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Translations: One Piece 891 by cnet128 , Gintama 667 (2)

Dantalian no Shoka 11

The book of Void

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Apr 2, 2012 22:23 | Go to Dantalian no Shoka

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For Dark Order Scan


The 4th story. The book of void.

[4th story The book of void. ]
Jessica: Ugh.... // She's late!! // Where's she loitering about again? / She was the one who suggested to do the report together in the first place. // She should had told me, I could have staid longer at the class.

Jessica: Ugh...

Jessica: Lets see.... // Shakes // Shakespeare // Here it is, " A Midsummer Night's Dream" !!
sfx: *thump*
Jessica: Who's that? / Is someone here? // Mati?

sfx:*slash* ((sword))
Jessica: ..........!!

Jessica: ......gh // [What? // What is ...?? / There is something ... // in between these bookshelves..... // What on earth is going on here? // It's so dark.... // I can't tell for sure but, // There seems to be... someone else here!! // ..... a male?

Jessica: .....eek

Jessica: Noooooooooo // ........ // ... eh? // ........ /// ..... a dream?
?: You scared me out of my mind, screaming all of a sudden like that.
Jessica: Sorry. // [ ... a dream? // no way, I saw it, // The whole floor between these shelves was covered in crimson blood.]

sfx: dong / dong // doooong / doing (( bells))
Huey?: Last week the stock prices of City Main Bank // .... fell drastically. // "A miraculous jailbreak!! What are the methods of jailbreak of the worst serial killers of today!?" // " Stoner baroness lost her dog..."

Huey: .... there are no real news today. // [yawn] // Does that imply that there is piece in the wold? // After driving all night. I can't keep my eyes open....
Dalian: Huey // Huey // I have thrust. // I demand for another cup.
Huey: .....
sfx on dantalian: nom / nom /nom
sfx: *pour* / *pour*
Huey: Are you still eating, Dalian....? // By the way isn't that my lunch?

Huey: What a peaceful town.
Dalian: Its known as the far "countryside", not a town.
sfx dalian: *munch*
Huey: All boarding schools are in this kind of places. / Isn't the fresh air nice ~
Dalian: The bread in this area do not have nearly enough sugar on them, they're not sweet at all!! // None the less // This schools library is impressive indeed. // This book collection looks quite promising, / It might take some time to find "the book".

Huey: This time... // we don't have much details, it might not be all that easy task.
sfx: kyaa
Huey: !
Girls: hey, / hey,/ who do you think that person is?
sfx: *giggle* / *giggle*
Girls: Stop it~ // He looks young, perhaps a new teacher?
Huey: ....
sfx: *kyaa* // *kyaa*
dalian: as for me, here...
huey: haha...
dalian: straying over night in a girls boarding school does not seem peaceful at all....

?: What's that, how disgusting!!
huey: ugh
?: did you see him waving !?
Dalian: Hmph!! // How pitiful!!
[kyaa / He's hiding!]
Dalian: Just think of the girls as Giant radishes in school uniform!!
Huey: .........
[ Yuck!]
Huey: .... Radish?
Jessica: Hey you !!!

Jessica: Who are you guys!? // According to the school regulations you're not allowed on the premises unless you have invitation! // What brings an outsider here?!
Huey: [Umm---------~~~.. ] // We're not suspicious folks, // for a moment, ...

Huey: Just as it looks, we're just having an afternoon tea. // [ haha..]
Jessica: Who did you ask for permission to do so? // Don't be absurd! // Food and drinks are not allowed to the library!
Dalian: All that whining is rather annoying. // Shut up a little! You giant radish!!
Jessica: .. wha // Huh!? // Who are you calling a radish!?

Jessica: [ugh...// wow // What is this girl? // She looks just like a porcelain doll.]
dalian: If you're not so fond of radish then how about I'll call you cankles*!? // that feels even worse
*TN: giant radish legs
Jessica: thats too cruel!! // What do you guys want!?

Huey: We're really not suspicious people, we even have a permission from Miss Roedean.
Jessica: from the principal?
huey: We came here to look for a specific item. // ..... um, // Her name is Dalian, // And my name is " Huey Anthony Disward " // call me Huey.
Jessica: ......... // Jessica... // Jessica Elphinstone, middle class 5th year!! // You're looking for something !? Does that mean you're defectives? Coming to inspect our school...
Huey: No, We're just ...

Dalian: .....
Huey: .....
Jessica: Forgive me, I was just wondering perhaps you came about the rumours,
Huey: Rumours?
Jessica: ...... // That a serial killer who escaped prison is hiding in this school... // Lately some of the teachers and students have gone missing, / thats why...

Huey: ...... // Serial-killer // Benjamin Diffring ? // I'd gladly hear about the missing people. // unfortunately // we're not here to capture Diffring.
Dalian: Is that bat, meant for self protection..?
Huey: ... perhaps, // are you the one, who is looking for the missing people?
Jessica: !

Dalian: A weak girl such as you helplessly carrying about a pice of wood? // well that sure will come handy once you meet the killer.
Huey: ahem // give it a break, Dalian...
sfx: kekekeke
Jessica: Are you also the "Return of Jack the Ripper" ? // How dare you even think that a five year-old kid with a wooden stick can do anything.
Huey: .... Jessica?
Jessica: -------- // ... ugh
Huey: eh?
Jessica: Shut up, Shut up!! // Its not like I want to do this...!!

sfx: *steps*
Huey: Jessica? / What came on her...?
Dalian: .....

Huey: Dalian?
Dalian: Stop dozing off you three fingered sloth!!
Huey: eh?
Dalian: Quickly follow that cankles!!
Huey: wait, she has nothing to do with our goals!
Dalian: ..... // .. I felt something earlier. // She smelled not like a human, more like blood, also // a faint scent of "magic" was on her!

Huey: "Prison break of serial Killer Benjamin Diffring"
Dalian: A few days after the jailbreak of Diffring student and a teacher went missing. // ... for those two incidents to happen at the same time in such a small distance, I hardly think it is a coincidence. // Also----- // The "book" we're looking for--- // I assume it is hidden inside this school just like the killer.

Huey: ... you're saying that girl saw Benjamin Diffring inside the school, // perhaps even witnessed a murder.... ?
Dalian: Yes.
Huey: The miraculous prison break, how was he able to pull it off in the first place? ... // my-my.. I though this'll be a pice of cake // but the owner of "phantom book" turned out to be a sadistic killer....
Dalian: First of all find Jessica, // then lets question her.

sfx: ha // ha // ha //ha //ha
jessica: [Why? ... // Why is everyone making me look like the fool? ...] // The more I think about it, it makes me furious // Why am I always the laughingstock.
sfx: *clunk*

sfx: *gulp*

Huey: !!
Dalian: Huey!
Huey: that scream... // damn // Jessica!!
Jessica: ..... n
Dalian: .... She must have lost consciousness.
Huey: She doesn't have any scratches, she's just covered in blood...

Huey: ........ // never mind that. // What on earth, // happened to that corpse... ?

Huey: Now that they confirmed that the corpse was in fact the lost teacher. // The place got crowded.

Huey: .......... // [The corpse Jessica found... // It wasn't just a deep wound, / It looked more like some sort of a ritual. Cut precisely, revealing the internal organs. Also the uterus was removed. // Such extremely detailed operation is rather abnormal for a typical killer. // Something's wrong... ] // Still... // even the most normal looking person can be a perverse killer.
sfx: *slip*
Huey: If it would had been be a typical murder then "phantom book" would have nothing to do with it. // .... I might be wrong though.

Dalian: ........
Huey: Dalian? // ugh.. don't push me
Dalian: Fine, just squeeze over!!
Huey: Dalian!! // Why are you purposely sitting in the smallest place.
Dalian: Don't get agitated. // It should be an honour for you after all!! // I will give you a hint to your puzzle. // Your train of thoughts wasn't half that bad. I praise you for that. // The unusual thing about that corpse is the cause of death!!

Dalian: Go over once again, where the corpse was found.
Huey: ....... // [ All I can remember is the clear wound with intestines falling out. // The victim looked like it had been killed hours before it was found.... / in other words the corps must had been carried to the scene. // However why was there blood bath as if the killing had took place minutes before discovery? // The first person to discover the corpse, Jessica, was covered in blood that means the killer also... // Now that I think more about the scene of crime..] // ... oh! // There should had been the killer foot prints in the pool of blood!!
Dalian: Yes. // To carry such a big corpse in the middle of a day to the library without anyone noticing, // is impossible!

Huey: Thats it..!! // If the killer would possess a forbidden "strength".... or a "phantom book" then the crime would be absolutely doable!!
Dalian: Hmph... your brain is really slow and embarrassing.
Huey: if that's the case... // The question is what is the true origin of Diffrings "power" ..... // How on earth did he escape prison, and move the corpse? // It seems getting "phantom book" from him will be difficult....

Huey: ......
Jessica: I saw it. // I saw how that perverse killer, // Finished the corpse.. my close friend Mathilda.

Jessica: [ My dear Mathilda // Right in front of my eyes, // That monster fold her together like a paper. // Together they disappeared, // into that book----

[The book of void. part 1 END]

[To be continued]

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#1. by Kettuk ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2012
Numbering this manga is just so difficult !!! Help~ :_:

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