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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hunter x Hunter 335


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 8, 2012 09:19 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 335

This one was pretty interesting so I translated it for fun.

[Hunter X Hunter 335 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert Text: These two finally meet...
Gon: Ging...?
Title: No. 335 Decision
Dwun (written): Kekeke
Ging: ...
Gon: Ging!!!
Author: Togashi Yoshihiro

Page 2:
Gon: I'm sorry!! It's my fault...
It's my fault that Kaito...!!
turned into a girl!!

Page 3:
Ging: ? Uh, I heard he got caught by an enemy.
Gon: Yeah!!
I was with Kaito and he said to run and then Pitou came!!
Kaito's arm got cut off, I fell unconscious, and then I had to go through an ordeal.
Kaito got rescued from the ant's nest by Shoot... but that wasn't Kaito,
they had done sumbthing terrible do himb......!!! And I med up wit dhem!
Ging: ......
Gon: And then ven I met himb again...!!
Gaido wuz already deaaaab!
Ging: Ah~~~ I get it.
Well, no I don't, but just sit down, okay?
Hm~~~~ yeah,
Hm~~~~ Ok, let's just both of us calm down first.
Gon: Because I......
Because I said something selbish...
People: Ging is......!!
That Ging bastard is trying to hurry him along!
Gon: I'm really...
the one who sould'b died!!
Ging: Gon...
That's not true...!!

Page 4:
Ging: The reason he brought you along
was because he thought you were capable.
And the reason he told you to run
was because he felt his "reading" of you was an overestimate.
If he thought you couldn't do it from the start,
there's no way he would bring you along just because you said something.
It's his responsibility for his reading being off.
Gon: Budt!
Ging: I know... You're responsible, too, for being weak.
You feel deep responsibility, right?
Don't make the same mistake.
Gon: ......

Page 5:
Ging: And if you're going to apologize,
don't do it to me, do it to Kaito!!
Based on your story, I can't really tell if he's alive or dead, but...
either way, go!!
Gon: Oh...
Ging: There are rules to when you apologize to your comrades.
Do you know them?
No... What are they?
Ging: "What do I do next"? You make a promise with him about that.
And you make sure to honor that promise!!
Gon: .....

Page 6:
Ging: Okay, go!!
Gon: Okay!!
Gon: Ging...
Can we... talk more...? After...?
Ging: ......... Hm~~~ That'd be a problem.
I'm kinda busy and stuff......
People: Cut the crap, Ging!! How the hell can you call yourself a father?!!
You know Gon cleared Greed Island, don't you? And you still didn't meet with him?! [Upper right]
What're ya, shy?! [Lower right]
Do you have not have a drop of blood or tears in you?! [Second from the top right]
You suck, Ging! You suck, you suck, you suck!! [Top middle]
You're the one who should apologize to Gon!! Promise from now on you'll be a real dad!! [Top Middle, white.]
Leorio, give this guy another whack!! [Top Left]
Don't start talking like you're a good dad now, asshole!! [Middle Left]
Ging: Wha?! Guh!! Shut up! This is none of you bastards' business!! [Bottom center]
ho said that? Quick screwing around, you bastards?! [Bottom Left]
Ging: Aaaaah!! Sheddep!!! I get it!!!
Wait! You're going right? So get going!

Page 7:
Ging: Are you making fun of us?! You go with him!!!
You're his Dad, ain'cha?!!
Ging: Ooookay, punks!! Here I come!
If you've got a problem with me, come here and settle it!! I don't care if you all attack at once, come get me, morons!!!
Poyon: Ev-ry-one!!!!
Quiet down!!!!!

Page 8:
Chidol: The election!!
It's still not over!!!
Chidol: Yes!! I still...!! Can't give up!!
A new last chance has shown itself...!!
Poyon: Okay, go ahead!!
Chidol: ...Eh?!
Parison: There's a situation where unless the election ends, we can't leave here!!
You want to get going as soon as possible, right?
But this is the genuine final vote!!
If the vote gets taken, we'll be able to get out right after!!
If you make a statement now, everyone here will recognize it as a valid vote!!
There's me, Pariston, an also Leorio-san!! Who do you think would make a better chairman?
By the way, the previous chairman, Netero,
defeated the ant king!! Now he's taking an extended vacation...!!
SFX: Applause

Page 9:
Chidol: Wh... Why would you...
say that?!
After showing up dramatically like that, if Gon picks Leorio...
Gon: Chairman?!
Leorio's a candidate?!
Leorio: No!!
Well, a lot happened, I guess......!!
Chidol: everyone might will get swept up in emotion again and vote for Leorio...!!
Pariston: Gon-kun!! It's okay to be honest!!
Without any falsities in your heart...!! Please choose one!!
Gon: Umm...

Page 10:
Gon: I'll go with Pariston!!
Pariston: Oh...? Aren't you Leorio-san's comrade?
Are you sure you don't want to choose him?
Gon: Yeah.
I mean, Leorio wants to become a doctor,
so he can't be the chairman!!
Chidol: ....Hng?
Chidol: ...
Pariston: I see----
Chidol: I'm completely defeated...
For sure this time...
Pariston: Thank you, Gon-kun!!
Now then, shall we all cast our votes, too?

Page 11:
Leorio: Ah, sorry, I'm going with him, too!!
Make that one more vote for Pariston!! See ya!!
Morau (written): Leorio
Leorio (written): I knooow.
Gon: Ging!!
I'm going, okay?!!!
Ging: ......

Page 12:
People: "Uhuh" my aaaasss!! Are you an idiot?!
Ya should say something like "Goodbye and be careful"!! Where the hell's your common sense?!!
Waaaah Ging snapped!! BUHOGH!
Somebody stop this child neglecting piece of shit!! GEBOH
We can't!!
Twelve Zodiacs, quit laughing and do something!!
Gon: Ahaha. In a way, Ging's pretty popular, huh?
Leorio: Hm~~~ Yeah, I guess~~
Ging: Hey, Gon!!
I remembered something!!
Ging: I'm the one who taught Kaito Nen abilities!! And his techniques!!
That includes his "Crazy Slot"!
Ging: And there's one number called "Like hell I'm gonna die!"
that won't come out unless you feel really serious!!
That's probably the reason he survived!

Page 13:
Ging: So don't think he did some shit like
sacrifice himself in your place or any of that!!
You're way of apologizing is wrong!!
I'll beat the shit outta you next time!!
Gon: Got it!! I'm going now!!
Ging: Okay, I'll be waiting!!
Gon: "Next time"...?

Page 14:
Sign: The 9th Vote Total for the Election of the 13th Chairman
Total Hunters - 635
1st Pariston 458 Votes (72.1%)
2nd Leorio 157 Votes
Voter Turnout 96.8%
Valid Votes - 615
Poyon: Everyone, I am your 13th chairman, Pariston!!
I know this is sudden, but I have an important announcement!!
I, Pariston, name Chidol-san as my vice-chairman!!
And I now resign from my position as chairman!!!
SFX: DO~~~~N

Page 15:
Ging: Oh...
Well, I didn't calculate that far......

Page 16:
Chidol: Just how far much do you need to make fun of me before you're satisfied?!!
Please come back here!!!
Pariston: ......You know, I...
didn't accept the position of vice-chairman because I wanted to be chairman.
I just wanted to hinder the chairman...
Netero-san, you see, thought I was entertaining and would tease me, and it really bothered me how happy it made him...
I wanted to...
play with the President more...

Page 17:
Get the revision of the Hunter Exam and the 10 Commandments
done soon...
If the organization you make is a boring one...
then time I'm seriously going to
make fun of you.

Page 18:
Gon: Leorio, where's Killua?
Leorio: Hm? Ah~~~
Well~~~ I dunno. He's not picking up his cell.
I heard it's because he was going around looking for a way to heal you.
Well, you'll see him as soon as we can contact him.
Gon: ..........
I... have to apologize to Killua...
When we fought the enemy
I lost myself... and said some terrible things.
Leorio: I kinda feel sorry, too.
Gon: ?!
Why're you apologizing, Leorio?!
Leorio: Well~~~ I'm sorry you went through those hard times......
Gon: Eh?
What? What? I don't understand!!
Leorio: No, really, I really mean it...
Bottom: Hunter X Hunter
/ End

Page 19:
Insert Text: And one more conclusion...

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