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Again!! 5

Cheerleaders, the big cannons.

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Jan 31, 2012 18:45 | Go to Again!!

-> RTS Page for Again!! 5

For VIscans

Cheerleaders, the big cannons.

Abe: I have said it all along, // Usami-san is pretty, I am sure many boys will join you. // I knew you had come to your senses after I saw the new poster. / It is pretty good.
Usami: It was made by a freshmen without permission....
Abe: oh! / How cool, you got new members! // Male? Female?
Usami: M...Male
Abe: for real.... !? // Are you ok with it? // He won't quit right away again will he?
Usami: ....um

Abe: I'm not trying to say anything bad, / Its just that I'd really like to cheer on together with the cheer club, you know! // If you have something troubling you feel free to come to me. / We have lots of members after all. // Well then, / See you in a week at the united cheering practice~ ♡ // Oh and don't worry if you don't get the right number of members, It'll be fine~ // We can do it even if in the end, during the match, it'll be just the Cheerleaders club allone.

Sign: Cheer club
Kin: Leader--- // I know you're there Leader-- / I am sorry for earlier--
Aki: Oh wow, he really is thick headed.
Kin: Open up, please!

Kin: I heard about the Cheerleaders--- // That sometimes when there are not enough Cheerers the cheerleaders will take over. // I am sorry I asked you to wear the cheerleaders uniform---
Door: *wah* (opens)
Usami: Din't I tell you, // Not to come here anymore?
Kin: Wha? // !?

Kin: Didn't I just / apologise ! // By any chance are you rejecting me? // The Changing of outdated colours, the selling more girly image, // it was just all how I thought of things. // I'm just thick headed like that. But the Leader is way...

Usami: I want to get members in my own way. // I don't need folks who don't like the way the Cheer club operates. // I don't want weaklings.
Aki: aaaaah.... what should we do? // We're back in the beginning again!

Kin: Fuck!! // I thought she'll cry so I was all nice to her, / With a woman like that no wonder no one will join you!
Aki: Just leave her alone already. // She'll retire and the club will be closed down. / And thats that.
Kin: ........
Aki: Back before the time-slip, wasn't the cheer club replaced by the cheerleaders also? And everything was still fine.
Cheerleaders: Lets take it from the top! / One. Two. Three. Go-

[Go Fight! // Go Fight! ]
Kin: Wow... / Its crowded indeed....
Aki: Their performance has lots of power and popularity. // Just the cheer club isn't enough to cheer on all the athletes, / Lately in most of the schools the cheer clubs and cheerleaders have merged.
Kin: Humph ~
Aki: [disgusting~] // So a girl who looks like the girlfriend of a American dramas quarterback is good enough for you ... uh!!? / You prick!
Kin: Huh? // [ What are you talking about?]

Cheerleader: Who's / there!?
Kin: !?
Cheerleader: ?
Aki: um....
Kin: we're just....
Aki: Ah, / He's here on a observation from the Cheer club- // This is the new Cheer club member / right?
Kin: Hay wait...
Cheerleader: Oh, / Is that so // Because in a week we'll have the united cheering practice, right!
Kin: Huh? / What is that.
Cheerleader: Oh?, you hadn't heard about it?

Cheerleader: Soon it's the yearly baseball match with another schools. / It has been a tradition for the cheerleaders to cheer the team on with spare players and the cheer club. The united practice for that is in one week.
Kin: Oh..
Cheerleader: Its most fortunate that a male member has finally entered the cheer club!! / It would had been a hassle to do the cheers alone-
Girl: Coach / Lets start the practice quick.
Cheerleader: Ok. / In that case you can sit there and observe.
Kin: Y-yes. // Amazing- ...

Kin: [If only the leader // was here---.... ]
Usami: [ I'll get by by myself!! ]
Kin: The united practice in one week.....
Aki: [ Imamura, you! You're trying to figure out witch girl you like the best, aren't ya'!! How disgusting!!!! ]
Kin: I doubt any new members beside me will join by that time....
Girls: [ Otsukaresama-deshita- *]
Aki: ......
Abe: Hey you! // Are you the one who joined Cheer club? // Whats your name?
TN: * expression ~ Much appreciated/.

Kin: Ah.. / Imamura... Kinichiro.
Abe: Nice to meet you, / I am the head of the Cheerleaders, Abe Tamaki. // Be kind to me ♡
Kin: but....
Abe: Its amazing! A boy joined the club alone! // As expected, / Feels like you were attracted to Usami-san- // Am I right? Right? // Usami-san is so pretty isn't she !!!
Kin: Huh? [ Wow.]
Cheerleaders: [ that must be it // *whispers* ] // Right!
Kin: [I wouldn't look at her like that in million years.] // How troublesome... // Later'

sfx* door closing*
Cheerleaders: Whats with the Blonde!? // For a freshmen to be this bold! // How disgusting. // Is he a Yankee? // Its beyond me. / Following a girl? // Having someone like that in the cheer club is bound to bring trouble... // If things continue like this he'll be the new leader of the cheer club!!! // Usami-san alone is already annoying... //[ I'll fuck you up // Bitches // Thehehehee... Lots of sexy women, lets just all join groups ... ] //There's no way I will cheer on with someone like that! // [ No way! // I oppose-- // This is just wrong! ]
Girl: I'm ... In the same class as Imamura... / He's even scary during classes...
Sign: [freshmen]

Abe: You're in the same class!?
Girl: Yes..
Abe: Poor you~~~~....
Girl: ?
Abe: I'm sorry, / Will you listen to your leaders one and only request!
Girl: Uh, / Y-yes
Mom: Welcome back~~~ // Kin-chan, how was today?
Kin: I'm beat....
Mom: oh, why? // did something happen?

Kin: Bhaa-- / I just beat my record in talking to girls...
Mom: Bring your girlfriend along any time!!
Kin: Naah.. / After this I think all the girls will hate me....
Girls: I'm starving! // Lets eat together!
Kin: Leader... / is probably in the west wing..

Kin: [ I should go / try to apologise once more]
Girl: ........ // Imamura-kun
Kin: huh... // Who's this...
Girl: Hey, / It's me, from last nights cheerleaders practice, remember?
Kin: Eh. // Ah... yeah // What is it?

Girl: Lets have lunch together!
Kin: WHAT!?
Girl: It's ok right? // It's fine // He's all by himself and all...
Kin: WTF

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