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Toriko 94

The Country of Healing, "Life"!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 9, 2010 23:09 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 94

God, this was the longest most wordy chapter ever. Not helped by the fact that it had opening color pages so it was extra long...
BUT, it's still awesome. A new chapter begins now.

[Toriko 94 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
SFX: Chapu
SFX: Kopo kopo kopo
This all too beautiful (?) form from behind is...!?
Insert Text: It's here, it's here~!

Page 2-3:
Top Right: ☆Raise the legendary newborn cry with those hands! The new development the "Revival Arc" starts with an opening color!!
Top Left: ☆The war with the Bishokukai! The outbreak of the great struggle for the soup!! Newest from Jump Comics, Volume 9 now on sale!!
Bottom Left: Until another miracle is grasped in the palm of this hand---!!
The for the continuation of this manga, GOGO to page 19!!
Title: Toriko
Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 4:
SFX: Buka... Buka...
Toriko "Life" eh...?
It's the first time I've gone to that country, too...
Can they really heal this arm? Granny Setsu?
Setsuno: Uffuffu, hm, I dunno... [Ufuffu big]
Well... it'll depend on our luck.
Toriko: Luck!?
Match: .........And my completely dead three subordinates...
Going there, we have a chance they'll open their eyes...?
Teppei: It's the same with Takumaru-kun over there, but...
You guys were all saved by being in that place called Ice Hell...
Match: !
Teppei: First, the incredible cold caused your external wounds to freeze instantly protecting from loss of blood...
Also their anxiety was halted, so in a few seconds their bodies got frozen stiff...
In other words, faster than their bodily systems could die.
And your cells were kept fresh, in a cryogenically preserved state... Even the brain cells....
Bottom: Gourmet 94 The Country of Healing "Life"!!

Page 5:
Teppei: The fact that that place was a frozen hell is something to be thankful for...
Takimaru: And these...... bandages...
Teppei: Yes.
They're the leaves of a plant called "Doctor Aloe". ["Doctor Aloe" big/bold]
Of course it helps external wounds, but it also heals cells that have necrosis like burns or frostbite. It's nature's bandage.
One meter of it costs tens of thousands of yen, it's a precious and high priced bandage.
Afterwards charge it as a medical expense.
Takimaru: It's warm...
So this slowly thawed my frozen body...?
Match: Hu.... I never thought yakuza would get saved by a Saiseiya...
Teppei: ............Is that so?
I captured lots of Gourmet Yakuza in the past, but... most of them were extremists...
There's still nobody who's ever caught Ryuu-san. [Ryuu, not the -san, large.]
Match: The boss...
You know the old man?
Teppei: Ryuu-san and my master are old friends...
When Ryuu-san got injured he'd often come to"Life"...
Match: Could... Could it really be... the Saiseiya the old man's acquainted with is...

Page 6:
Teppei: It's nothing uncommon... We aren't really allies of justice or anything, after all.
You could say we're allies of ingredients! [Allies of ingredients! in bold]
Who we catch is those who disturb the order of food...
A little while ago we got tons of requests from the IGO
to capture one of the "Gourmet Four Heavenly Kings"...
Toriko: !!
Eeh!? By that, you don't mean...
You're talking about Zebura!? [Zebura in bold/white/shadow]
Teppei: Hm...?
Ah, yeah, that's right...
Awesome!! So the one who caught Zebura was you, Teppei-san!!?
On Page: Just what I'd expect from you
Teppei: Well... Master lent me a bit of a hand, too...
Mtch: ............
Ze... Zebura!! That monster...!?
The Saiseiya Teppei... He really is a foridable man of true power...
Zonge: Hmph. Those guys just talk about meaningless things. [Hmph. Big and in different font.]
I've caught lots of zebras in my time... Right!?
Henchman: Yeah. You've beaten tons of zebras, Zonge-sama.
Other Henchman: by "Zebura"... are they talking about zebras...?
TL Note: These guys use the Japanese word for Zebra, "shimauma". As opposed to Zebura's name which is a katakana-ization of the English pronunciation of "zebra".
Setsuno: Hey, everyone, I've spotted it!
Toriko: !

Page 7:
Toriko Th... That's it!!
The country of healing, "Life"!!
Takimaru: ...........
SFX: Fuwa fuwa
SFX: Bufooo

Page 8:
SFX: BUWAAA pata pata pata
Somebody: !
A whole ton of butterflies came to greet us!!
Description: Butterfly Therapy
Capture Level Below 1
Teppei: "Butterfly Therapys"...
They're butterflies with the trait of finding and stopping at the weak parts or sick points on people and animals.
Takimaru: There are blue and red ones.
青色の蝶は比較的軽い症状に止まり赤色は重症に止まる... 命にかかわる重体者には2匹とも止まる
Toriko: The blue butterflies stop on the relatively light conditions, and the red ones stop on the serious conditions... On those in a critical condition where their lives are at stake, both stop on them.
Ha~~ I kinda feel like I'm already being healed a little... [Ha~ large/different font]
All the ones stopping are red, though...
Recently in disasters like earthquakes they bring them to help with rescues. Pretty convenient, these butterflies.
Zonge: Okay, let's hurry up and go!
Henchman: Not a single butterfly stopped on Zonge-sama, eh!?
Zonge: Gahahaha, that's because I'm always in top condition!
Match: They're just red...
SFX: Hoh
Komatsu: Se... Setsuno-san... I...
Setsuno: !

Page 9:
Komatsu: I want to hurry back to the hotel! And start on making the soup!!
Immediately...!! I need to try and get that taste...!!
Setsuno: Would it hurt to rest a little while at "Life"?
You must be tired as well, yes?
Penguin: Yun
Setsuno: N
Penguin: Yun!
Komatsu: Ah
N... Now that you mention it, in the confusion This... This little guy came with us...
Haha... It's a Wall Penguin child...
Penguin: Yun!
Setsuno: ............
All right!
Then I'll send Komatsu-kun to the hotel!
Komatsu: Yes! Please!!
Setsuno: Teppei... Could you guide Toriko and the others?
To that "Revival Institute" of that Yosaku that I was really gonna put in his place!
Teppei: Certainly!
Toriko: Komatsu!
Komatsu: !
Toriko: ...........
I'm counting on you!
Komatsu: -----...

Page 10:
Komatsu: Match-san and Takimaru-san, too!! Please wait for me!!!
I'll definitely make the Century Soup!!
Takimaru: Do your best, Komatsu-kun!!
Match: Fn.... Show us your skill!
SFX: Boh Fuwah Gyun
How bout we go!!?
Hehhe, this's gonna be fun.
The country of healing's got lots of delicious food, too, right, Teppei-san!?
Teppei: Our goal isn't to eat food, Toriko.
Takimaru: This country...
Medicine to cure any illness is said to be...
Match: It'll just be a little longer.
Stay strong, you guys!

Page 11:
Sign: Bone
Toriko: What's with this place... It's mostly just injured people all over.
Teppei: Of course... "Life" is a place where seriously injured people and sick patients the world over come to gather at...
Everyone doesn't want the forefront of medical technology, people who come here all want natural forms of healing.
Toriko: He~~h, that's... So there's a general hospital looking place, too?
They use all natural resources for treatment. It's the world's only natural medical institution...
Toriko: Hn...?
I wanna go check in for a sec.
Teppei: Hey, hey. We don't have time to play around, Toriko.
Toriko: It's not playing around, it's treatment.
On Page: Nihihi

Page 12:
Toriko: Chwa----
What's this!!?
Shopkeep: Welcome.
Our bed types here are *"Cactus Doctors".
Asterisk: The Kanagawa Prefecture's 龍崎翔里-kun's work!
TL Note: Cactus Doctor literally = Saboten Docter
Toriko: Cactus!?
Sign: One time, 2000 Yen
If you just sleep on the cacti, the needles will precisely enter all of your body's acupuncture points.
It will put your blood flow and the flow of your bodily energy in order. And it will release all of your stiffness at once.
Toriko: All right, I'll give it a try!
Curtain: Needle
Toriko: HAa
That felt goo~~d.
Sign: Onsen Sharks
"Onsen Sharks"!?
What's that!? I gotta check it out!!
TL Note: Onsen (Hot Spring) Shark literally = Onsen Zame
Teppei: Hey, hang o-... Toriko!!
Match: Well, it's okay, isn't it? I think I'll check it out too.
SFX: Daaah
Toriko: !!

Page 13:
Toriko: WHAAAT!? Sharks in the river!!? Hey, are these things sharks!? [WHAAAT!? is big. Note italics.]
Description: *Onsen Shark
[Fish Beast]
Capture Level 20
*The Tokyo Metropolitan Area's 市蒼尚樹-kun's work!!
SFX: Puka puka
Woman: On the dented backs of these sharks is a whale-like blow hole which the onsen water is blown out of.
Toriko: It's not so much an onsen as it is a pool.
Sign: Bathing Fee
1h 1000 Yen
Woman: Also, in this onsen there are various "Doctor Fish" we've let swim in it.
If there's something bad on your body then they'll make you feel good, eating it.
For example, there are fish swimming here that will eat dirty or old dead skin keratin.
Zonge: Heey, the water's fine!
Toriko: AH, Zombie!!
Henchman: Gyaa, Zonge-sama! A whole ton of Doctor Fish have come around you!!
Zonge: N?
On Page; What're these?
Other Henchman: You're body's ridiculously dirty!!!
On Page: Gyaaah

On Page: GYAAAA Piranas! That's gross!! What the hell are these!
Toriko: ...........
What're those guys doing?
Woman: ...........
SFX: Basha Basha
Teppei: There are a lot of more beneficial water and excellent Doctor Fish.
Toriko: Teppei.
Teppei: For example, this Onsen Shark next to us, what's swimming in it are "Diet Fish".
The bathing fee is 10,000 Yen for 1 hour.
They're fish that use their slender mouth enter through pores in the skin and suck out and eat only subcutaneous fat.
It's a way to make yourself thinner without feeling any pain.
Toriko: Hou...
Teppei: Over here are invisible "Blood Tetras" are swimming. [Blood Tetra big/bold]
They're very gratitude evoking fish that enter directly into blood vessels and eats blood clots and things that are inside them.
For all that, the 50,000 yen per hour bathing fee isn't too high, huh?
Over here are "Tumor Fish" [Tumor Fish is large/bold.]
TL Note: Tumor Fish literally = Shuyou Fish
Toriko: Oh, that's promising.
Teppei: They eat apart only malignant tumors in your body.
However, this takes time and there are places where they can't enter... Like inside the brain.
What's more, these fish only like these small-sized sharks so you need to go by appointment and the bathing fee is high.
On Shark: 1h 20,000 yen
Toriko: What's this place... Teppei?
美白湯 メラニングラミー
Teppei: This is an onsen, too... It has skin whitening water... And it certainly has the skin darkness removing "Melanin Gourami" swimming in it. ["Melanin Gourami" big/bold]
Toriko: Haha, skin-whitening, eh...? Sounds like something Sani'd like!
I've got to make sure to tell him about it next time I see him! [Haha Big/bold]
Kanji on Building: Beauty
SFX: Kopo kopo

Page 15:
SFX: Kyupo
SFX: Chuuuuu
SFX: Gyuuuuu
SFX: Kyupon
SFX: Kopo kopo
Sani: A------------
---This's pr'dise.
[Finally got a page without much text, and this is what I get.]

Page 16:
SFX: Zabua
SFX: Bah
Sani: A
Teppei: !!
Toriko: What the hell!?
SFX: Bahshaaa
Sani: Sorr'...
Toriko: Ah?
Sani: ---Rikooh!?
Toriko: Sani!!

Page 17:
Toriko: I never though I'd meet you at a place like this, Sani!
Did you get injured somewhere?
Sani: You idiot, nothin' like that.
Waitress: Thank you for waiting.
Here are your *"Cuticle Berries".
*Asterisk: Tochigi Prefecture's Pen Name Blue Goldfish-san's work!
Match: Oh!
Teppei: These are...
Strawberries that you eat and make your hair shiny!?
They have the effect of causing hair growth and stimulate hair growth. And it's also said they can even cause people with no hair to grow some...
SFX: Jyuku
Sani: "Life" isn't really just a place to come when you're injured or sick to get healed...
There're a lotta beautifyin' ingredients here... It's totally got max value for coming to, right?
SFX: Mogu mogu
Match: Fu... So you're here for cosmetic reasons.
I never though Sani, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, was such a girly and meager...
Toriko: You'd better cut that out, Match. He'll knock you right over.
Teppei: Is that really your only goal?
I know because I've meat so many Bishokuyas, but Sani, your eyes...

Page 18:
They're completely the eyes of someone who's come "hunting" something...!!
Sani: ........
Say, who are you?
Teppei: EEEEEEH!?
I tell a lie. I know you.
Teppe, you're famous.
Teppei: Teppe...?
Sani: It's true... I came here to get information about a certain "ingredient"...!
To get a hint about what will be the final ingredient in my "Full Course", "dessert"!!
Toriko: Hoo---- You decided on an ingredient for desert, did you, Sani?
You've finally assembled a "Full Course"!!
Sani: What'd you come to "Life" to do, Toriko?

Page 19:
Sani: What!? You, that wound!!
Toriko: N?
Sani: You ain't got an arm!!
Toriko: No...
He's really late in noticing.
Sani: Hahaaan... So you came to heal that huge wound...? [Hahaaan... big/bold]
But even if this is the country of healing, it's impossible to get back a missing limb, righ?
Teppei: My master may be able to do something about it...
Sani: Master? Who?
Teppei: The Saiseiya...
Sani: Wha!?

Page 20:
Match: Actually, we have people with serious injuries besides Toriko...
We want to ask for them to be healed as well...
Sani: ...........
Toriko: Ah, that's right, Takimaru!
You said you wanted something right!? That guy'll have "medicine" where he's at, too, won't he?
Yeah! Medicine that heals all sicknesses!
Takimaru: ......
Ah... ha... That's true... If he has some I'd be delighted, but...
But even if he has it, then... I don't have the money to buy it, so...
Toriko: If he just gives it to you, you're all good, right!?
Takimaru: No, I can't ask him to be given something like that...
Toriko: Hey, Teppei, we can do that somehow, right!?
Teppei: I'm not really the one to ask...
Sani: ..........
So it seems! The one you guys need is...
The one who knows the information I want...!!
Toriko: Eh!?

Page 21:
Sani: What's said to be "Bishokushin Acacia's" "Full Course"'s desert...!! [Bishokushin Acacia big/bold/white/shadow]
Information on "Earth"...!!! ["Earth" big/bold/white/shadow]
He's the man who knows about it!!
Toriko: !!
Sani: The Red Saiseiya!! Nicknamed "Bloodstained Yosaku"----!!
Who'd 'a thought he was Teppe's master!
Waiter: Ah... Sir, I'm concerned about your smoking...
There's no smoking allowed inside the shop, you see...
Guy: Whuh!? They "banned" it!? [banned is unbolded]
Teppei: N?

Page 22:
Toriko: Whaa, could that be...
Teppei: Speak of the devil...!?
Side: An unconventional key man!!
Yosaku: Then I'll be breaking that rule!!
In this world,
if you don't do that, there'll be sights you never see...!!
Teppei: Master!!
Box: ----Saiseiya-----
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 94
/ End
Next issue, what are the shocking skills Yosaku displays and what's Acacia's secret...!?

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