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Again!! 9

The girl of rumours

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Feb 22, 2012 19:10 | Go to Again!!

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[The girl of rumours]

Abe: Reo-chan / how was your date yesterday? // Did you already kiss Imamura?
Reo: Did not.
girls: Oh, why not? Is he the shy type? // how pathetic
Abe: The guy must have some sexual desires. // Perhaps you said something about the Cheer club?

Reo: It seems like he has no more interest towards the Cheer club. // He feels like he is no longer needed by them.
Abe: hahaha / perfect // Men are too simple minded--- // Usami is happy out of her mind about the new recruits also // After 3 days, on the day of the united cheer practice, I can't wait to see the look on her face when she's the only one there---- .// [fu-fu-fu-fu]
Reo: ........ // Will it be really ok, // after the Cheer club ceases to exist?
Abe: huh? // Reo-chan, shouldn't you know? // the reason leader is all alone..

Abe: Reo-chan, / since you're one of the Cheerleaders... // I can trust you, right? // The day of the united practice is drawing near // Different musical clubs and baseball fans will also be joining us. / And somehow it has been decided that the cheer club's leader is conducting all the other clubs.

Abe: But last year the Leader, due to various reasons, ended up alone in the club. // The essence of cheer club activities is the number of members you see, so she will be supported by the cheerleaders.
Reo: But the cheerleaders leader Abe, doesn't really like that. / So she told the new recruits to leave on the day of the cheer practice. // So her plan is to embarrass and humiliate Usami in front of everyone. // I think we should immediately report this to the cheer leader, cheer supervisor and the cheerleaders supervisor. / Before it turns into a really big problem. // I think it would be only fair for us to demand the cancellation of the united practice.
Aki: Hmh, for a cheerleaders spy, you sure have a good head, / You're even good at repeating others.....
Reo: Hold on // Don't call me a spy! // Imamura-kun, what do you think? / Isn't better to reveal it as soon as possible?
Kin: .......

Kin: thats no fun, // taking the easy way out / Plus, after revealing it, Reo-chan, won't you also get revealed and end up being teased by the cheerleaders?
Reo: You should not worry about that // I am well prepared for it....
Kin: No thats not right, // As long as you stay on the cheerleaders good side you'll be fine. // I'll deal with it alone. // in my own way.
sfx: *typing* *typing*
Reo: Imamura-kun.... // why would you... protect me...
Kin: Aaaaaaarrrgghh I want to embarrass that cheerleaders so baaaaaaaaaaad // I just have to search for "methods of revenge".... // mmmmmmm // look for "ways to pay back" .... or...
Aki: Imamura is still the creepy one...
Reo: ..........
sfx: *typing*

Kin: Oh, yeah, why did the leader end up cheering all alone in the first place? // Weren't there originally other members also? do you know anything about it?
Reo: huh? / You don't know?
Kin: Know what?
Reo: Aaaaah-, Imamura came here after senior high school, so you might not know // In the neighbourhood Usami-san is pretty well known. // Fujieda-san haven't you seen her on the TV?
Aki: Oh! Yeah I have, I have! She was on a lot for a while,
Kin: ?
TV: Today in the local news we'll give a full coverage to a girl in a school cheer club!!
[ Special
The youthful cheers of the flower
Too cute!?
A womens high pitched cheer]
TV: Hurray! Hurray! who really are those girls---!? // Right after these commercials!!

Reo: Thats it, thats it!!
Kin: What is this...?
Aki: Wow- / I think I have seen it before
Teacher: What is going on, // suddenly asking for the DVD's featuring the cheer club....? // [Theres a lot of them!! ]
TV: By the looks of it, Usami Yoshiko is just a regular student at the Kabosu Minami High school. // Her grades are excellent, she doesn't stand out too much and is not much of a talker.
Aki: Imamura...... / You're thinking "Wow she looks super cute-" right now? right?
TV: However, she has a unexpected side... Thats right!! She is ...

TV: a member of the Kabosu Minami High schools cheer club!!
Kin: oh... // There are other members also.
TV: She is always spotted and admired by the audience // Wearing the same clothes as her male comrades while proudly cheering on. // [ Too cute!? / A womens high pitched cheer ]

TV: Why did you think of joining the male only cheer club?
Usami: Osu! I was deeply moved at the entrance ceremony!! Thats when I decided I'll be one of them!!
TV: If it's the cheering, then isn't there also the cheerleaders club..?
Usami: Osu!! / I personally aspired for the male cheer club instead!!
Reo: Ah! // They're showing Cheerleaders!
Aki: Yeah, and her typical girl aura.... // It's so obvious "You're trying to make a fool out of the cheerleaders, by being a groupie of the boys in the cheer club!?" face---!!
Kin: Shut up!
Teacher: During the reportage Usami was rather famous- / She was sort of an attraction point of the cheer club, she even had some fans. // Back when the number of members started to decrease, she wanted to help out even a little. So she agreed to do the program, however, the public.. / Started to spread rumours. "She's mistaking herself to be an idol" , "She's just using the cheer club" etc. // Even on the internet, people started to write nasty comments on her, it was getting rather worrisome.

Reo: There's.....
Aki: definitely someones jealousy behind all this...
Teacher: You think so too---!! I can't imagine who would do that?! Thats unbelievably evil thing to do
Reo: Um... I also heard that ... / it might be rumours though.... // That there were lots of problems inside the cheer club after the broadcast because of Usami.... // For some time the cheer club suspended all their activities; it was on the verge of breaking up! / So in the end only Usami-leader alone sticked around.
Kin: Huh- What? // Is this true?
Teacher: ....... //There seem to be no proof behind the rumours concerning Usami being the one to break up the cheer club!!! So don't worry!

Teacher: Imamura, / Without doubt Usami IS stubborn, // But she just doesn't know how to make friends. // I am counting on you.
Sfx: *drums* / Komi-fight
Kin: [ If there used to be other members... / shouldn't they still be studying here....? ]

Kin: [ If I could get them to return to the Cheer club then it will be saved!! ] // Kitashima-sensei, / Could you tell us if there are still any former cheer club members attending the school---
Kitasima: Oh..... / I soppouse....
?: Hey, / The class is starting!?
Kin: Uh....?
Students: [Bye-bye] // [ See-ya]

Aki: No luck, / Kitashima-sensei is nowhere to be found.
Reo: Another teacher said he had already left...
Kin: Damn... / Is he trying to cover up something? // Lets try to watch the DVD again and see if we can recognise any faces.
Reo: Could it be that the reason behind the break-up.. / really was Usami? // That she was hated by the former members or something.
Kin: ......
Sfx: *drums*
?: hmm... // I can hear the big drum. // There must be a cheer club practice near here. // Cheer? / The cheer club?

sfx: *(ballpoint against metal) kan*

?: leader..../ you'r tempo is far too fast as always--
Reo: wait... / Wasn't he in the DVD we just watched?
Aki: Uh? / Who?
sfx: *drums*
sfx: [*ballpoint against metal*]

Kin: Stop....
?: wha...
Kin: You... / Didn't you play the big drum in the cheer club ....?
sfx: *heart thump....*

?: Waaaaaaaaaaaah Forgive me!!
sfx: *sound of folding legs*
sfx: *shocked*
Kin: eh?
[To be continued in volume 2]

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