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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bakuman 105

Defective and Rough

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 22, 2010 05:48 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 105

[Bakuman 105 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Insert: ☆On the official Jump home page, shonenjump.com, "Bakuman。" is now being featured!!
Title: Bakuman。
Shiratori: It's really too~~~ bad. There are rooms that let you keep small dogs...
And it's hard to do without a parent or guardian, too~~~
Insert: A wandering young mangaka!!
Shiratori: I don't think I'm finding a room today...
I'll be going in for assistant work starting Tuesday, so I've got to find one in 2 days.
Title: Page 105 Defective and Rough
Original Story / Ooba Tsugumi
Manga / Obata Takeshi
Shiratori: If Peace wasn't here, there'd be places I could stay, but...
Side: The TV anime, running every week starting at 6PM on Saturday on NHK Educational TV is getting rave reviews!!
Shiratori: Ah
It's okay, I'm not gonna send you back to the house alone or anything.
There's nothing we can do, we'll be spending the night in the park today, too.

Page 2:
Shuujin: Saikou,
I thought I'd try doing an arc for "PCP" a little different from what we've been doing up till now.
Something: *Pih*
Saikou: What kind of story?
Shuujin: A story where the three make use of their own experience to catch a real criminal.
Saikou: That sounds interesting.
Shuujin: But I'm worried it's got too similar a feel to "TRAP".
Saikou: I don't think you need to be too concerned about that, but it's true, catching a criminal.........
Even though they don't know the name PCP, we consider everyone to know they exist, right?
Shuujin: Well, I'm it's made to appear that way at least.
Saikou: Then how about not a real criminal, we make it some guys who are doing deeds that are too malevolent to be PCP, or something like that.
Shuujin: !

Page 3:
Saikou: And even Akechi thinks "This isn't PCP", and you involve a story about him trying to catch the real criminals.
Shuujin: I see.
That's good! That's what I'll go with. I'll think it over with that idea.
Stopwatch: *Pih*
Pen: *Kari*
SFX: Gorogorogoro
Shuujin: ............That's right, even if he's only considered the artist, we've already made manga together for several years...
Saikou at least knows the basics of making stories.
"One more work done alone...", huh......? Being who he is, Saikou really can.......
So what should I do? Can I write "Rabuta & Peace"? .............
Saikou, is your drawing speed increasing?
Saikou: Just a little at a time.........
At this rate I don't know when I'll be able to do another series..........
SFX: Gorogorogoro
Saikou: What're you thinking about "Rabuta", Shuujin?
Shuujin: For now I've said that I'd make the first chapter with Shiratori-kun, but I still don't know how we should get into it, I've got no confidence~~~
It's got and air like "Who knows when we'll have something we can submit for a serialization meeting...?"
Saikou: Calm down.
SFX: Gorogorogoro

Page 4:
Shiratori: So co~~~ld. Man, it's already December~~
SFX: Hyuuuu
Shiratori: !
Maybe we can even put a scene like this into "Rabuta & Peace"...
He gets in a fight with his family and leaves home.......
And when he's worried and doesn't even have a place to sleep, Peace sniffs out an evil person and they beat him together. They save a girl and then stay at the girl's house......
But that's not original~~
No, Hattori-san and Takagi-sensei both said that cliches are a basis, and the part you need to think of how to spice it up, so I'll write it down for now.
Shiratori: I'd might as well make it into a name.
Drawing pictures is fun.
Pencil: *Sasa*
Shiratori: .........Drawing pictures is fun..........
(Flashback): Mamaa, I did a good drawing of you!
Mom: I'm busy right now, later.
Drawing: Ma Ma
Shiratori: Well, it came out really well so I'll put it on the window, okay?
SFX: Peta

Page 5:
Mom: What're you doing, Shun?
With this here, I'll be embarrassed to have any guests come!
Shiratori: !
Shiratori: ..........
Teacher: His grades aren't particularly bad, I think he'll be able to do well if he tries, but
Right now in he's filling his notebook with doodles during classes......
Mom: .......
SFX: Para...
Mom: Don't embarrass me!
You're the successor to the Shiratori name. Please study!
Shiratori: Suu...
SFX: HYUUU... Kasa kasa

Page 6:
Box: Tuesday
Kaya: Mashiro, Akito-san said so, too, but
something's odd about Shiratori-kun.
Saikou: Eh? What?
Stopwatch: *Pih*
SFX: HISO HISO (whispering)
Kaya: His hair is all stuck together, and though he usually always smells nice, today he doesn't...
Saikou: .........He smells nice...? Nice observation... Maybe he's got a cold or something so he didn't take a bath, or something like that.
SFX: HISO HISO (whispering)
Box: The next day.
Kaya: This is definitely weird. He's wearing the same clothes as yesterday......... And he's kinda dirty.
Shuujin: I think it's pretty strange, too...
Saikou: .........Okay, I get it.
Shiratori-kun, excuse me, but could you stay behind a bit after work today?
Shiratori: Eh?

Page 7:
Then what's happening with that dog, Peace right now?
Shiratori: He's waiting at the park..........
Kaya: The park.... But there are pet hotels and stuff... What if someone takes him to an animal shelter?
Shiratori: Peace'll be all right. He's pretty smart, he even waited for me yesterday.
Saikou: You're better off hurrying to that park.
Shuujin: Yeah.
Shiratori: ..........
Sign: Park
Shiratori: Hey, you've been a good boy, haven't you?
Licking: *lick*
Kaya: Peace is huge...
Ashirogi: .........Shiratori-kun, please tell us exactly what's going on.
Shiratori: Okay.

Page 8:
Shuujin: So either you go into your father's company or you study abroad?
Shiratori: Yes.
Saikou: Why won't they let you do manga?
Shiratori: I think it's because they think manga is worthless.
Kaya: Th... That's really rude of them!
Shiratori: I started to tell them about how I applied to be an assistant myself in order to study drawing from a different angle, but...
My Mother immediately told me to quit...
強引 手続き
But I haven't, so they've decided to force me by going though the process for me to study abroad in Paris...........
Saikou: And you want to be a mangaka, right, Shiratori-kun?
Shiratori: Yes.
That's why I left home.
To be perfectly honest, at first I thought I just wanted to be drawing, but
when I saw something that came from the name I wrote appearing in "Jump", I was just so happy.

Page 9:
Shiratori: When I think of the millions of people who were seeing it,
I really think it's worth doing!
Kaya: I know what you mean. I only help with the fill-in inking and tones and that makes me super-happy.
Saikou: I understand how you feel completely, but I think you should call home.
Shiratori: It's okay. I told them I'll be working at Ashirogi-sensei's place, and the address.
Shuujin: You shouldn't be camping out, though.
Saikou: Yeah. If they knew about that, they'd be even more worried.
Shiratori: Yes...
Shuujin: You can come to our house for today.
Kaya: Eh!?
E-Even with my underwear and stuff drying?
...It's fine if as long as he doesn't look in our bedroom, ain't it...?
Kaya: But with Shiratori-kun there we can't make out, right?
Shuujin: Don't talk about dumb stuff at a time like this.
And that pet's no good for an apartment!!
Shiratori: Um... I think I'll just stay here after all.............
Kaya: Come to my parent's house! My room's empty, and my Dad's a real estate agent, so he'll find a room for you, also.
Shiratori: No, I... don't want to bother..........
Kaya: It's fine, it's fine, just leave it to me.

Page 10:
Box: And so, Shiratori-kun stayed at Kaya-chan's house, and started looking for rooms the next day.
Shiratori: Waa, it has a toilet for pets?
Guy: No, this is a normal unit bath.
Shiratori: But the area for people to live is small, isn't it?
Guy: No... Like I said, this is a normal one-room apartment.
Box: And by 4 o'clock when the assistants came in, he'd decided on a (pet accessible) room.
Shiratori: I understand, thank you very much!
Seats, curtains, daily necessities, a refrigerator, a washing machine, it's perfect.
Guy: You can at least spread out the futon yourself, right?
Shiratori: Yes!
Box: And that weekend, he started living alone.
Shiratori: Kaya-san! A large amount of bubbles came out of the washing machine......
Is it defective?
Kaya: How much detergent did you put in!?
Shiratori: Just one box.
Kaya: Are you an idiot!? Please read the instructions properly!
SFX: Buku buku
Shiratori: Kaya-san! The rice is hard and I can't eat it, is the rice making machine
Kaya: Please tell me how you cooked it.
Shiratori: I put in the rice and the boiling water and waited 3 minutes.
Kaya: Are you just trying to get attention!? You are, aren't you!? I'm not laughing.
SFX: Kachiiin...

Page 11:
[Sign already says Shiratori]
Dad: What're you being so formal about, Hitomi?
Hitomi: It's about Shun.
Dad: He's already an adult. There's no reason to get upset if he doesn't come back after a week.
Hitomi: Mama's the only one getting hysterical.
Have you seen this, Papa?
[I'm pretty sure I did this cover before...]
Rabuta & Peace Ad: Special One-Shot Center Color 45 P [Right side]
"Rabuta & Peace" [Under picture]
Original Story Kido Takaaki
Artwork Shiratori Shun
Commemorating the popularity of the anime,
the opening color!! [Above the title CROW]
Punishment on a Moonlit Night!! [Insert Text]
Center Color
Devil Demon [Lower right thing]
SFX: Su...
Dad: ..........Shun wrote this......? I haven't read recently so I missed it.
Hitomi: Recently......... Papa, you're 46.
Dad: ...No... I see it outside sometimes...
Rabuta: Peace................
It was you, wasn't it? [This is mostly cut off. That's what I can see.]
Peace: HAH
Rabuta: Thank you............
Dad: ......This is Shun and Peace, isn't it...?
Hitomi: Yeah......
Papa, do you want Shun to succeed you in your company?
Dad: If Shun takes it over, we'll go bankrupt in the blink of an eye.
Anyhow, here, he did really well.
Page: *para*
Hitomi: Papa

Page 12:
Box: The next Wednesday
Saikou: Good morning everyone.
Everyone: Good morning.
Kaya: Mashiro,
we assistants only start after you finish your inking, so please come earlier, okay?
SFX: Petapeta
Saikou: Sorry, sorry.
It looks like Shiratori-kun's all calmed down, I'm glad...
SFX: Gasa
Shiratori: Mashiro-sensei?
Saikou: Eh? Yes?
Shiratori: On this page, even though it's during recess, should have a few students in the classroom, right?
Saikou: Ah, yes. Please.
Shiratori: If I draw the under-sketch of each student in detail, should I show it to you once?
Orihara: If you're doing an under-sketch of course you'd have to show it to him.
Saikou: Did you say in detail?
Shiratori: Sorry.
When I did my own manuscript, I just did a rough sketch before inking it.
Saikou: ! Only a rough?

Page 13:
Saikou: Hang on... Shiratori-kun, could you draw Makoto in your own way for me?
On this manuscript?
Shiratori: Eh!? Me, do the main character?
SFX: Gata
Shiratori: Okay......
What kind of pose?
Saikou: Yeah.............
How about, he's extending the measuring tape on his cell phone strap...
Before you ink it using your method, show it to me..........
Shiratori: I'm done.
Saikou: Eh, that was fast.
Just this!?
Shiratori: I always ink it after only doing this much...... is it all right?
Saikou: .........Inking with this............

Page 14:
Shiratori: Huh? It looks nothing like yours......... Like I thought, there's no way I can do your characters, sensei.
Writing: *scratch*
Saikou: He can draw it plenty.......
Thank you!
Shiratori: ?
I've been doing under-sketches where I could just trace it with the pen, but if I can do it this way....
I'll give it a try...
SFX: Gatah
Drawing: *Sha*
Saikou: Uwah, I can't get a good balance between the face and the hair...
Should I do a regular under-sketch for the eyes at least...?
I'll figure out how far can I simplify the under-sketch.... then I have to get used to it...

Page 15:
Kaya: Huh? Hattori-san's not coming today, right?
Shuujin: Yeah, the manuscript is tomorrow......... And there wouldn't be any salesman or anything at 9 o'clock at night.
Someone: This is Shiratori.
Shiratori: Mom.

Page 16:
Mom: Shun, enough of this foolishness, come home.
Shun: ..........
I'm not going home. I even got a room.
Kaya: That's right, a one-room apartment
that allows pets.
Mom: ...........A one-room... Living in a place like that with Peace?
It must be suffocating.......
Kaya: Well, excuse me! [Excuse me in italics. It's supposed to be sarcastic.]
Shuujin: ..........
Saikou: Um,
why are you against him drawing manga, exactly?
Mom: ..........
Shiratori: Because being a manga assistant is uncool.........
Orihara: Eh!?

Page 17:
Shiratori: Mom's always saying that, isn't that right?
Mom: ..........
It is not appropriate for the eldest son of the Shiratori household.
Dad: ..........
Shiratori: Inappropriate?
You mean with regard to public image, right.........?
Mom: If you want to draw pictures, then be a painter...
Go to an art college..........
Shiratori: When I flunked out of art school, it would be disgraceful to go to prep school so you said study abroad.......
They're all tracks mom set me based on worrying about appearance.......
Mom: What're you talking about, Shun? I listened to your selfishness and even prepared a route to drawing pictures for you.
Isn't that right, dear?
Dad: ......Yeah.
Shiratori: It's not just painter that draw pictures!!
SFX: Guh...

Page 18:
Shiratori: In class, I always did doodles in my notebook. I'm suited to manga.
I know that.
I was so happy when my own work was recognized. And drawing manga is fun.
Mom: These things like "happy" and "fun"...
In the end it's just the same as an extension of your doodling and playing around drawing, isn't it?
Saikou: ! Doodles?
Shuujin: Playing...
Moriya: ............
Saikou: Please don't fool around like that! This isn't playing!
We're staking our lives on this!!
Even Shiratori-kun hasn't been sleeping well to draw his work, and he's even left his home to try to do it!
Mom: !
Who are you?
Please don't meddle in other family's affairs.
Shuujin: Saikou, calm down!
Saikou: How could I!?
Shuujin: You're right. You just didn't say it right.
Let me speak.

Page 19:
Shuujin: So you want to call it things like "inappropriate" and "playing around", huh?
Shuujin: Saikou, I said I had no confidence with "Rabuta & Peace", but I take it back.
I'm fired up now..........
Shuujin: I'll do it!
I'll join forces with Shiratori-kun and make something amazing!
We'll show you a work that the Shiratori family can be proud of!
Insert: Is it just playing around...? He'll show them!!
Saikou: Shuujin.
Bottom: Bakuman。
...Page 105
/ End

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