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Toriko 165

VS Livebearer!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 19, 2011 22:46 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 165

Only for HWMN

Still trying to figure out what's going on with my normal raw provider...

[Toriko 165 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Coco: Number 55.
Side: With Coco's super "eyesight" they get off to a head start!! Where will this game lead?!
Announcer: Number 55!! There it is! the *"Smashroom"!!
Asterisk: *Smashroom is Ooita Prefecture's Penname Matsushou-san's work!
Announcer: Another "Hit"! This makes 3 in a row!! ["Hit" in white.]
The "Cherring", "Watermelon Clam" and "Smashroom"in a sudden three-consecutive hits!!
Asterisk: *Watermelon Clam (Suika Gai) is Aichi Prefecture's 小久保ゆち子-san's work!!
Announcer: In total they've captured 40 points-----!!
Komatsu: All right! Amazing, Coco-san!!
Toriko: Plus these ingredients are friggin' delicious!
Bottom: "Toriko"

Page 2-3:
Announcer: Team Coco, Toriko, Komatsu have 3 consecutive hits and finished eating all the food,
so now the turn transfers to Livebearer!!
Insert Text: Destiny is released on the table!!
Title: Gourmet 165 VS Livebearer!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Lower Right Insert: ☆Every Sunday at 9 on Fuji TV,
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
Airing on the 27th is the conclusion between Toriko VS Tommyrod!!
Toriko's new special technique explodes!?
Bottom Insert: Notice [Box]
There was an editorial mistake in the Toriko 17 Jump Comics volume that went on sale November 4th. We deeply apologize. For anyone who would like, we will allow it to be exchanged. For information on how to exchange it, please check the Weekly Jump homepage. For those who cannot access the homepage, please consult the toll-free number 0120-656-515.
Lower Right Insert: ☆For iformation now the newest Toriko goods go to page 20! Don't miss it!!
Match: Coco...
He's truly amazing...
The 56 cards I chose were shuffled from several tens of sets of cards, and then randomly selected...
Furthermore, the numbers on the backs of the cards were replaced. Even I don't know which ingredients are under each number anymore...
So it's because of his overwhelmingly powerful eyesight that can capture electromagnetic waves...?
Or is it by his "fortune telling" he is able to see the future......? In either case,
in a gambling battle, there's no man more reliable.

Page 4:
Live: It would seem
it wasn't a coincidence...
Coco: .............
Live: The chance of getting 3 consecutive hits in 56 cards is 14,8665 in 1.
That's a difficult figure for me to think this is a fluke.
So you know...
which cards are hits...?

Page 5:
Coco: You could say that...
for both of us, couldn't you?
Live: Uhu [Heart]
Like I thought, I have truly worthy opponents, it seems.
Dealer-san, number 32, please. ["Number 32" big.]
Komatsu: .....!!
Both of you...?
Match: ............
Number 32, *"Sausage Worm"!!
Asterisk: *Akita Prefecture Penname Tonbo-chan-san's work!!
TL Note: Sausage Worm = Chouzume Worm
Live: Number 16.
Match: .........

Page 6:
Match: !!
Announcer: There it iiis, a hiiit!!
The high 50-point ingredient the "Sausage Worm"!!
Match: Like I thought...
I expected him to use some trick, but...
he did it this early?
Live: Understand? I have pride as a gambler.
I would not do such a worthless act.
Coco: That lie came out of his mouth as natural as exhaling breath.
From the beginning, he wasn't one bit picky about how he'd do this match.
All he is
is a parasite-like desire of lusts for memories.

Page 7:
Announcer: "Sausage Worm"!
Please finish it all.
Live: I'm alone, so,
I'll be cooking and eating it myself. [heart]
Match: Yeah... Our guys have been keeping an eye on the kitchen's ingredient storehouse to make sure nothing unfair occurs.
Beyond that, as soon as we detect what trick he's using, we'll deal with it appropriately.
Live: Go ahead.
Be my guest.
Title: Kitchen
Komatsu: ..........

Page 8:
Live: Eating of the "Sausage Worm" complete!!
Live: Uhu [heart]
Announcer: Livebearer earns 50 points!!
Live: Well, let's keep it going. [heart]
Number 4.
Announcer: Number 4, *"Human-Faced King Trumpet Mushroom"!!
Asterisk: *Hokkaidou's Penname 祇園鮫-san's work!
Live: Number 36.
Announcer: Number 36, "Human-Faced King Trumpet Mushroom"!!
This is another hiiiit!!
Komatsu: AAh...
Coco: .............
Toriko: Consecutive high-point ingredients...

Page 9:
Live: The higher the ingredients' points are,
the harder they are set to cook and eat completely.
Live: And the time limit to finish eating them
Live: Are the points x 1 minute...
In other words, the larger the difficulty of the ingredient, the larger the time allotted to eat it is.
Komatsu: .........
Live: However...
There are hits and misses among the cards.
Announcer: Eating complete!!
Live: There are in face ingredients with high amounts of points but are easy to cook and eat completely... And there is the opposite of that, as well...
Number 37 and 3, please.
Announcer: Number 37!! And also Number 3!!
This is a major win card! *"Melon Egg" and a hit!!
Asterisk: *Shizuoka Prefecture's 岡村海渡-san's work!!
Announcer: And he easily finishes eating it all!!
Livebearer has eaten 3 ingredients completely for a total of 220 points earned!! And now the turn changes!!

Page 10:
KomatsU: Aah...
Toriko: Damn...
He's suddenly got 220 points, huh...?
Signs: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Toriko: I'm counting on you, Coco...!!
Coco: In Livebearer's 3 consecutive hits
there was a trick used every time.
In contrast, Coco's hits
had no trick to speak of.
Coco grasped the slight difference in electromagnetic waves seething out of the cards.
Using that, he could sense the image of a characteristic "color" and "shape" for each one.
Narration: ■Synesthesia----
The phenomenon causes one to not just perceive the natural reception from a stimulus like hearing a sound or seeing a color, but perceive completely other kinds of sensations.

Page 11:
Narration: Using his synesthesia, Coco can easily discern electromagnetic waves and by forming them into images
he searches out cards that have the same "color" and "shape".
However, although this method can produce hits,
he cannot know the ingredient's "type" or "points". [quotes in bold.]
......But Coco...
Coco: Based on the total of 12 cards he and I have drawn so far...
I can now basically grasp which "images" are the high point cards.
He probably knows what points are assigned to each card...
So unless we keep attacking right from the outset, there will be a big difference in points.
Toriko... Komatsu-kun...
I'm the one counting on you two.
Somehow, finish eating them all!
Komatsu: R... Right!!
Toriko: You can count on us!
Coco: Number 23
and Number 44.

Page 12-13:
Announcer: There it iiiiis! This is *"Pudding Mountain"!!
The 150 point high-point ingredient!!
Asterisk: *Shizuoka Prefecture 袴田瞬-san's work!!
TL Note: Pudding Mountain = Purin Zan
Live: *Grin*
Someone: B...
Komatsu: What the hell is this!?
Announcer: "Pudding Mountain", a gigantic ingredient the size of an actual mountaiiin!!
If this ingredient is not finished within 150 minutes, it's a give-up!!
Live: NHUUUUUUHUHUHU. I wonder if you can finish that? ["NHUUUUUU" is big/curly font.]
Or would you like to make it your first give-up?
Toriko: Don't be stupid.
Sorry, but pudding's my favorite!
I'll be really enjoying this one!!

Page 14:
Toriko: ItadakimuWA~~~~~SSU
Toriko: YUUUUUUM!!
Komatsu: Ah... Ahh... Toriko-san...
Are you going to be okay with this huge amount...?
...Ah! That's right! Maybe there's some of that here...

Page 15:
Live: .........
Oh my...
Coco: Toriko...
He's as much a big eater as ever...
Komatsu: Toriko-saaan! If you eat too fast it'll cause your blood sugar to rise!
So in order to raise your rate of sugar absorption and help digestion, I'm going to add a little "Mineral Japanese Leek" as a sauce, okay!!?
TL Note: Mineral Japanese Leek = Mineral Rakkyou
And it'll add some flavor in a few places.
So you don't get sick of it before you're done, Toriko-san.
Live: ..........
narration: 30 minutes later----
Announcer: F...
Finiiiished!! Somehow...!! In only 30 minutes he consumed an entire mountain of pudding----!!
Komatsu: Toriko-san!!
Announcer: Team Coco, Toriko, Komatsu earn 150 points!!
Coco: Let's keep it going.
Moving on, Number 38 and...
Number 2!

Page 16:
Announcer: Numbers 38 and 2!! Here it is, "Summer Whiskey"!!
With 50 points, this is also a high-point ingredient hit!!
Live: Are you sure about that?
Coco: Hm?
Live: After finishing one food, you're allowed a "5 minute" postponement before you have to draw the next card...
Wouldn't it be better to give Toriko a rest, even for just 5 minutes?
Coco: Rest?
You really don't know the man known as Toriko.
What a rich liquor!! My whole body feels like it's warming up!!
Another! Bring me more booze!!
Komatsu: Hey, Toriko-san, you've already drunk one bottle, so you're done.
Anyhow, please have some snacks to go with the alcohol.
Live: ......Ah?
No matter how big a drinker or big a man, you should be immediately drop-dead drunk after drinking "Summer Whiskey"......
Toriko (On Page): These are good.
Live: ..........

Page 17:
Announcer: And another consecutive hit, *"Bullet Acorns"!!
Asterisk: *Shizuoka Prefecture Penname Kaashi-san's work!!
TL Note: Bullet Acorn = Dangan Donguri
Announcer: The high capture level nut that's hard-as-iron and you can feel a vibration from which gets fired at the speed of a bullet!!
Toriko: Hm?
Komatsu: Toriko-san!!
Komatsu: When Bullet Acorns hit the ground the immediately grow poison sprouts,
so you need to catch them before they shoot into the ground!!
Toriko: Is thus okay?
It's an easy task, really.
Live: ..........

Page 18:
Announcer: Finished eating!!
Somehow, team Coco Toriko Komatsu earn 270 points in this round, totaling 310 points!!
It's an upset!!!
Signs: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Coco: Understand, Livebearer?
This is Bishokuya Toriko!!
Live: ...........
Well done.
All those ingredients and eating them without doing a single give-up...
And with room to spare...
I don't think I've ever seen this before...
And... Which opponent is it that I should really watch out for...?
I know that as well.
I am a chef as well, so I understand... For all the ingredients Toriko has eaten up to this point
this boy who has nonchalantly performed exquisite cooking----

Page 19:
Live: Toriko hasn't notice
the fact that he's been able to finished all of the food with it being delicious
is thanks to that boy's overflowing talent...
Even with only 6 items...
he can't hide his good sense...
Live: I want a peek at them.... This boy's food history, knowledge, philosophy, beliefs...
Just where does this boy have his eyes on...?
The place this boy is looking may be far beyond the places Toriko and us see... That's the degree of talent he leads me to believe he has.
I'll definitely take it from him...
The contents of that golden brain...
It's my turn...
Side: The true colors of the devil Livebearer's desire is shown!!
Coco: Is it coming...?
The real match starts now...!!
38 cards...
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 165
/ End
Next issue, to the game's final phase!! What will happen to Coco, Toriko, and Komatsu...!?

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#1. by B'arzz ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2011
you did it!! you translate the chapther a saturday night thanks so much!!!!!
#2. by LoS ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2011
Toriko: Is thus okay? - Should be "this" I think this line has a typo

he can't hide his good sense... - should this be "food" sense not good?

Just trying to help out, because I've noticed the last few chapters if you have spelling/grammatical errors in your translations whoever typesets takes the translation verbatim and doesn't correct the errors them self.
#3. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2011
I typeset them and I DO look for any typos when I do it.
#4. by Wisshard ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2011
Thanks a lot champ.
#5. by Chrysillis ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2011
Bottom Insert: Notice [Box]
There was an editorial mistake in the Toriko 17 Jump Comics volume that went on sale November 4th. We deeply apologize. For anyone who would like, we will allow it to be exchanged. For information on how to exchange it, please check the Weekly Jump homepage. For those who cannot access the homepage, please consult the toll-free number 0120-656-515.
Lower Right Insert: ☆For iformation now the newest Toriko goods go to page 20! Don't miss it!!

Should the last be, "For information on the newest..."? Also typo on information.
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