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Again!! 6

Trouble maker

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Feb 18, 2012 12:26 | Go to Again!!

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For VIscans

Title: Trouble maker?

Reo: [ Lets have lunch together] // ah.... / Perhaps you already had plans to eat with someone?
Kin: No... // Not really ...
Reo: Splendid! / My friends will be joining, is it Ok?
Kin: A.../ Yes. // It's ok but... // [ For 3 years in High-school, I never had lunch plans.]

Kin: [ Right after entrance ceremony I was lucky enough to find a empty corner where no one would come. // There I spent my free periods and ate lunch for the whole 3 years. // I never made any friends, I didn't really even think about it. // That me, who had so bad aura no one even wanted to talk to with, // am siting here with 3 girls sharing a lunch together. // Wow!
Kin/Reo: .................

Reo: I suppose introductions are in order- // My name is Shibata Reo...
Ema: I went to same cram school as Reo, I'm Yamanouchi Ema.
Chie: I'm Yamane Chie, I went to the same middle school as Ema,
Kin: Aaaa~~~~~~...... /// Imamura Kinichiro // I //'m
Sfx: Silence
Kin: It was way better to have lunch alone... / Awkward..... // What are you looking at.
Sfx: *heart beats*

Kin: Though we were in the same class in the first year.... // I can't remember her. // Shibata Reo..... // Reo... // wait! // Reo? // Aaa- I remember now! // Shibata Reo!
Reo: Huh? / What?
Kin: I, / remember your name now. // You always had the top scores / your name looked like boxes.
Ema: .... oh, // You know so well! // She was the one with the best head already in cram school---
Reo: Ah... Stop that!

Kin: [ She was always on the top of the class, Shibata Reo. // I heard she even passed exams to same highly fancy university. ]
?Chie: I'm rather surprised you joined the cheerleaders- / In the middle school I had the impression you only focused on your studies. // um... I don't think you even joined gymnastics club.
Reo: Uh... / I can't keep on only studying for 3 years... It gets boring.... // I wanted to try something completely different for a change..
Kin: hee~ // How does someone quiet like Shibata-san get along with the cheerleaders?
Reo: I'm fine! // Completely ..
Chie: ......
Kin: Hmph... / well if you say so.

Chie: Um.../ Imamura, why do you have blonde hair?
Kin: huh?
Ema: I am curious about that too.....
Kin: ...... // I head the school regulations here are relatively free about hairstyles.... // So before I moved here I went to the beauty-shop and told the stylist a little about it. / While I was sleeping my hair was turned into this.
Ema: Thats it? // Was there no meaning behind it?

Students: Huh-- What's going on? // What?
Chie: You're not a Yankee ?
Kin: I'm not a Yankee!!!
Students: for real? /I was so sure he was protesting against something at least.
Chie: oh, ok, But why did you shave your eyebrows then?
Kin: Ah no they were originally like this.. My grandma also has no eyebrows...
Girls: Gramma's boy!
Kin: Gh... Its not that funny
Chie: You came from Tokyo? / What part? What music you listen to?
Kin: [waaah // It has started. ]

Sfx: *various chitter chatter ( hahahahhaa, Stop that~, well then, etc) *
Ema: [This tea tastes awful // go ahead try it!! Its really bad ! ]
Reo: [Drink it ! ]
Kin: [eh...]
Chie: [I want to try it-- ]
Sfx: *grip*
?: Somehow, / I had the feeling Imamura is much scarier person --
?: Me too-

Kin: Everyone thinks that,/ I've never had a lunch at class with anyone. // I have no friends, // I don't really get it.
sfx: *silence*
?: whaaaa.... // too serious.
Cie: huh? you really don't have any friends? // What about the girl you were together with yesterday?
Kin: ah, she.... // well.. she's not really a friend... more like a acquaintance.
Reo: ...... // um... / but you're in the cheer club...
Kin: Oh the club leader is.... // the leader.... // she hates me.. // at the moment. // She said not to go to the club room.
Sfx: *slam*

Usami: Hello! // I math leader of Cheer club, Usami// I have a announcement to the first years. // I am here to look for people wanting to join the cheer club. // Any applicants!?

Ema:[ Eh, she's scary ]
Usami: If you are not sure of yourself, you can also enrol for trial period!! // You can give your decision after you have learned more about the cheer club objectives.
Kin: Leader.... // Um- / I'd...

Usami: I want a member who is willing to live up to the traditions and customs of the cheer club without wanting to modernise it!! // There's no room for guys flirting and eating lunch with girls!! // There is a Cheer club practice after classes at the school gate. // I would love for everyone to come and see / Thats all!!
Sfx: *scary, stingy, etc*
Kin: ..... //[ She's starting to // hate me more and more... ] // This sucks....

Kin: I should go.... / check on leader...
Ema: Imamura // Um.. // Reo-
Reo: gash... / Stop it, stop it. // um, well then- // see ya' tomorrow! // Bye-bye
Kin: ...... // .....? // ok, then... // [ What was that...?]

Reo: *pant* //*pant* // I.... / Imamura-kun
Kin: What?
Reo: ... um... // I'm... // I'd like to go home // together with Imamura-kun.

Kin: oh... / I'm going to the Cheer club though, // See ya!
Reo: Um.. / just..// um... // W../Wait!! // There is something I'd like to ask you....

Girls: She's doing fine. / even though she was so against it at first. // Perhaps she's really falling for Imamura? // maybe // Hu-hu.../ If she'll do as I told her, He'll be intrigued instantly.

Girls: Since she's born a woman... // She'll turn to a tiger in a matter of time. // Reo // Rip the leader out of his heart. // After all, not joining the cheer club is for his own good also.

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#1. by CC XX ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2012
Thank you.

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