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Again!! 8

Ordinary world: A boring world

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Feb 18, 2012 18:51 | Go to Again!!

-> RTS Page for Again!! 8

For VIscans

[Ordinary world: A boring world]

Students: Good morning! // Yo
Kin: [ A few days have passed] // Sleepy// [from the entrance exam 3 years ago]
Ema: Oh! // 'Morning Imamura-
Chie: Good morning
Kin: Yo----
Ema: Wow, your face is a mess // Did you stay up late?
Kin: I brought what you asked.
Ema: Oh, really? // Oh indeed !!

Kin: The recommended Manga and / CD
Girls: Thank you - / The CD you lent last week was also really good-- // Its amazing you knew them, they had just debuted! // This Manga isn't that popular either.
Kin: This bands songs are good but the song after the brake, / you girls would like it I think. // The band who's CD I lent you last week, / Their members have a huge fight and will break up son, so it would be nice to go see their live while you can. // This manga is a little maniac but once it'll be turn into a movie it'll be quite popular. // well.. the .. movie has not been released yet... // It'll be a hit ... or um...
Ema: ....... // Seems like , / Imamura really knows music- // right? / he can even tell if it'll be a hit or not!

Chie: It almost seems like he can tell the future!
Kin: Thats impossible!!!
Ema: Oh.. / I'm sorry
Kin: [ Even though I managed to make 3 friends to talk to, // They days are same old boring as 3 years ago.] // Plus, I have to take all the classes I already finished once more..... // [ thats too simple.... ]
Teacher: Imamura! / Pay attention! // Try to solve the problem!!

Kin: Gha.. / .........
Ema: I still don't really grasp this equivalent // Teacher's being too harsh~
Kin: [ It's just a high-school level 1 equivalent.. ]
Teacher: mmm... right, you got it correct.. you're well prepared,
Kin: [How boring]
Teacher: Imamura- / Don't sleep--

Usami: 1 hour of Vocal training!! // If your voices are too quiet we'll continue for 2 hours!! // Louder, freshmen!!
students: Osu! // Osu!
Usami: I can't hear you at all! // Lower your backs more! // More!! Twist your arms!

Student: just... / excuse me.... // *panting* // Let...us... rest ... a little... // M... / me too ....
Usami: .... // fine // you'll get 15 minute break, after that we'll continue where we left off.
Teacher: Heeeei--- Usami--- // What kind of a Cheer club practice is that?
Usami: Kitasima-sensei
Teacher: ......... / Hmh. // Everyone's following your orders... / They don't look like rascals... // They seem to be concentrated... // There seems to be no resistance...

Teacher: Don't you think you're being too harsh?
Usami: I am being really easy!! // When I was a trainee I could literally taste the blood in my mouth. // Even when I requested for a break I was refused. // The young these days lack the willpower. // Back in my time the süeech manners were more strict.... / Because the pronunciation and word use is a important part of the cheering ... // I can't even imagine how can they be so worn out during such a basic training!! // There is still so much they have to learn before the united training----
Teacher: Just listen to me... // This ... // That... // Hmmmmmmmmm // There isn't much time left until the united practice right? // It might be impossible for them to remember the choreography for the baseball cheers.... / There is also the big Drumm...
Usami: ........ ..........

Teacher: How about letting // him come back? // If its only you doing your best then this can be the en...
Usami: I'll be fine! // I can do the cheers / by my self!

Teacher: is that so ... // ok then.
Usami: Lets start the practice!!
?: Its not 15 minutes yet...
Usami: Start!
?: eh... / o-ok...
Usami: The reply is "Osu"
Abe: Kanan-- !// Fight!
*sound of the pompoms*

Kin: [Even without me the Cheer club is safe. / Now all that is left is the same old / familiar future.] //[ All the / boring days of 3 years in high-school. ]
Reo: Imamura-kun // here you are!! // I was looking for you -- // um... / Aren't you going home ?
Kin: ... oh.

Reo: You seem to study pretty well, / You were really cool in the class today, I was quite shocked.
Kin: oh.... / I don't really .. study that much...
Reo: ....... // You... / Don't seem to be too motivated...
Kin: Not really....
Reo: Oh.. // I suppose I am little boring after all...
Kin: You're not boring at all. // I just, / think that high school is boring. // aaaah / too much free time. // I wish, / something really big happened.

Reo: I have something // To tell you ...
Kin: What...? // Is it something scary?
Reo: Um ... I've ... // been wanting to tell you this for a long time...

Aki: Thats right! // Tell him the truth, Shibata Reo!
Kin: huh?
?: For real? Lets just stop it already .... // I'm beat... // But we promised to stick to it until the united practice. / The leader's way worse than her reputation... // She sucks!! // What about the group colours, its just plain joke. // Just bare it a little more. // I can't wait for it to end and go to the promised date with Rumi-chan--- // She's really cute--

?: Ok, see ya' tomorrow! // Yeah-
Kin: how about tell me more // about the conversation you just had?
?: Thats all .....
Aki: She, / knew about it all! // It was all for a plan to crush the cheer clubs leader by the cheerleaders!! // This girl also, Was to set up a trap for you.
Reo: Don't say it like that!
Kin: ......
Aki: .. why are you folding your arms for!?
Reo: uh.. um.. huh...

Aki: Making friends at school, to flirt with the best student of the school, / Ones life won't just change that easily. // Do you realise it now?
Reo: I am sorry, / I... // I wanted to tell you from the start... // but... I really // wanted to be next to Imamura....
Kin: Ahh, / It's ok// Shibata-san, you ate the lunch together with me because, even though you hated it the cheerleaders told you so ....
Reo: I didn't hate it !!

Kin: I thought I had returned to those 3 years of plain boredom...
Aki: Imamura?
Kin: um ... // kind of... // Aahhhh~~~ I thought this world sucks, but // While I was spacing out, this world // just turned interesting.

Kin: [ Don't fuck with someone who's spent 3 years being ignored by everyone. // I can handle anything you throw at me you bitch!!] // I will not let you crush the cheer club !! //
sfx: *bang*
Kin: ......... ..........
Reo: Ouch...
Aki: How uncool ....
?: um.. / is it ok for me to go now?

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CC XX, syaui

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#1. by syaui ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2012
it say for Playground (eng) but when is it goingtobesca*lated ??
#2. by Kettuk ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2012
You should ask "CC XX" but last time I was talking to him on the 6th they were putting together chapter 1 ~

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