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Toriko 168

Coco's Aim!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Dec 7, 2011 16:45 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 168

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My god, his face... I can't stop laughing...

[Toriko 168 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1-2:
Top Left Insert: ☆An opening color to celebrate the great fanfare for the anime and manga!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Top Right Insert: Louder than the ring of jingle bells [Silver]
is the rumbling of a stomach [Gold]
on a gourmet night! [Big/Gold]
Lower Right Circle: ☆"Toriko Gourmet Battle Gigure Collection 1 Special Set" the special color ingredient are now on sale!
Lower Middle: ☆Now on sale, there is a special 17 page "Toriko" one-shot in Saikyou Jump!! [Everything from "Toriko" on is yellow.]
Lower Left Insert: ☆Every Sunday at 9 on Fuji TV
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
airing on the 18th is the close of the Ice Hell arc!
What will happen to Toriko and the others...!?
☆This just in! The singer for the new ED of the "Toriko" anime has been decided to be the 16 year old high school girl singer songwriter "Ieiri Leo"!
Lower Right: The manga starts on page 31!

Page 3:
Announcer: ...There it is, the exploding cherry!!
A hit on the super special preparation ingredient the "Nitro Cherry"!!! [quote in white.]
Title: Gourmet 168 Coco's Aim!!
Coco: We need to eat this or...
Komatsu: We can't win...
Side: If the line between life and death lies in front of a delicacy, then bet your life to eat across it------!!
Live: HM~~~~~ could it be you plan to eat it?
Caaaaaaan you eat iiiiit?
Announcer: The time limite to eat it completely is
"10 minutes"!!
Sign: Kitchen
Coco: Understand, Komatsu-kun?

Page 4:
Coco: The stable temperature for the Nitro Cherry is 6 °C.
While maintaining that temperature you need to detach the layers through the boundary points.
I'm quite sure that was the way to cook the Nitro Cherry.
And during that time, you mustn't apply even a small shock to it...
Komatsu: It... It's impossible...
There isn't nearly enough time!!
Announcer: Remaining time to eat completely is 30 seconds!!
Komatsu: I can't...
Coco-san... We'll have to take a give-up here after all...
Coco: Not being able to disarm the explosion in time is within my assumptions...
What Komatsu-kun needs to do is...
Toriko: Out of the way, Komatsu!
Komatsu: !!
To... Toriko-san...
Announcer: 10 seconds remain!!
Toriko: It's just about meal time.
Announcer: 5 seconds!!
Toriko: Itadakimaaasu!
Announcer: 1 second!!
SGX: GOKU (Gulp)

Page 5:
Announcer: E...
Eaten completely!!
Toriko: !!
Toriko: UBUAH
Komatsu: To... Toriko-san!!
It blew up inside his body-----

Page 6:
Toriko: GAHHAA
Toriko: Uu...Uh
Live: That's like sticking lit dynamite into your body!
Coco: ............
Stay strong, Toriko...!!
Toriko: GAHAH...
NUuU... Gu
Match: Torikooo!!
Komatsu: Toriko-san!!
Live: A super big-miss ingredient!
Be sure to thoroughly savor it, Toriko...

Page 7:
Toriko: Livebearer...
Live: !
Toriko: There are no hits or misses with ingredients...
Without exception, every one of them is a blessing from nature...!!
Narration: The organs...
that had been destroyed by the explosion...
Toriko: For me...
all ingredients are hits!!
Narration: At a miraculous speed, the gourmet cells which had absorbed the "deliciously cooked" Nitro Cherry attempted to regenerate.
Komatsu: Okay!!
We need to hurry...!!

Page 8:
Live: MUNI~~~~ They're all hits? Oh, what a worrisome statement!
Maybe all the ingredients I've every eaten were misses?!
In that case I'm really looking forward to Toriko's memories~~~
Just as I thought...
Live: HAAAA You alone is plentyyy
Coco: The "Nitro Cherry" is a "Joker Ingredient"... ["Joker Ingredient" in white]
I'm calling for a trade.
Live: !
Of course.
Coco: I'll take the "Numblemon" from you. [quote in bold.]
And we'll submit from our side...
The "Wisdom Panda". [quote in white.]

Page 9:
Announcement: Aaah, astounding! Team Coco Toriko Komatsu [First sentence big/bold.]
Live: Ooh.
Announcement: The trade is the "Numblemon" for 200 points and presenting the "Wisdom Panda" for 250 points!!
Once again, he doesn't pick a 10-point junk card, he submitted a high-point valued ingredient-----!!
Match: Coco...
If he finishes eating that...
it'll be impossible to stage a comeback.
Coco: .........
Live: You rea~~~~lly wanna make me do a give-up, don't you~~?
I've read you...
Live: I know what ingredient...
you want to make me eat in the end...
Do you think
that I can't beat the Wisdom Panda?

Page 10:
Live: But I don' need it!
It'd be a pain in the ass!
Announcer: AAAAAAH, and here Livebearer passes on the "Wisdom Panda"!!
It's the first give-up of the game!!
Scores: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Live: Uhuhu.
Announcer: The 250 points instead go to Team Coco Toriko Komatsu, and furthermore...
Toriko!! He finishes the "Numblemon" even with his heavily damaged body!!
Plus 200 points for them!!
Incredibly, they've successfully staged a turnabout!!
Scores: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Komatsu: Toriko-san, are you okay!?
Toriko: Komatsu...
When I have food on my plate
I don't leave any left even if it kills me!

Page 11:
Toriko: But... This ingredient...
And Komatsu's cooking...
Match: No way, for there to be a turnabout here...
Coco... did you predict that he would pass?
Announcer: Because Team Coco Toriko Komatsu have had 3 consecutive hits and eating completions,
the turn switches to Livebearer!!
Live: For this game...
This is the first time I've had this much fun.
Number 5.
That's the whole ball game.
Number 31.
Announcer: There it iiis! He gets a hit on the "Electric Banana" for 180 points----!!
Because Livebearer has given up, if he can't eat this he loses!!
Match: A narcotic ingredient...
Could it be...
he'll eat it?!
Live: Uhi

Page 12:
"Electric Banana" is one of my favorites that I eat all the tiiiiime!!!
Announcer: Eaten
Livebearer ears 180 points!!
Another turnabout!!
Scores: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Match: Gu...
He's a junkie...?
Match: This is decisive----!!
Live: HIHI it's ooooveeer!
As of now...
it's impossible for you to come back...!!
Even if you take all of the remaining cards...
Ahah [Heart]
It's my victoryyyyY
I can eat them!!

Page 13:
Live: That boy's memoriiiiies
I wanna slurp them up soooooon!!
SFX: LELOLELOLELO (Tongue thingy)
Toriko: Damn... That bastard....
Gloating over his victory...
Komatsu: It's not over yet, Toriko-san!
Komatsu: There are still ingredients left...!
Let's eat them and not leave one left!!
Toriko: Komatsu...
Live: ..........
What did...
you say just now...?
Coco: There are still cards remaining...
That's what he said...
Match: Coco...
Live: You still...
intend to continue?
Coco: It's your turn to draw.
So hurry and pick your cards.
Live: So he's saying...
he can still find a way to win in the remaining cards...?
But to begin with...

Page 14:
Live: You guys were fucked in the first plaaaace!
Number 21
Number 27
Announcer: It's an out. The turn switches!!
Live: I don't need any ingredients anymoooore!!
I'll give all the ones leeeeeft!
If you can eat them,
that is. [Heart]
Coco: ............
I'm truly...
Coco: glad...
You're acting just as I predicted...
Match: !
Coco: Toriko!! Komatsu-kun!!
This is the final sprint!! Please eat all of it!!
Toriko: Right!!
Komatsu: Leave it to us!!

Page 15:
Announcement: Team Toriko Coco Komatsu eats the 50 point "Rock Lizard" completely!!
And the 10 point "Sea Urchin Rat" completely!!
And the "Caesar Snake" completely for 10 points!!
Scores: Coco Toriko Komatsu
Toriko: Ooh... This is...
My... My wounds are...
Announcer: With 3 consecutive hits and complete eating completions,
and with 1 card type remaining.
the turn switches to Livebearer!!
Live: I knew it~~~ [Heart]
And that iiis...
The big-miss card that you guys wanted me to make me eat so so much...
The "Poison Potato". [quote in white]
It's true that it's the worst of the miss cards.
Normally here I'd have to give up and it'd be the end of the match. Is that what you envisioned?
Coco: ..........
But I've got some bad news for you.
The reason you guys were fucked from the beginning is...

Page 16:
Live: There isn't a single ingredient in this Gourmet Casino
that I can't eat.
Any kind of special preparation ingredient,
any kind of wild beast,
I have the ways to capture and cook them right here in my head.
So do you get it?
From the beginning
you've been fighting a losing battle.
Match: We're beat----
That abomination...
Live: So, Coco...
your cool judgement, Toriko's frightening appetite...
Coco: ......
Live: and...
that chef's exceptional talent,
despite being my enemies, you all played admirably.

Page 17:
Live: Rest easy.
Live: Even if your brains are emptied
it's not like you'll die or anything.
In fact, just imagining someone like Toriko-chan with an empty head is so cute.
Enough for me to want to let him form a combo with me.
Toriko: ..........
Live: This is bliss----
Memories are "life" itself.
To have your memories erased
is equivalent to that person's life being taken...
This is true victory...!
And for me, that is
the ultimate pleasure----!!
Coco: I knew that.

Page 18:
Coco: The fact that you could eat all of the ingredients,
I knew it from the beginning.
Live: !
Coco: Yes.
Someone who cheats so calmly...
would never purposefully put ingredients into the game that you couldn't eat.
Live: .........You knew...
and you're saying you thought you had a chance of winning?
Coco: The ways to cook special ingredients...
Were things you had taken from other people's minds, after all...
Even if how to eat them are in your memories...
the order you would eat the ingredients today would not be in your memories... ["order" in italics.]

Page 19:
Live: Hmm~~?
The order...
I ate them?
Coco: You knew the way to eat it, right?
So why don't you hurry up and eat it...
The final ingredient...
it'll be the last one you eat in your life...
Live: Y...
You can't mean...
This guy... From the beginning, it was this...!?
He was aiming for the worst "combination of foods" [quote in white]
to go with the Poison Potato-----!!?
Aide: With an underhanded trick, a return check!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 168
/ End
Next issue, the big conclusion to Gourmet Tasting!!
And what about the "Meteor Garlic"......!?

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#1. by B'arzz ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2011
Thanks so much dude, finally the game ends what happen now!!? the real battle begins?? Thanks a lot bro=)
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