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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bakuman 102

Painter and Mangaka

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 25, 2010 08:54 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 102

Just so everyone's aware, Mangastream dropped Bakuman because the main guy who was typsetting it and cleaning it didn't have time for it anymore. It's pretty unfair, both to me and him, but I'll be continuing to translate. And Shinra Tensei is picking it up, looks like. If I have time I'll go back and do chapter 101 this week... I still need to finish chapter 94, also...

[Bakuman 102 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
[The whole right starburst is already in English]
Top Left Starburst: ☆ A Center Color commemorating being right before
the start of the TV Anime broadcast!!
Left Pink: <- For information on the TV Anime, go to the next page!!
Insert Text: These few strokes this a pen---- are full of emotion!!
Title: Bakuman。
Page 102 Painter and Mangaka
Authors: Original Story / Ooba Tsugumi
Manga / Obata Takeshi

Page 2:
[Well, this is an ad for the anime. I'm gonna try fansubbing this if I can manage to finish some early chapters in advance.]

Page 3:
[There's some sorta Chou Hero Densetsu thing in episode 1...]

Page 4:
[And this is like a recap thing.]

Page 5:
Shiratori: ..........
Hattori: Takagi-kun usually has some free time with doing "PCP". [The PCP face is after the title. This kinda is done a lot so I'm not writing it every time.]
I don't mean doing it right away, but could you think about doing the original story for this, too?
Takagi: Eh......?
Shiratori: We're still a long way from talking about serialization, but...
if even Takagi-sensei can do the original story, I can do the drawings myself.
Takagi: B... But I can't do it unless Mashiro feels the same way.
Hattori: Ah, sorry, you're right...
Saikou: ..........
As long as it doesn't affect "PCP".... I want Shiratori-kun to be serialized, too.
And I want Takagi to get higher as an original author, so...
Side: An unforeseen proposition for Shuujin is...!?

Page 6:
Saikou: If Shuujin starts doing Shiratori-kun's original story, too, Ashirogi Muto won't be able to do another work.
Shuujin: Saikou, are you really okay with this?
Saikou: Y-Yeah. But don't make it more interesting than "PCP".
Shuujin: Hahaha, got it.
Shiratori: Ah, isn't that a little unfair?
Shuujin: Hattori-san, I want to do my best with "PCP"'s serialization right now, so I'm not sure about what you suggested yet, but I don't mind being the original author for that one-shot.
Hattori: I see...... Well you've helped out this much already, Takagi-kun, so I think that's a good stance to take. So if this "Rabuta & Peace" rolls well, we'll come back to this then.
TL Note: Loveta & Peace (恋太&ピース) is read similar to the phrase "Love and peace" in katakana. Also, the name Rabuta contains the kanji for "love".
Saikou: ..........
Shuujin: Buy my specialty is the "PCP"-like works, the so-called cult-style. And a story like "Rabuta~~" is highly tinged with fantasy, so~~~~
Shiratori: Is that so?
But it got so interesting with your guidance?
Shuujin: Well, if I get good at doing fantasy, too, I think it could be useful for Ashirogi Muto in the future, as well.

Page 7:
Hattori: For now, we've got it settled that we'll submit this one-shot with Takagi-kun as the original author.
Let's just adjust this name a bit for and you can make it a manuscript, Shiratori-kun.
Shiratori: O...Okay.
Hattori: Oh, yeah. The ideal situation would be to be able to submit it for the October Treasure award.................... But then there would be only 20 days to do it... So I guess November, then...?
Shiratori: 45 pages in 20 days..........?
If I have 20 days, I can do it!
I'm only working as an assistant, so I'll have a manuscript done in 20 days.
Hattori: If he can draw it, then it's fine. Doing all that while being an assistant, he's really motivated.
Saikou: Yeah, if you can do it, October would be good.
Shiratori: ?
Saikou: The judge for October is Aoki Kou-sensei.
She'd like a heartful fantasy like "Rabuta & Peace".

Page 8:
Hattori: I see, the judge is a good match for it.
Like how there are a lot of applicants designating "for when 'such and such'-sensei is judge".
Shuujin: Heeeeeh...... Now that I think about it, Aoki-san might be the best for that.
Hattori:Someone: Then let's make this name into a manuscript as fast as possible.
Shiratori: Yeah!
Saikou: ..........
Hattori: Ah.
Sorry, we'll get to the meeting for "PCP" right after!
Shiratori: That's right... My project should come second to a meeting for something already serialized......
Saikou: No,
"PCP"'s meeting was going to be at 11 in the first place, and you came early for that.
So while there are still trains going back...
Hattori: ...........
O... Okay... Well, though I said it needs adjustment, it won't take more than a few hours.
Shuujin: Then shall we head into it?
Shiratori: Yes.
Saikou: ..........

Page 9:
Hattori: For the first thing,
have Peace gaze staringly at people's conversations.
Here we'll have the readers thinking he's a normal dog, and then put Peace's first monologue on the next page, that'll attract the readers.
Shiratori: Ah, I see, that way is better. [Italics on "is"]
Saikou: ..........With both Hattori and Shuujin revising it, it'll definite turn into a good work.
For someone who's only been an assistant for half a year and has never make one work into a manuscript before, normally it would be impossible to complete 45 pages in 20 days.
But on top of Shiratori-kun being fast with a pen, he has amazing talent in drawing... Now if he only has the strong will to do it...
Hattori: So that's it in a nutshell...
Shuujin: Okay.
Shiratori: Thank you very much!
I'll go home and make it a manuscript.
And definitely have it done by October 31st!
Hattori: Now,
the main "PCP" meeting!
Saikou: Okay.

Page 10:
Shuujin: Hew.
Like I thought, doing meetings for two works is tiring.
Saikou: Haha, good job.
Shuujin: You think "Rabuta & Peace" can make it?
Saikou: .........
I think in Treasure it would get in the top picks, but...
actually with it being your original work I'd be worried if it didn't get there or higher.
Shuujin: Y...yeah. It wouldn't look good for Ashirogi Muto to not even be in the final selection.
Saikou: The original author won't be Ashirogi Muto, it'll be Takagi Akito, right?
SFX: Zuh... Zuzu...
Shuujin: ....Oh, right... Ashirogi Muto is a two-man penname, isn't it...?
But I don't want to use my real name.......................... Taka... ki... Aki...
Kido Takaaki, how about that? [Kido Takaaki is large]
TL Note: This is just Takagi Akito with the kanjis moved around, changing some pronunciations.
Saikou: Haha... That's random... But it kinda works somehow.
Shuujin: I may be changing the penname, but this is a challenge for the sake of Ashirogi Muto's next work to the bitter end.
Saikou: !... Right.
Well, you heading home?
Shuujin: Yeah.

Page 11:
Shuujin: So did you tell Azuki?
Saikou: What?
Shuujin: That "PCP" probably won't become an anime.
Saikou: ..........It wouldn't matter if I did.
Shuujin: Yeah, I guess..
Saikou: Speaking of which, did you tell Kaya-chan, Shuujin?
Shuujin: I didn't.
Kaka-chan think we'll definitely get an anime if this keeps up.
Plus, I mentioned it too her that with Azuki doing the Mai role for the Drama CD, she'd pretty much definitely do her for the anime.
Saikou: ..........
Shuujin: Sorry..........
Let's do our best on "PCP", and even if it won't become an anime, we'll definitely make our next work an anime.
Saikou: Yeah.
Shuujin: See ya.
Saikou: Our next work, huh......?

Page 12:
Girl: Do you really like this picture that much?
Shiratori: ......
[Easiest Bakuman page ever. Now if only this chapter weren't 23 pages long...]

Page 13:
Girl: Shun, ever since you were a toddler, you've come here really often to gaze at it, haven't you?
I honestly can't understand why you'd look at it so many many times.
Shiratori: Yeah, me neither...
Girl: ..........
Shiratori: Most painters paint pictures because they like them, so they only think about if what their making is enough for that day's bread, don't you think?
Girl: The ones who make money are the picture dealers, huh?
...Even so, the picture collection was just something uncle wasted his money on while he was alive.
Pictures and girls are best when it's love at first sight.
You want to have them no matter what.
But with pictures, once you get them they never change.
You've said the same thing so many times.
............Shun only has talent for pictures......
"Don't tell people the elders on of the Shiratori Family is a helper with manga."
You must be glad Mama is preparing for you to study abroad in Paris, huh?
Shiratori: !

Page 14:
Shiratori: Is a managka really that bad?
Girl: ..........You would have more of a reputation, and even you said you wanted to be an painter, didn't you?
Shiratori: ..........
I can just look at this picture like this, but.......
Uncle paid a large sum of money to get it all to himself, didn't he?
Girl: ?
Shiratori: With manga, for a little money many people can see it.
It can be enjoyed by lots of people.
Even mangaka is a fine job.
Shiratori: I'm going to try my best with Manga.
Girl: ..........
Writing: *scratch* *scratch*
*scratch* *scratch*

Page 15:
Box: October 14th, Tuesday.
Orihara: The-The original story's done by Takagi-sensei!?
Shiratori: Yes.
Moriya: ...........
Shiratori: I think it's best that Takagi-sensei look at it for me, and we adjusted it three times.
Orihara: ..........I see.
SFX: Kah
Orihara: But it's only like two weeks until the deadline for the October Treasure, though......
Shiratori: Right now I'm just drawing without really sleeping, so I'll be sure to make it in time.
Orihara: ................If you're chosen for Treasure,
and appear in the actual magazine.......
and get popular, would you be aiming for being serialized with Takagi-san as the original author?
Shiratori: .............It's a bit early for that, Orihara-san. We still don't know if I'll win the prize at Treasure yet, you know?
Saikou: ..........
Shiratori: But if I could get serialized... Then...

Page 16:
Box: October 30th, Thursday
Orihara: Mashiro-san, it's not Friday, looks like we were able to get it up a day early.
Mashiro: We've been serialized for 8 months, so we've got to get a little faster... I'd like to give you assistants more of your own time, too.
.........I want "PCP" to keep being a popular manga
but it won't become an anime... if that's the case..............
Shiratori: Thanks to that, it looks like I'll make it in time for tomorrow's deadline.
Shiratori: Ooh! You did it!
SFX: Fura...
Saikou: .......He really did 45 pages in 20 days by himself, amazing.
You sure worked hard, didn't you~~~~~~
I'm praying you get good results, too.
Shiratori: Thank you so much.

Page 17:
Sign: The Next Day.
Sign: Shuueisha
Hattori: Okay, well done!
I honestly didn't think you could draw this much, but now that you've done it I think you're good.
Shiratori: Thank you very much. I think it's good I become an assistant, because it's gotten me used to using a pen.
Hattori: Well, I'll submit this to Treasure.
Shiratori: Please.
Hattori: Ah?
Shiratori: ?
Hattori: When you became an assistant you said "I don't intent on becoming a mangaka, but I'm fine if I can draw", but even as just the manga artist, you're okay with aiming for being a mangaka, huh?
Shiratori: Yes!

Page 18:
Aida: Don't be stupid!
No matter how much you say you've changed his name, how the hell could Takagi-kun submit something for Treasure!
Did you forget the dispute about Ashirogi Muto as an already contracted author entering Treasure once before?
Hattori: Ah,
I completely forgot...
But this time it's just the original story, so I wasn't thinking about that kind of thing... But now that you mention it, you're right.
What should I do with this manuscript..........
Aida: If Takagi-kun's the original author, then show it to me at the name stage.... Geez.
Whatever, let me take a look at it.
Hattori: Here.
Aida: Oh, this is interesting! And the drawings are good, too! We'll have to try and get this run in "NEXT!" or in the main magazine.
Hattori: Is that all right?
Aida: I'm telling you, it's no good unless we do.
Hattori: I'd like it to run in the main magazine the most, please.
That way we'll get the results fastest.
Aida: I'll put in an enquiry to the higher-ups, but if it's a no then "NEXT!", if not then it's rejected.
Hattori: Re...
Aida: I'd think with "Ashirogi Muto as original author" this would get the center color in "NEXT!", but the name is changed.
Hattori: .........
I understand.

Page 19:
Box: 5 days later.
SFX: BUBUBU..........
Shiratori: Hattori-san........
It's my phone, excuse me.............
This is Shiratori.
Hattori: Congratulations! It's a bit sudden, but they've decided to have it appear in the issue going on sale on November 24th!
Shiratori: Eh!?
Hattori: "Rabuta & Peace" is running in the main magazine with the center color. So just redo the first page as soon as you can so it's colored.
Shiratori: Yes.
Ashirogi: ?
Shiratori: Takagi-san,
it's been decided that "Rabuta & Peace" is going to appear in the main magazine!
Orihara: Eh, appearing!?
Shuujin: The main magazine!?

Page 20:
Shuujin: But wasn't it going to be submitted for Treasure..........?
Orihara: It seems we couldn't submit it for the Treasure award because you were the original author Takagi-sensei............
Shuujin: Ah, really?
Moriya: ..........
Shuujin: So it ended up being about putting it in "NEXT" or the main magazine?
And I was saying it was impossible for the first work you wrote to suddenly be ran.
Shiratori: Hattori-san said I had good timing, because a space for a one-shot just opened up, it seems....... This is the best result...
Orihara: Anyhow, congratulations! Like I thought, it was good to have Takagi-san doing the original story.
Shiratori: I think so to, I sure was lucky.
Shiratori: It's so unfair. Please write an original story for me, too, Takagi-san!
Takagi: I just looked at Shiratori-kun's name and gave advice...... And Orihara-kun, you haven't even written a name.
Orihara: Yea~~h, I guess you have a point there~~
Saikou: If it gets good results here, Hattori-san will probably...............

Page 21:
Shiratori: I'm hoooooome.
Peace: UON!
Shiratori: Haha, cut it out, Peace!
SFX: PECHA PECHA (licking)
Shiratori: It's amazing, Peace.
Shiratori: The story I wrote with you and I as models
is going to run in "Jump"!
Mom: Shun, what is this "Jump"?
Shiratori: ! Welcome home, Mom.
........Oh, right... She doesn't even know about "Jump"...
"Jump" is a manga magazine...
Mom: Please quit this being a manga assistant already. If you really must keep up with pictures, study abroad in Paris.
I've made the arrangements.
Shiratori: ! .........

Page 22:
Shiratori: I'm not just assisting, I'm getting my own work published now.
It has someone else's original story, but it's with my drawings......
Mom: .......
Please stop this now, things like manga are worthless... I'm not just letting you do whatever you like anymore.
Shiratori: !
Worthless? ............ Even though I said my own work was running, she doesn't think she wants to see it.............
There are ways that it's not worthless, that it's really something worth doing.............
Tons of people will see it and be happy because of it.
Mom: You're always acting like a baby...
Entering your father's company or going to Paris...
It's going to be one of those, all right?
SFX: Pata pata
Shiratori: .........Enter Dad's company......
or study abroad in Paris......
or get out of this house......?

Page 23:
Sign: Takagi
Kaya: Hey,
You're a combo with Mashiro, so don't you think it's not a good idea to be Shiratori-kun's original author?
Shuujin: Yeah, I dunno~~~~ Saikou wasn't against it, in fact he told me to go ahead.
Kaya: Even if he wasn't opposed to it, it's because his character won't allow him to.
You know that much, right?
Shuujin: ......You think so?
Kaya: I'm sure.
I think you should stop even if the results for the one-shot are good.
Shuujin: Well, I don't want to slight "PCP" no matter what, and Hattori-san said that unless "Rabuta~" gets really great results we can't think about serialization.
Kaya: And what if it does get those really great results?
Shuujin: I'll talk it over with Saikou.
Kaya: Like I said, even if you discuss it with him, Mashiro won't say "no"......
Shuujin: That's not gonna happen. Me and Saikou are on terms where we say what we want to say.
Saikou: It's a good thing that Shuujin is growing as an original author...
There's no doubt about that.
Pen: *scratch* *scratch*
Insert Text: Little by little... Have these two's paths of manga started to diverge...!?
Bottom: Bakuman。
...Page 102
/ End

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kewl your awesome
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We're not going to release this chapter without releasing 101 first... *gives it to Lokocr to clean though*
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kewl your translation is the best one... I used it for my spanish version, thanks xP
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