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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Kokou no Hito 62

Amalgam Team

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 25, 2010 08:31 | Go to Kokou no Hito

-> RTS Page for Kokou no Hito 62

Reserved for OMFGG.

No matter what happens, I'll keep going. I'm determined to find the right path. And that means I'll stay with them.

And so another wall is climbed. The seventh one lies ahead. The distance to the peak is getting shorter, but it still feels like I'm reaching for the moon.

[Kokou no Hito 62 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 183:
Title: 62nd Climb Amalgam Team

Page 184:
Title: 62nd Climb Amalgam Team
Mori: It's Mori Buntarou.
I'm back now.
Timestamp: 12/21 7:55 AM Air Temperature -11°C
14 Mountain
K2 East-Face Simulation Training
Northern Alps All-Mountain Traversal, Day 8
---Current Location: Mount Yukikura bottom of the Col---

Page 185:
[Yeah well I ain't big fans of you either. I hope all you die in an avalanche.]

Page 186:
Mori: ..........
Niimi: So you left when the snow storm stopped?
You sure were fast.
But I guess if you're following someone else's footprints
a winter mountain's a cake walk.
You snow trail thief.
Mori: Eh..
We had the same destination so of course that would happen...
Komatsu: Yo, Mori-sensei.

Page 187:
Komatsu: So it seems you made a grand ol' speech
about how yer own judgement is better than my orders, eh?
Mori: Eh...
SFX: Posu
SFX: Koro (roll)

Page 188:
Komatsu: Wrap it up.
Looks like ya
haven't been taught quite enough.

Page 189:
Kase: Upu.
Kunieda: Kukkukkuh.
Komatsu: What's wrong? Hurry and wrap it up!
Or have you got some complaint for me!?
Mori: When I opened that bivouac shelter opening,
I was resolved, wasn't I...?

Page 190:
Mori: No, I have no complaints.

Page 191:
Komatsu: I thought that blizzard was gonna last a while, this kinda weather's rare...
Let's head straight to Shirouma!!!
Niimi, you take the top!!
Niimi: Yes, sir.
Kunieda: He's really coming this time, right...?
Captain Ninomiya...
Kase: Sorry Moriiiiiiii!
Having to carry my stuff tooooooooo!!!
Mori: .....

Page 192:
[He's still doggin' it!]

Page 193:
Komatsu: Moriiiiiii, quit dilly dallyiiiiiiiiin'!
I won't allow lateness!!!
Kunieda: The Vice Captain's strict.
To make him go double-rucksack with no sleep and no rest.
Kase: Well, I'm thankful that it makes it easy on me.
Mori: Endure.
Endure it.
No matter what
I'll stay together with those four...

Page 194-195:
[The path ahead is long and white.]

Page 196:
SFX: Kon kon (knock)
Lady: Mr. President.
The preparations are all ready.

Page 197:
[Ooh, look Mr. Fancy with his rolex.]
Ninomiya: Is it that time already...?
SFX: Hyun hyun
SFX: Hyun
Ninomiya: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Page 198:
[So the gel in his hair CAN come out.]

Page 199:
Ninomiya: From here in Ropongi to Shirouma it's a one-hour flight...
Come now, let's make haste.

Page 200:
[Kase looks like Fukuda from Bakuman.]

Page 201:
Timestamp: 12/21 0:55 PM Air Temperature -10°C
14 Mountain
K2 East-Face Simulation Training
Northern Alps All-Mountain Traversal, Day 8
---Current Location: Just Below the Peak of Mount Shirouma---
[Oddly enough, there's an error and the original say 12/20. But... that's impossible. It just switched to PM. They didn't go back in time.]
Bottom: (6) For What Reason Does He Climb (End)

Page 202-203:
[Interview of Hasegawa Tsuneo. I'm sure it's interesting but uh... I'm gonna keep going.]

Page 204-205:
Climbing Glossary
There are technical terms that appear in "Kokou no Hito". Here, the terms appearing in volume 6 are explained!!
Rucksack (P9) .....................(1)
TL Note: In Japanese it's shorted to just "sack" in katakana.
A rucksack. In order to carry all your heavy equipment, a 70 liter or more sack is needed. The figure shows a double-rucksack of two rucksacks being used at once in times of emergency.
Snowshoe (P11) .....................(2)
A tool used for walking in deep snow. Below the forest line where snow doesn't freeze or just after snowfall, in places where snow is deep and soft, in order to prevent feet from sinking into the snow, these are attached to the shoes. Originally, using trees, bamboo, or cane, they were used as raw materials to make them in places where snow fell. But for mountain climbing, there are ones made out of duralumin.
Mushroom Snow (P13) .....................(3)
A mushroom-shaped snow pile that suddenly forms on a ridge. There are many unstable newly-fallen ones which have a high chance of collapsing and causing avalanches. It can be a big obstacle along ridge routes.
Mix Wall (P13) .....................(4)
A rock wall or ice wall which is made up of mixed rock, ice, and snow.
Snow Cave (P25) .....................(5)
A hole dug in fallen snow to be used as a camp. The figure shows a tunnel-like type done across a slanted face.
Deposit Ground (P28)
A place where food and fuel supplies are placed for a long time for winter mountain climbing. Usually winter cabins are used as deposit grounds.
Winter Cabin (P28) .....................(6)
A mountain lodge used during the winter. When mountain lodges' business is suspended during the winter, part of it is released for use by climbers.
Wind Resistance Posture (P30) .....................(7)
A body posture done on winter mountains to protect the body against strong wind or wind gusts. You plant both feet into the snow and use the ice pick to make a triangle shape and lower your head in preparation for the wind.
Kurobe Crossing (P52)
In the Northern Alps Ushiro Tateyama Mountain Range and the Ken-Tateyama Mountain Range, to cross the the Kurobe River running through it. There are various routes to take, but whichever is used during the coldest period of the year it can become a breeding ground for avalanches. And even though crossing it stays within-country, it is extremely dangerous as well as difficult. It's said to be even more severe than climbing in the Himalayas. In January of 1935, Katou Buntarou successfully went from Tateyama to Mount Harinoki, completing a solo Kurobe crossing.
K2 South Southwest Ridge (P72) .....................(8)
The first ascension of K2 was in 1954 (by an Italian group on the Southeast ridge). The second climb (done in 1977 by a Japanese Mountaineering Association team) would not come for another 23 years, but as that suggests, K2 is the most difficult 8000 meter peak. And on that K2, the South Southwest ridge is slender and steep up until right below the peak, and it's known as an extraordinarily difficult route. In 1979, the mountaineer Reinhold Messner who had aimed for the first ascension, withdrew from climbing it. And until 1986 when a Polish team finally were the first to climb it, it was continuously declined. It's called one of the most difficult routes in the world. K2's East Face is still untrodden.

Page 206:
Reconnaissance Climb (P83) .....................(9)
In order to climb a mountain in winter, a route is checked out in Fall, and things like using red cloth to make landmarks in a climb. It is also sometimes used to store replenishment of food supplies and equipment.
Ring Wandering (P121) .....................(10)
The idea of when having poor vision in snow storms or gas, you lose your direction and end up wandering turning around and going back to where the same place you left.
Bivouac Shelter
TL Note: The Japanese term is "Zelt", which comes from the German "Zeltsack".
A sack-type lightweight and simple tent, used for emergency situations. It fundamentally has no poles, it's held up using trees or rocks and covers over the head. It does things like cover you from wind and snowstorms; an important tool with many uses. In this work, it is used as an entrance to block the wind to a snow cave.
[This one seemed a lot easier than the last one... Probably shorter.]

Page 207:
Top: This manga is a compilation of what was popularly run in Weekly Shonen Young Jump 2009 combined issue 1-2 to issue 7 and issues 9 to 13.

Page 208:
Young Jump [Whatever. It says that already more or less.]

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