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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mushibugyo 14

Record of Mushibugyo

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Dec 13, 2011 22:08 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Kyouhou 16th year --- Edo *year 1732*

Men: .... oh my, its another corpse... // It's the third day in row by now. // Hey, you! stay back.

Sono: Ghh, / l-let me through! // Excuse me! This is the Kawaraban*[a newspaper in Tokugava period] , / Please give some information for the news!
Men: Nanda, isn't this Sono from Sakichi's Kawaraban agency!? // I though they fired her already, since she is so slow.
Sono: Hmph, Stop that. // One day I'll catch the big news, // I'll become better than any of you!
men: Ambitious as always, I see. // None the less, seems like this time, we, the Kawaraban, won't get a turn!
Sono: huh?

Kotori: This corpse also, seems like the mouth and eyes were ate out. // There is no doubt. // This is the doing of a "bug".
Sono: !?
Kotori: This incident is caused by the "bug" !! / From now on this is a matter of the city patrol...

Kotori: Its a task for Mushibugyo-shyo!!!
Sono: ( .....S- Special forces created for bug termination... ) // Mushibugyo-shyo.... !?
Men: Just as always. / Oh, well, we are forbidden from reporting any of the bug related incidents. (*sfx sigh*)// That's true! Just that, our stories never seem to be serious. // Well its enough if we just write about gossip instead! // Last time, the merchant's adultery uproar was seriously unbelievable!

Sakichi's Kawaraban
Sakichi: ...............! It's boring! // It's boring! // All of these are boring! // What the fuck is up with you! // Can't you bring up some news that would actually interest Edo and your fellow men!!?
Sono: Thats why I'm telling you, Sakira-chief! // Please let me investigate the bug incident!!
Men: .......... // hey... // ...just now, the Sono fella... // the bugs...

men: What's that, how about say something the lowest of low can actually accomplish!!! // You can't even pour out tea, without boring us!
Sakichi: Aren't you crossing the line a bit, Sono!
Sono: Chief!?
Sakaichi: You have no god damn idea how scary the bugs are! / You'll wet your yourself!
Sono: .......!!
Men: Thats right, Sono, you just do the domestic work! // Um, how about becoming my bride instead?
Sono: ( ........ Damn it. I came to work for the Kawaraban because I thought they'd value me as a woman and let me do big jobs... // Not boss me around to serve them...!! )

Sono: ( If this is the case, I'll catch the bugs making all this ruckus in Edo all by myself, // I'll make them approve me...!! ) // ........ / this is the Mushibugyo-shyo! // ( ... I don't think they're likely to help out the Kawaraban but, / when you think of the bugs, this is the place to come. // All the members here are well known for their bad temper... // I can do this! ) // Um... // Excuse me~
Jinbee: Oh! / Your timing is excellent! // Eh?

Jinbee: I am so sorry to bother you but, // could you perhaps untie me?
Sono: ...... Caterpillar !?

Jinbee: Oh, thank you so much for saving me ! // I have just recently came to Edo, / I'm the Mushibugyo-shyo member, Tsukishima Jinbee!
Sono: ( eh? This is a member of the Mushibugyo-shyo? ...) // Not what I imagined... // Why were you all tied up just now? // (....... / could it be... // That the other members are teaming up against... // Jinbee-san ? (small: Found it, the scoop! ) )

Jinbee:To be honest, I was thinking of that mission we had where I was caught in a spider web. I thought I should practice escaping the trap, but it didn't really work!
Sono: On your own!?
Jinbee: Another time I was thinking of wrestling a rhinoceros beetle's horn...
Sono: huh? a horn? ?
Jinbee: Plus, In order to be helpful while facing a Pond skater, I tried to practice running on water. But none of it was as successful as I imagined.
Sono: ... what's wrong with this person?
Jinbee: I used to be really shallow when coming to Edo, / I caused a lot of eyesore to my senior members and made them upset. // I was lacking, // So not to be in others way I need to become stronger.

Jinbee: .... I have to improve my own powers, // until I'll be able to pull my own weight, // My goal is to become a great samurai, // Who will lose to no one!
Sono: ( Somehow.. / I can completely relate ...!! )
Jinbee: ... eh?
Sono: ... uh, you're just like me...!

Sono: I get it!
Jinbee: ? / ?
Men: .... ! No--- I lost again!! // Ok, here we go again ! Bluff! // I got a rabbit! // That means a half! // Hmph, I'll go take a piss. // hmm?

Men: !!!
Jinbee: Seems like there are no bugs around this area. / How about we'll patrol that side next, Sono-dono!
Sono: Yeah, Tsukishima.san! // ... fufu. // ( Seems like my luck is finally turning. )

Sono: ( To think that the Mushibugyo-shyo's new recruit Tsukishima-sama will personally help me out! )
Jinbee: What was that!? // Sono-dono will become the greatest journalist, / by reporting a bug scoop on the life taking bugs!? // What a spirit!! // If it isn't much of a trouble, with this patrol, I'd like to help you out on that matter!
Sono: ( This way the scoop will be all mine! // ... The chief, the members - they dared to make me look like an utter fool... (photo: Check this out! // [scoop] // Wow! ) // I can already imagine everyone's envy.... ) // Tsukishima-san, himself is a little bit weird and helpless looking though --- ♡ // (photo: Gu-gu ... // Its marvellous...) // ( OK! )
Jinbee: Sono-dono.

Jinbee: .........!! // Trouble!? // It'll be dangerous so Sono-dono should wait here!
Sono: Ye-es. // ............ thehe♡ // As if. // There is no such place as too dangerous for reporter! / This way should be the shortcut! // (Finally, // a chance to get the scoop. // I can't miss it ! )

Sono: ..... B-bug.... !!!

Sono: ( Oh my, // This is the turning point! )// I got to capture this quick ... // ( I did it! This is the big stuff!) // I have to quickly take it back to chief... !!
Bug: !!

Sono: !!! // eh..!? // Kyaaa!? // .......!! // ... Wai... let go... // !!!!
Bug: .... gha.....
Sono: re..... ?

Sono: eeeeeeeek!!! // Stop it! // Let go ....!! // !! // eek....

Sono: Noooooooooooooo!!!!

Bug: Biiiiii !!!
Jinbee: ... forgive me Sono-dono. // Seems like I'm a county boy after all, I made a wrong turn. // Also, please stand back... // From here on... // it's the Mushibugyo-shyo's // domain.

Sono: ( .......!! // T-tsukishima-san.... !?
Jinbee: Huh!?
Sono: eh?
Sono/Jinbee: !!!

[the fly]
The fly is a bug who can, if needed during an emergency, change sharply is course while flying at full speed. // The fly mainly feeds on flower nectar. But in order to keep alive it may also feed on dead flesh or excrements. In addition it may find nourishment from human tears and saliva.
Sono: No way... // that many....!? // !!?

Jinbee: ...Please don't panic. // I will definitely protect Sono-dono and everyone else in Edo.

Jinbee: Bug's extermination is my job afterall!
Sono: (His... // job.... ) // .............. ................... !!

Sono: ( ....Idiot! Idiot, Idiot, I'm an idiot...! // Even when Tsukishima-san is doing all in his power, I can't be the only one falling apart...! // .... He's the member of the Mushibugyo-shyo, / with a mission to exterminate. // ... I am a reporter, // also on a mission----- )

Sono: ( And that is, // to spread the word! // It has nothing to do with who is on the bottom, // or who wets their pants! // I just want, // everyone to know. // The purpose of Mushibugyo-shyo.... // ... also, // about this person......... )

Sono: ( how incredibly awesome he is, / Tsukishima Jinbee!!!
Jinbee: Joujuu Senjin*!!! [Constant battlefield]
Sono: ( .... I will pass this on, // to everyone!!

Hibachi: ....... // Haaaa, The newbie seems to have arrived first... // Then.

[1 month later]
Men: Sakira-chief! Todays Kawaraban has already sold out! // My side also sold out in an instant. // Thanks to the serial feature Sono came up with, the sales have grown out of the roof!
Sakira: ....... /// ..... hmph, // So finally she revealed the secrets....
Men: Hey Yomiuri! Quick start selling the Kawaraban!!
Sono: Yes! // Yes!
Men: Thats it! / We have been waiting for the story all morning !
Sono: ........
Men: I'll also take one. // I'll take it too! // Hey, hurry up now!
Sono: Mmmmm...... !
Men: Give it us to read!

Sono: Take it you thieves!!!
Mushibugyo - The end.

The end.

Starting from the 6th volume of 2011 in the "Weekly Shounen Sunday"
Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo
Seriest start!!!

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