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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 335


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 13:04 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

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*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

slanted: The two finally meet...
1: Ging...?
No.335 <> Decision
2(small): Kekeke!
3: Yo.
4: Ging!!!

1: I'm sorry!! Because of me...
2: Because of me, Kaito...
3: turned into a little girl!!

1: ? I heard he was captured by an enemy, but...
2(3b): Yeah!! I was with Kaito, then Kaito said to run, and Pitou came!!
Kaito got his arm cut off!! I was knocked out, and then I trained...
3: Shoot rescued Kaito from the ants' nest...but it wasn't Kaito!
4: They did terrible things to him...!! It was so howwible!!
5: And the neggst time I saw him,
6: he was deaaaaaaad!
7(4b): Ahhh, okay, I get it. Well, not really, but how about you sit down?
Ummm...let's see here...anyway, just calm down. Calm down. You AND me.
8(2b): It's all...begguz I was being selfish...
9: Ging...!!
10: Ging, of all people, is losing his cool!!
11: I really shudda been
12: the one who died!!
13: Gon...
14: You're wrong...!!

1: He took you with him
2: because he believed in you.
3: He told you to run
4: because his intuition had been at fault.
5: If he thought you couldn't handle it from the start,
6: he would have never taken you with him.
7: It's his responsibility for misjudging the situation.
8: Buhhh...
9: I know...your weak self has responsibility too.
10: Feel that responsibility. Feel it as much as you can.
11: And don't make the same mistake.

1: And if you want to apologize,
2: don't do it to me, do it to Kaito!!
3: I can't tell if he's alive or dead from what you told me,
4: but either way, go do it!!
5: O
6: K.
7: But there's a rule you need to follow when apologizing to a friend.
8: Do you know what it is?
9: No...what is it?
10: Promise to that person that you'll do whatever needs to be done next.
11: And keep that promise no matter what!!
12: Alright!!

1: OK now, go!!
2: Okay!!
3: Ging...
4: Can we...talk more...? Later...
5: ...hmmm, that's a tough one.
6: I'm a busy man, you know...
7: Are you fucking kidding me, Ging?! And you call yourself a father?!
8: We heard about how you didn't meet with him even after he cleared Greed
Island!! What are you, shy?!
9: Are there no blood or tears in your body?!
10: Ging's the worst!! Ging's the worst!! Ging's the worst!!
11: YOU need to apologize to GON!! Promise that "I'll be a good father from
now on!"
12: No, you know what, stop acting like you're some great, all-knowing
13(top left): Have Leorio punch you again!!
14(middle of panel 4): What?! Guh!! Shut up, this has nothing to do with
you people!!
15: Make up your mind already, dammit!!
16: Ahhhhhhhh!! Shut up, everyone!!! I got it, I got it!!!
17: I'll wait for you, Gon, so go on already!!!

1: Are you kidding?! You should go and take him there!!!
2: You're his father, aren't you?!
3: Alriiiight, alright, fine! I'll go do it!
4: Anyone who's got any more complaints can come and say them to my face!
I don't care! You're all my enemies now, you got it?!
5: E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!!!!

1: The election
2: is not over yet!!!
3: That's right!! I can't...give up yet!!
4: This new chance is my last...!!
5: Gon...!!
6: Please, go ahead!!
7: ...huh?!
8(2b): No one is allowed to leave here until the election is finished!!
But you want to leave ASAP, correct?
9: However, this is the real, end-all final voting round!! Just vote, and
you can leave!!
10: I'm sure everyone would be fine with you simply announcing your vote
right there where you stand!!
11: Either myself, Pariston, or Candidate Leorio!! Who do you think is
more fit to become the next Chairman?
12: Incidentally, ex-Chairman Netero
13: defeated the King of the ants, and descended into an eternal

1: H...how can you
2: say that?!
3: if Gon picks Leorio right after his dramatic entrance,
4(2b): Chairman?! Leorio, you were chosen?!
5(2b): No, I wasn't!! This is all an accident...!!
6: everyone could get caught up in the emotion and vote for Leorio...!!
7: Gon!! Just follow your intuition!!
8: Just be true to your heart...!! And choose one of us!!
9: Okay
10: then...

1: I'll go with Pariston!!
2: Huh...? But Candidate Leorio is your friend, isn't he?
3: Are you sure you don't want to pick him?
4(2b): Yeah. I mean, Leorio wants to be a doctor.
5: He can't be the Chairman!!
6: ...gh
7: I see--
8: I've completely lost...
9: for real, this time...
10: Thank you, Gon!!
11: Now then, let us all proceed with the voting.

1: Ah, sorry, but I'm going too!!
2: I vote for Pariston as well!! See ya!!
3(small): Leorio...
4(small): I know!
5: Ging!!
6: I'll be right back!!!
7: Yeah!

1(2b): What do you mean "yeah," you idiot!! Say "Come back safely!!" Don't
you have any common sense?!
2: Waaaah, Ging's getting mad!! Buhoh!
3: Somebody stop this child neglector!! Geboh
4(2b): There's no way!! Zodiacs!! Stop laughing and do something!!
5: Ahaha! Ging is pretty popular, huh?
6: Hmmm...I wonder.
7: Hey, Gon!!
8: I remembered one thing!!
9: I'm the one who taught Kaito how to use nen!! I taught him his ability,
10: His Crazy Pierrot has one mode called
11: "How could I die like this?!"
12(2b): It only comes out if he really means it!! So if he's alive, then
it probably has something to do with that!

1: He would never do something
2: like sacrifice himself for you, you know!!
3: So don't mess up your apology!!
4: Or else you'll be slapped again!!
5: Alright!! I'll be right back!!
6: Yeah, I'm waiting!
7: "again"...?

1: The 9th 13th Chairman Election
635 Hunters Present
1st. Pariston 458 (72.1%)
2nd. Leorio 157
Voting Percentage: 96.8% (615 valid votes)

2: Hello, everyone, I introduce myself to you now as the 13th Chairman,
3: I would like to begin with a very important announcement!!
4: I am choosing Cheadle as my Vice!!
5: Subsequently, I will now step down from my position as Chairman!!!

1: Ohhh...
2: I wasn't expecting THAT...

1: Just how much do you have to insult someone before you're satisfied?!
2: Get back here!!!
3: ...I
4: didn't choose the position of Vice because I wanted to become Chairman.
5: I just wanted to get in the Chairman's way...
6: ex-Chairman Netero really liked dealing with all the problems I would
cause for him...
7: I just wanted
8: to play with him...

1: Reform the 10 Commandments and the Hunter Exam
2: as soon as possible...
3: Cheadle...
4: If I ever see your organization become boring...
5: Then I'll be back to play.
6: For REAL this time.

1: Leorio, where's Killua?
2(2b): Hm? Ahhh...I'm not sure, actually. He isn't answering his phone.
3(2b): Apparently he got really busy looking around for a way to cure you. I'm sure you can meet him soon once we get ahold of him.
4(2b): I...need to apologize to Killua too...when I was fighting with the enemy,
5: I completely lost my head...I said something really terrible.
6: I'm the one who feels sorry here...
7: Why are you apologizing, Leorio?!
8: Nahh...it's just, you guys had it so hard, and I...
9(2b): Huh? What? What? I don't get it!!
10: No, just trust me...I'm really sorry...

slanted: Meanwhile, another climax approaches...

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