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Again!! 4

We need you!

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Jan 6, 2012 23:25 | Go to Again!!

-> RTS Page for Again!! 4

For VIscans

Title: we need you!

Kin: 47 // 48 // 49 / 50 !!
Usami: Ok // For now I'll forgive you for this much. / The actual practice for the Cheer club is way worse than this.
Kin: ...... ......
Usami: Get in. // And don't forget the greeting.

Kin: Why must I do this... // Excuse me! // Sir!
Usami: Allright
Kin: gh, // Trying to be a big shot.... // I can't see you wearing the pants!! (small: am I your dog!? )

Usami: I'll forgive you for running away yesterday, / because you came back.
Kin: wow... // [ She's really stuck to the old traditions... ]
Usami: We the Kobosu Minami High-school's cheer club holds the oldest history in our prefecture.

Usami: Do you understand!? / From now on you should always feel the strong bound between the history and yourself. / You should never embarrass he school or the Cheer club.
Kin: [ Once she shuts up she is pretty cute. Why would she had joined the Cheer club in the first place?]
Usami: Yo! Imamura! / Are you even listening to me?
Kin: Oh, yea-yeah
Usami: I told you, you must reply with "Sir!" !! // Say the words clearly. / And move with energy! // Rise with glory! / Release the power behind "Sir!" !! // Do you understand!! / Reply!!
Kin: .....

Usami: What is the reason that made you join the Cheer club!?
Kin: Um. // There isn't one. // None.
Usami: What .... ?
Kin: frankly, haw many members are there currently?
Usami: Don't just sit down when ever you please!! / It's a common rule not to sit down before you get the permission from your senpai!!
Kin: Could it be, that it is just you Hatamochi? / Are there not even some supporters .... ?
Usami: .......  There is the flag-bearer Miyamoto but he is temporarily in the judo club... // But the only official member is me...

Kin: Cut the crap, / there's seriously only you!? // I know you said the club is rather small but this is more like no level at all. // But in the Club activity report in the corridor. It had quite many members listed for last year. / Did something happen? // Why is there only you?
Usami: .... // tsk, a freshmen does not need to know that!! // Whats with this attitude!?
Kin: aaaaa~ / never mind. // I'm not trying to embarrass you.. // If this keeps on and no one will join the club, / I'm just thinking of the worst case scenario, they could close the club down~ that'd be such a waiste. // So I was just thinking if I'd change the order of Cheer club a little bit. More people would join. // Thats why...

Kin: If we act right now, then / we still might be able to change the future. // I really would like to see more of the leader cheering.
Usami: ....... ........ // First of all / Fix that mouth. // Imamura.

Kin: [ O... ]
Sign: Cheering
Kin: Sir!! // [ She's not cute at all.. ]
Aki: oh, // Its Imamura! // Hey~ Imamura // I was looking for you! Where have you been? // [Disgusting... ] // Huh? / So you're still joining the Cheer club after all!? // Just because the leader is cute? Imamura // You have never even been a member, will you be all right?
Kin: No-no / It's not like I really want to take over the club-

Kin: Just that, as we came back to 3 years ago, / don't you want to see something actually change? // It's boring as hell to have the same days over and over again.
Aki: But what can you do about the cheer club?
Kin: hmmm, I have been thinking of all kinds of stuff ~
Poster: Recruiting members
Kin: The leaders face is rather cute, right / If we'd sell her more as an idol won't then people join? / Also instead of the Gakuran* she'd look much better in a cheerleaders uniform. // ...... [TN: Gakuran: Japanese male school uniform with standup collar and loose trousers.]
Aki: ah... but... cheerleaders...
Kin: Ok!! / I'm going for the mission "Idol"
Aki: !?

Posters: recruiting members
Students: What is this? / The cheer club? // Oh! Its that female leader! // Oh, / the real thing is coming !! // The uniform looks more like a cosplay (lol)
Usami: ?

Usami: Kitashima-sensei what is this!? This poster!!
Kitashima: Oh! Usami! // About that poster, you tore it off? What a waste-- // During the recess Imamura came and said that he wants to make a poster with Usami's photo.
Usami: huh // Huh
Kitashima: It was amazing, he just came and bam bam the poster was finished, His skills are no joke!!
Usami: Imamura...?
Kitasima: well I think it is really cute poster---
Usami: .....

Aki: So tired~~~ // The glue ran out~~ // Since it is just a rough, it looks a little unpolished though.
Kin: O-- Thanks / Since it's only on for a little time it'll do fine. // Wasn't it fun 3 years ago to hear the return of the literature club in our homeroom? The whole building was full of their voices // Probably the reason there is just the two of us left is that everyone is afraid of the coarse pushy leader. // Fujieda, you have lots of friends right? / Could you invite some of them to the Cheer club?
Aki: Oh... / thats right...
Usami: Imamura
Kin: Leader

Usami: this.. // what were you thinking?
Kin: It came out well didn't it!! // The current poster was just too ugly for the eye, it wasn't working. // Plus the current / hard drilling and exams are not appealing to anyone. // We don't even have a strong gymnastics club to begin with, we can't even make it to the baseball finals. // With just the leader trying her hardest, nothing will change.

Kin: Thats why I decided to change the image to more cheerful, and show off our female leader, this way surely many will join. // oh, // Instead of the Gakuran, / how about change the uniform into cheerleaders one? // That'l definitely benefit...

Kin: huh....
Usami: thats enough // Don't ever come back to the clubroom.

Aki: aaaa...
Kin: Did I say something wrong? ...
Aki: Wow, you seriously don't hear yourself? // Well, You have always been talking like that. // Have you thought that maybe it is just natural for the Cheer club to disappear? // Do you remember what happened to our school's gymnastics clubs cheering // after the cheer club closed down?
Abe: Usami-san, // Are you taking the posters down? What a pity~

Abe: So, Did you finally get enough members to have a group practice?
Usami: Abe-san...
Aki: The cheerleaders took it over
Kin: !?

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