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Again!! 3

Mega Strong invitation!

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Jan 4, 2012 21:08 | Go to Again!!

-> RTS Page for Again!! 3

For VIscans

Kin: Maybe it is just a dream that you fell down... ?
Aki: As if! / I thought I'll die!!! // Why don't you get it? / It is all your fault that I went back in time 3 years!!
Kin: No-no-no-no-no-no / This is also just a dream...
AKi: I Wish I could wake up! You idiot, idiot, idiot!
Students: What is going on... / I don't get what the two new freshmen are talking about. // Who's that blonde? He looks scary... / A Yankee ? // Oh such a cute girl has been crying this whole time, what happened? // Aa, / I have been watching the whole thing ... // Seems like the Cheer club forcefully recruited someone. // Oh wow.. // how sad~~
Kin: huh..?
Title: Mega Strong invitation!

Usami: What, // was that?
Aki: Kyaaa
Students: Crap, // She's coming.
Usami: If you have something to say then say it.

Students: ...... // I was just being polite, // frankly the Cheer club is annoying. // All the other clubs agree on this. // Specially the Cheer club leader Usami.
?: ( what...?
Students: No one actually asked you to cheer them on in the first place. / None of the other schools have cheers yelled to them during matches like us. // It's embarrassing. // Do you have any idea what other schools are talking about us?
Kin: Wow-- // ( They shouldn't had gone that far... )

Usami: Absurd
Others: !?
Usami: Even if you hate it I'll follow you till the end of the earth! // Until we win!! // What a nonsense, saying I'm the reason to bring your enthusiasm down!

Usami: Keep that in mind // You money-waisting sports club!!
sfx: silence
Kin/Aki: .... .....
Usami: Lets go new recruits
Kin: Yes
Aki: um, // hold on... / why should I come...
Kin: I can't go alone!
Usami: Lets get back to the classroom
??!! [TN: Can't read the characters]
?: Hey, / It would be better not to get involved with the Cheer club!

Usami: Cheer club room is this way. // The old school building has become sort of the centre of clubs. // Also known as the west building.
Kin: ....
Usami: What is it?
Kin: [This is the place, ] // Nothing....

Kin: [After falling down here the two of us went back in time 3 years.]
Aki: I've had it.. / Can't we go back to 3 years from now?
Kin: How should I know
*sfx* [tears]
Kin: Want to fall down again and see for yourself?
Aki: No!
Usami: Hurry up, to the second floor!
Kin: [After restarting my student life It didn't cross my mind even once that, // I have never been to a club before.... ] // Japanese drum..
Usami: I'm sorry there aren't that many members at the moment, / come on in!!
Aki/Kin: huh....

Usami: When entering the room you must say "Excuse me, Sir!"
Kin/AKi: eh?!
Kin: .. Excuse me... // .. Sir~
Aki: .... sir~
Usami: Louder!
Kin: Ex..cuss me / SIR!...
Usami: Louder! Release your voice from the inside!
Kin: SIR!!
Usami: And why can't I hear you? / Even if you're female the same rules apply!
Aki: Eeeeeh? I'm not really planning to enter the cheer club ...
Usami: No excuses! // Senpai*'s orders are absolute. [TN: Senpai- senior]

Aki: Aren't you thinking too much of yourself!? / You know, I am actually 18 years old, // One more month and I'll turn 19.
Usami: .....?
Aki: you're the one who's younger so stop being rude!!
Kitashima: Usami! / You have a new recruit!? // Even two!?
Kin: huh...
Usami: Kitashima-sensei!!
Kin: [ Was Kitashima-sensei really the advisor for the Cheer club... ?]
Kitashima: Oh! Aren't you the blonde from this morning!? / Are you joining the Cheer club? It'll be all right!! // Well then lets go in!

Aki: I / 'm going back, I will not join the cheer club
Kin: Hey, / hold on.
Kitashima: ....
Kin: .... // !?

Kitashima: Oh!
Usami: Imamura! // Lets cheer together! // Come back!
Kin: [ Its still the same world that hasn't changed a bit / with or without me in it. ]

Mom: Kin-chan! welcome back home! // How was school? Did you make any friends?
Kin: Um... yeah....
Mom: How nice! You can always bring them along, // since we just moved here I was so worried ~
Grandma: Did you join any clubs?
Kin: Nah, / didn't join any. // I'll try look for a part time job instead. // [It'd be troublesome if I'd join the cheer club, / but... If I won't join now...

Kin: [ They'll close it down -- ...]
Mom: Kin-chan! / Wake up!
Kin: [ As I guessed, / this world isn't a dream after all. // Get up in the morning, // Go to school, // every day without talking to a single person.]
Student: Lets have lunch together!

Kin: What's that... / There were this many cheerers before I entered the school? // Something must had happened.. // [3 years ago she was a distant senpai standing on the stage, // Now she's younger than I ]// Maturity wise... // [ Ever since this year there was no one to enter the cheer club, right / and so it will be closed. // I wanted to see more of them though.. ] // .... / Perhaps I could...

Kin: [Perhaps I could... ]
[Sign: Cheer club]
*sfx: munch munch *

*sfx: don don don don*
Usami: !? // Who's there! / Who's banging the drum without permission!? // wow... was that a cheer? // ..... / Imamura...? // You came back? // Did you like the idea of running the cheer club with me!? Thank you!!
Kin: um .... // Rather to say lets work on it together, / I don't want to be the only one working hard...

Kin: Lets try once again, // To have many members cheering!

Usami: How dare you face your senpai with such a manner of speech ---!? //
Kin: Excuse... me...
Usami: Didn't I tell you to reply with "Sir!"
Kin: S..Sir
USami: I can't hear you
Kin: SIR
Usami: We'll start with the vocal exercises,
*sfx* Sir... Sir..
Aki: huh?.. // Whats that? // There's a weird sound coming... / Scary--
*sfx* Sir... Sir.. Sir... Not even close! 100 times more!
Aki: Why are all the class girls ignoring me-- // Even Imamura isn't around lately...

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#1. by CC XX ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2012
Thank you~

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