

Usami: What's your name and class, newbie?
Kin: Imamura Kinichiro ... // 1-C..
Aki: Aren't you the cheeky one! Why the hell are you the only one going through high-school again having all the fun!? // You didn't even have one gad damn friend! / Imamura, you're being entirely unfair!
Usami: Imamura, / Is she your friend?
Aki/Kin: We're not friends!!

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