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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 70

Opposing Billies

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 17, 2011 07:20 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 70

Only for Muda Scans.

Oook, this finished my catching up of this. Woo...

[Billy Bat 70 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
People: Professor, could I have a word!!
Stand back! Stand back! The professor is tired!!
Professooooor!! Could I have your autograph?!!
Narration: Koube 1922------
People: I know this is your first time here, but what is your impression of Japan......?
Please let me have an autograph~~~!!
People: Hooray~~~ He signed it for me!!
The Nobel Prize for physics you won recently was about the photoelectric effect,
but it also includes your ideas about special relativity and general relativity, correct?
Side: There are two infinite things. Space and human foolishness. Though I can't speak definitively about the former......

Page 2:
Einstein: Mm...... Because that can't be verified.
Title: Chapter 70 Opposing Billies

Page 3:
People: UWA~~~~ It's real! It's his real signature!!
So then, Professor Einstein, regarding Newtonian mechanics......
Einstein: I respect Newton, but he was mistaken......
In space there is a force of gravity that is not the force of attraction.
People: Is it true that in places where gravity differs, the progression of time changes?
Einstein: Most likely..........
In places where a strong gravity is measured, the speed at which time progresses is slower compared to entire places where lower forces of gravity are measured.
People: Is that true?!
Yes, and those are all the questions he'll be taking! Stand back-----!!
Einstein: Time is not constant in space.

Page 4:
Einstein: It's possible that if a large amount of mass is concentrated in limited space, then even light and time may be swallowed.
People: Light and time may be swallowed.........?
Einstein: In other words, space and space-time are in a continuum. Space-time isn't homogenous, it's warped.
People: Space-time is warped......?
So then if that warp were utilized, you could even go to the past or present?
Einstein: Yes, theoretically.
If you could produce a speed faster than light, there is a possibility you could go back in time.
People: HA~~~~~h...
Zofuu: Professor, could I have an autograph, too?
Could you write my name in it?
Einstein: Hm...... And your name is?

Page 5:
Zofuu: Zofu...... Make it to Karama Zofuu.
Einstein: Zofuu...... What an odd name.
Zofuu: It's a penname. I'm a mangaka.
Ah---- wait a second.
Guy: The professor is tired. That's enough......
Zofuu: Professor, what do you think of this?

Page 6:
Einstein: That's......!!
Narration: Koumori Village 1964------

Page 7:
Devivie: Geez, are these all of them?
This "Komori Kozo" series you drew.....
It's absolutely terrible......
And what's most terrible is this......
This story about this Shimoyama man being killed.......

Page 8:
Devivie: You really have bad taste.
Devivie: Hey...... Don't you think so yourself, Zofuu-sensei?
Zofuu: I'd say we both have bad taste. I've never seen such excellent rope typing technique........
Devivie: Zofuu-sensei,
aren't you ashamed?
This "Komori Kozo" series.
Don't you think this imitation is rude to Billy Bat?

Page 9:
Zofuu: Imitation? Take a look at last page from the first work of "Komori Kozo".
It was published in the 11th year of the Taishou era...... That's 1922 in anno domini.
The "Komori Kozo" series started in an age where no trace of Billy Bat existed.
Devivie: It really doesn't matter
which one came first.
Isn't that right?
It's which one is right.

Page 10:
Devivie: Now, looking at Culkin-sensei's "Billy Bat" here,
and your "Komori Kozo" here,
You can tell just from looking at them, can't you? Which one is right......
I have five daughters.
I could not show such a crude imitation to my daughters.
Zofuu: ...........

Page 11:
Devivie: Only this is the right one.
Only Culkin-sensei's "Billy Bat"! Do you understand?
Now then, first let's do something about these crude imitations...........
Ah...... This is really all of them, yes?
Zofuu: ...........
What are you planning to do?
Devivie: This is one of my jobs.
To walk around the world searching for imitations.......

Page 12:
Devivie: And burning them.
Zofuu: !!
Zofuu: Stop, you idiot!! Those are all first editions I only have one copy of!!

Page 13:
Devivie: That's why I'm burning them.
It's something I've done many times by now.
Zofuu: Many times......?
Devivie: There are people like you that draw imitations, but......
In the past, many such people all around the world......
were found and those imitations were burned like this.
Zofuu: Many people in the past......
Devivie: Yes.
A back ally second-hand bookstore in Europe...... And old warehouse in South America......
In archives storing historic book collections......

Page 14:
Devivie: They're there to find.
And I steadily find them and burn them.
Zofuu: My God......
Devivie: But I told you, didn't I?
Culkin-sensei's Billy is the only right Billy.
So the only Billy Bat around the world
will be Culkin-sensei's Billy Bat.

Page 15:
Devivie: Now, then..........
Next is what I do when I find people like you who've drawn such imitations.
This is another one of my jobs.
Devivie: I call thus job......

Page 16:
Zofuu: ..........!!
Devivie: This extermination job is very hard work.
Well, there aren't any enjoyable kinds of work that aren't.
Zofuu: Oh?!
Hey, you damn idiot!!? What are you trying to do?! Stop!!
Devivie: Yes, yes, please be quiet.
Zofuu: Like hell I will!!
Untie me dammiiiiit!!
Devivie: But both that and this are for Billy's sake.

Page 17:
Zofuu: GUOE!! Y......You idiot, GUE!!
Devivie: And for the children that love Billy.
Zofuu: GUE GUOE!!
Devivie: Ah..... Yes.
Are these really all of your "Komori Kozo"? You didn't entrust some to anyone, did you?
Zofuu: GUHO, GUE......
Devivie: Ah...... And there was one more thing I wanted to ask.
Zofuu: GUE
Devivie: Where is the scroll?

Page 18:
Zofuu: You've exposed yourself.
As I thought, that's what you're really after?
If anything happens to me, the location of the scroll will fall into the darkness.
Devivie: Like I thought, you do know where the scroll is......

Page 19:
Devivie: And you think you can use it as a bargaining chip to save your life.
It is not.
Zofuu: GUE!! OUH!!
Devivie: I won't listen to any bargains.
You wouldn't say where the scroll was even under threat of death anyhow.
Zofuu: GUEGUO!!
If anything happens to me...... GEHOH!!
Devivie: Yes, yes.
Zofuu: Your...... your........
I'll go back to the past............
and kill your parents!!

Page 20:
Devivie: Huh?
Zofuu: I'm saying what do you think will happen when I go back to the past and kill your parents?!!
Devivie: Pardon? [Gaijin-y font.]
Zofuu: It's still burning. Look at the sketchbook on the right edge!!

Page 21:
Devivie: A. Einstein............?
Zofuu: What do you think? It's real.
I met the professor directly and showed him the drawing of the bat.
What I'm saying isn't a threat or anything like that.
It was affirmed by Einstein.

Page 22:
Zofuu: When the professor saw the bat drawing, this is what he said.
Einstein: That's......

Page 23:
Please stop.
Zofuu: I knew it, you know this guy, too.
You've talked with this bat, too, huh?

Page 24:
Einstein: Something terrible will happen.
Please abandon such things as time travel.
Side: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow....... Quoted from Professor Einstein..
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 70 / End
The next chapter appears in issue 52 going on sale 11/24! Look forward to it!

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