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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Billy Bat 61

The Real Truth

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 4, 2011 03:29 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 61

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[Billy Bat 61 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: My fellow Americans,
I must tell you extraordinarily grave news.
The American President, John F. Kennedy, has died.
JFK's fatal wound was made less than an hour ago in Dallas.
He was assassinated by sniper fire.
Side: Oswald and Jackie driven into a desperate situation...... Now who is the true culprit who has finally assassinated JFK......!?

Page 2:
Guy: I repeat.
The President has been killed by sniper fire during his parade in Dallas......
and has died.
Chuck: My God...........
Fake: It's truly an earth-shattering event......
We're gonna be busy.
Chuck: Huh?

Page 3:
Fake: It's our time to shine, now.
We've gotta support the hearts of America.
Billy's got to give everyone spirit.
With this happening, right now the most popular person in America is Billy Bat.
You could even go as far as to say Billy will be our next President.
After all, Billy Bat is.............

Page 4:
Fake: Immortal!!
Title: Chapter 61 The Real Truth

Page 5:
Police Radio: The policeman that was shot was named J. D. Tippit.
He was already dead by the time he reached the hospital.
Do you think there's some connection to the President's assassination?!
We have a person who matches the suspect's description!
I repeat!!
There is a man matching the characteristics of the suspect at......

Page 6:
Police Radio: We have word that he's in the Texas movie theater!!

Page 7:
Rabbit 1: Wind direction OK, range OK!!
Rabbit 2: How what that?!
Rabbit 1: It's a hit!! The back of the neck near the right shoulder!
Wind direction OK, range OK!!
Rabbit 2: How what that?!
Rabbit 1: Hmmmmm, I think you hit the governor riding in the front......!?
Rabbit 1: Wind direction OK, range OK!!
Rabbit 2: I got him!!
Rabbit 1: Direct hit!!

Page 8:
Jackie: !!
Wh......What!? Is this a cartoon?
Guy: Pipe down.
Jackie: Huh......!?
Guy: The movie's startin'.
Jackie: Eh......?

Page 9:
Jackie: Huh?
Oswald: ..........!!
Billy: So basically, the President was assassinated!!

Page 10:
Oswald: ..........!!
Billy: Starring Oswald!!
Co-starring Oswald!!
A screenplay by Oswald!! Effects by Oswald!!
Oswald: Stop it..........
All Directed by Oswald~~~~!!
Oswald: Stop iiiit!

Page 11:
Billy: You're a one-man drama!!
Oswald: Shut up!!
What they hell was that preview just now?!!
Billy: Ah, you mean this?
"Seven Days in May" coming soon to a theater near you!!
Oswald: That movie's.........
The plot line of that movie, isn't it......?
Billy: Ye~~~~~p, "a general planning to overthrow the government!!"
"With a special military force on board, he drives 40 tanks into Washington!!"

Page 12:
Billy" A political suspense story that could really occur!!"
Oswald: That's...... The plan the former general I shot and missed had.
Billy: Ah~~~ You're right! It is pretty similar!
What do you think would happen if that former general were the sole ringleader of Kennedy's assassination?
Oswald: ..........
Billy: That guy would never be suspected! You know why......?
Because he'd have already had an attempt on his life by the same guy who killed the President!!

Page 13:
Billy: The guy that should be suspected, isn't
and the guy that shouldn't be suspected, is.
Sure is good work in this day and age, huh~~~?
Oswald: No......!!
I'm not the killer!.......!!
Billy: The enemy's really strong.
Lots of different groups are in on this.
......And you're gonna get the blame for all of it.
Oswald: Don't joke around!!
Not even that policeman before shot by me!!
Plenty of proof will surface soon!! That Asian man's gun was an automatic, but mine was a revolver!!

Page 14:
Billy: Hahhahha.
Nobody's gonna care about proof like that.
Oswald: ..........
Billy: You're the culprit.
It's too bad, really.
Oswald: How......
How am I supposed to become this country's hero......!!?

Page 15:
Oswald: Forget hero......
I'm gonna go down as one of the worst men in history!!
Billy: No no no,
The thing humans call a "hero" is full of inaccuracies.
Human have a lot wrong in general.
But soon you've gotta tell a lie.

Page 16:
Billy: Every human's got his or her own role.
Get it?
Once in a while, there's somebody who doesn't play their part right.
What do you think happens when that happens?
Thanks to one little slip up,
all of history in a moment.............
That's why we write it down.
Oswald: Write it down.............?

Page 17:
Billy: Yep. I'm looking for somebody to record everything properly.
Oswald: You mean......
Billy: He's certainly writing you do down.
But no matter what kind of devil-like man the world remembers you as......
And no matter how much all of mankind hates you and curses you,
you can be sure that written somewhere in the records

Page 18:
Billy: it'll show that you're a hero that saved the world!

Page 19
Oswald: I'm a......
Billy: Yeah.
As soon as you carry out your last job.
Oswald: Last job..........?
SFX: *mumbling* *mumbling*
SFX: *mumbling* *mumbling*
SFX: *mumbling* *mumbling*

Page 20
Oswald: The police......!!
Billy: There's a guy in that police brigade who's aiming for Jackie.
Because she knows who really assassinated the President, too.
That's your final mission.
Go, hero!
Oswald: Run!!
Jackie: !!

Page 21:
Oswald: Hurry, get out of here!!
Jackie: B......But
Mr Oswald......
Oswald: I told you, I'm gonna protect you!!
Run, as fast as you can!!
Police: There he is!!
Don't let him get away!! Surround him!!
Oswald: Hurry!!

Page 22:
[No Text. Just a guy's last stand.]

Page 23:
[This, too.]

Page 24:
Oswald: Mission accomplished.
Side: "False history" and "real history"...... In the interstice between the two is Billy Bat. And the one who writes it down is the "cartoonist"......
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 61 / End
Next issue goes on sale 7/7 in issue #33! Look forward to it!

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