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Toriko 176

King Vinegar!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 16, 2012 01:24 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 176

Only for HWMN.

I'm glad there were only 17 pages in this today... there was sooooo much talking...

[Toriko 176 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top: "Toriko"
Narration: The artisan forest "Skill Garden"----
Toriko: EEEE~~!?
Building: Fortune Telling Sushi
You're saying the "Madam Fish"
isn't enough components for the Ehou Malki, Monchy!?
Monchy: Are you a moron!!?
It ain't close to enough, moron!!
The number and amount ain't even close! Moron!!
Are you a friggin' moron!!?
Sign: ----Sushi Craftsman----
Monchy: First off, ya don't have any "vinegar", do ya?! Ya need "vinegar", moron!! Now hurry and get some friggin' "vinegar"!! ["vinegar"s vold. All "Morons" are bold with white shadows.]
Ya moron!!
Side: Monchy really refuses!!

Page 2:
Toriko: The "Madam Fish"...
It's because that Zebura idiot ate nearly the whole thing.
Toriko: It's true I can't disagree there was a small amount of it, but...
what's with this whole thing about there being no "vinegar"?
Komatsu: He... He sure is a unique person, isn't he, this Momchy-san...
Toriko: Well, we've gotta go anyway...
So how about we aim for the ultimate "sushi vinegar"!?
Komatsu: Are you grinning, Toriko-san??
SFX: NII (Grin)
Tomu: It's in sight, Toriko!
Toriko: Yeah, I know.
Tomu: Just as I'd expect, he picked up on it by the smell.
It's the smell of his favorite "sake".
Komatsu: Eh?

Page 3:
Title: Gourmet 176 King Vinegar!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert Text: Exchanging "alcohol" amt turning red... a warm welcome to such an adventure!!
Lower Insert Text: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on FujiTV,
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆The series total sales has surpassed 12 million!! Jump Comics 1~18 & Gaiden & Fanbook are all on sale!!
☆Shimabukuro-style gags are exploding!
The Super Jump Remix "Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi"! Volume 6 containing the "Mohbie" arc is now on sale!

Page 4:
Komatsu: !!
Komatsu: Wh... What's this? This island...
looks just like a wine glass!!
Toriko: Mm---- That's a nice smell. [Heart]
Komatsu: WAaAA It's a blood red shark, Toriko-saaan!! ["WAaAA" big, scary font]
Toriko: Don't worry, this guy's a "Drunk Shark". [quote bold.]
TL Note: Drunk Shark = Hegereke Shark
It's turned red from drunkenness.
Komatsu: Eh?

Page 5:
Komatsu: WAa
This flavor..
This sea water tastes like wine, Toriko-san!!
Toriko: Yeah, this is the alcoholic sea called "Liquor Sea". [quote bold]
(Handwirrten): Yuuum
Komatsu: Alcoholic sea!?
Toriko: It's said to be a sea made up of many different kinds of "liquors", like wine, whiskey, beer, and shouchuu.
Top Sign: Heavy Drinker Archipelago
Bottom Sign: Liquor Sea
Toriko: And in the center of it are the islands where boozers the world over gather, "Heavy Drinker Archipelago"...!
Komatsu: Heavy Drinker Archipelago!?

Page 6:
Toriko There's "Champagne Island" and "Cocktail Island"... Many islands were all various different kinds of liquor can be found naturally. [quotes bold.]
Aficionados like Knocking Master Jirou and Chief Mansam come from all over to this place.
Komatsu: It... It's got quite the reputation, huh...?
Toriko: By the way, anyone under 20 isn't allowed onto the islands.
You're gonna be okay, right, Komatsu?
Komatsu: I... I'm 25!!
(In Bubble): Even though I look like this
Toriko: Eh? You're the same age as me?
Look. That island you can see in the middle is "Drunken Frenzy Island". [quote bold.]
Komatsu: D... Drunken Frenzy Island... What a name for an island...
Toriko: Every kind of liquor starts there, and natural snacks to go with the alcohol and fermented foods can be caught there. It's a true alcohol paradise.

Page 7:
Toriko: And actually, there's a superb "vinegar" you can catch on that island... [quote bold.]
That's the kind of vinegars that occasionally works its way onto the market.
It's named "King Vinegar"...!!
TL Note: King Vinegar = Ouzu
Komatsu: King Vinegar!! That's that super-high class vinegar, right?
Toriko: Yeah... With some King Vinegar you can make some kickass sushi rice.
Even Monchy
should approve of that!
Menu: Menu 15
「King Vinegar」
Tomu: When you find somma that,
share some with me, Toriko!
Toriko: Sure. Leave it to me.
Komatsu; Thanks as always, Tomu-saaan!
Tomu: Yeah. Don't die, Komatsu!
Komatsu: D... Don't die...?
That Tomu-san sure is exaggerating... This is a liquor paradise.
Beast: BUOOO
Komatsu: Eh?

Page 8:
Beast: BUOOO
(Handwritten): NOGYAA
Komatsu: GYAAAAAA A drunken bull is charging at uuus!!!
Toriko: Oh! This is "Drunken Cattle"!!
It's the bull from the Chief's Full Course Menu, ain't it?!!
Toriko: So it lives on this island, too?!
Toriko: I already got a great snack to go with the alcohol, Komatsu!
That's a good omen!
Komatsu: Why's such a ferocious bull here on this island!?

Page 9:
Toriko: Well, it's a liquor island after all...
Even all the wild beasts on the island are drunk, and among them a lot are pretty ferocious.
Komatsu: All the wild beasts are drunk!?
Toriko: And even if humans aren't careful, forget hangovers, you'll be "drunk your whole life".
Supposedly, there are some people that can never leave.
Komatsu: Drunk their whole lives? Just how heavy are those drinkers...?
And hey, you ate that Drunken Cattle way too fast, Toriko-san!
Toriko: Don't worry. There's no lack of snacks to go with alcohol on this island.
Look, a *"Chips Tree". [quote bold.]
Asterisk: *Nigata Prefecture 山崎駿矢-san's work!!
Toriko: Ah!
Komatsu: The tree bark peels off and can be eaten like potato chips.
Torio: Mm~~ Great texture!
Toriko: Mm.
This smell is...
Toriko: This way!?
Komatsu: Ah, hold on, Toriko-san!
Toriko: Uoh!

Page 10:
Toriko: Awesome!!
A spring of high-class brandy!!
Komatsu: Waa, amazing!!
Toriko: What a ni~~ce color... That deep amber color looks just like a jewel...
And this sweet smell!
I can't get enough!!
Toriko: UuU~~
(Handwritten): HU~~

Page 11:
Toriko: The alcohol content of around 40% is just perfect.
Try some, Komatsu.
Komatsu: B... But I'm not too good with alcohol...
Toriko: It's okay! Look! It's "Ukonunko"!! [quote bold.]
TL Note: Ukon Unko is a play on words, "ukon" is a ginger plant called a "tumeric" an "unko" means "poop". They sound similar, so the pun doesn't translate.
Toriko: If you eat onna these, you can drink all you want and never get drunk!
Komatsu: Ukon Unko!? Eh? Is it ukon or is it unko? Which!?
Toriko: It's a ukon kind of unko.
Toriko: Anyhow, as a chef, you should try tasting high class liquors in their natural environment.
Komatsu: O... Okay...
Toriko: Ain't it!?
All right! Komatsu, let's drink every drop of liquor on the island!!
Komtsu: Okaaay!
Wait, is that why we're here?
Toriko: Look, Komatsu! It's a beer waterfall!
Komatsu: The glistening carbonation is so pretty!

Page 12:
Toriko: It's a "Cocktail River"!!
Komatsu: So sweeet!!
It's a "Refined Sake Pond", Toriko-saaan! [quote bold]
Toriko: YUuUM! I can gulp it down like water!! [YUuUM big]
Komatsu: I've got some crunchy *"Aluminum Cabbage" and *"Leek Cheese"!
Asterisk: *"Aluminum Cabbage" is Hyougo Prefecture's 宮里龍心-san's work! "Leek Cheese" (Rakkyo Cheese) is Kyoro's 平良駿-san's work!
Toriko: Oh! We found some *"Laver Salt Butterflies"!! [quote bold.]
Komatsu: They're butterflies with potato chip wings!!
Catch them!!
Asterisk: *"Laver Salt Butterfly" (Norishio Chou) is Nakinawa Prfecture's 島袋由美子-san's work! "Brandy Tiger" is Hougo Prefecture's 小原陸-san's work!
Description: Brandy Tiger
(Mammal Beast)
Capture Level 53
Toriko: It's a *"Brandy Tiger"!!
It's the tiger whose blood running through its body is a top-grade brandy!!
I took a share of juuust a little bloo (brandy).
Komatsu: I'm glad that even though it's drunk, it's a gentle tiger.
Toriko: Oh.

Page 13:
Toriko: It's champagne!! There's a champagne rain pouring down!!
Komatsu: All the bubbles feel good~~
And it's delicious~~
Komatsu: !
Eeeeeh, an *"Emerald Dragon"!?
Description: Emerald Dragon
(Reptile Beast)
Capture Level 78
Asterisk: *"Emerald Dragon" is Nagano Prefecture's 甕雄大-san's work!!
Toriko: It's the
legendary dragon that that top-class Emerald Wine that springs from its back!!
Toriko: Aw man, not only is this guy strong, he's got a bad temper.
I dunno if I can beat it being this tipsy.
Komatsu: B... But Toriko-san...
The Dragon... isn't moving one bit...
Toriko: What!?

Page 14:
Jirou: What's all that racket...
Both: !!
Toriko: Ah
Knocking Master
Jirou: Hm?
Jirou: Oh, it was you guys?
Komatsu: WAAA Jirou-san, it's been such a long time!
Toriko: Jirou!!
Jirou: Say, why don't you come into
the Emerald Wine bath with me?
Both: Okaaay!!

Page 15:
Toriko: Awesooome! It's an emerald-colored wine bath!!
(Handwritten): WUAAH, Jirou-saan!
Jirou: Hehhehhe, if you bottle it, you can get no less than 5 million a pop for this wine.
Komatsu: Jirou-san, do you come to this island often?
Jirou: Yep. A lot of the time I come 8 days a week.
Komatsu: More than every day!?
Jirou: Hm.
(Handwritten): UI~~~
Jirou: Looks like you two are growin' pretty well.
Komatsu: Thank you very much!!
Toriko: Thanks to you, Jirou!
Jar: Liquor
Toriko: That time in "Gourmet World" you taught me my own weakness...
Without that, I don't think I'd have grown this much.
(In Bubble): Well, I'm actually still training, though...
Jirou: Hehhehhe. That all-important "Gourmet World" you admire so much [quote bold]
is getting pretty uproarious, from what I heard.
Toriko: Eh?
Jirou: Here, drink up!
My treat.
Both: I... Itadakimas!!

Page 16:
SFX: GOKU... (Gulp)
Toriko: YUUUUM!!!
Jirou: Hehheh. In any age, booze is always tasty...
On rainy days, or sunny days... Booze never changes in how delicious it is.
What does change, is the hearts of the people who always drink...
the taste of alcohol in our hearts can change...
Though they always...
want to calmly savor a drink.
Hicc [Small bubble]
(Handwritten): Ui~~
Komatsu: Hey, Jirou-san. What's that liquor?
Jirou: Hm?
That's the "Drink" from my Full Course. [quote Bold]
Komatsu: Eh!!?

Page 17:
Toriko: ...Do mean...
"Doham Spring Sake "...!!?
Jirou: Yeah... Wanna taste?
Both: HELL YEAH!!!!!
Jirou: A, sorry, I drank it all a little while ago.
Jirou: Well, it's all right, isn't it? You who will get your own in "Gourmet World" soon.
And there are tons of other liquors in there, too! Let's drink!!
Box: That party----
Handwritten: I can't take anymore...
Box: Lasted 2~3 more days...
And eventually, Toriko and Komatsu found the "King Vinegar" about a week later...
Bottle: King Vinegar
Side: They even got some work done!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 176
/ End
Next issue, what will come of the fine-quality Ehou Maki ingredients Toriko seeks!?

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