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Toriko 180

Disappearance Cuisine!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 21, 2012 23:53 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 180

Only for use by HWMN.

So much talking about things... Delicate delicate things...

[Toriko 180 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Komatsu: Th...
This is----!!
Side: Beyond the Ehou Maki is?!
Komatsu: The legendary 10-Star traditional restaurant!!
"Disappearance Cuisine"!!!
Insert Text: ☆Jump Comics Volume 19 goes on sale 4/4!!
Komatsu: Amaaazing!! The rumors about it being somewhere in the sea of trees was true!!
Toriko: 10-Star?!!
Okay, let's head in, Komatsu! Let's eat something for now!!
Komatsu: Can we get in without a reservation?
Toriko: It'll be fine!! I mean, it's hidden and disappears, so ya can't make a reservation!
Guy: ..........

Page 2:
Right Insert Text: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV,
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆"Toriko Gourmet Battle Figure Collection 4" goes on sale today at a sweet shop year you!! Go for a silver Legend Entre Dish!!
☆Until the 31st, the TV Anime is taking applications for a Wild Beast contest!!
Details on the official homepage!!
☆With a NuaAAAn, the Toriko Fair restarts at "Mini Strip"!
Introducing the shocking "Steamed Butt Bug Bread"!!
All Bishokuya must check out the details on page 373!!
(*The fair begins 4/2 and the limited-edition bread and bentou boxes go on sale starting on the 3rd.)
Left Insert Text: Begin with "gratitude" and end with "gratitude"... The delicious spice of the heart!!
Title: Gourmet 180 Disappearance Cuisine!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Sign: Disappearance (Hidden in the Clouds) Cuisine
Komatsu: H...Huwaa
Up close it sort of looks majestic, or... how to put it...
Toriko: It's got a real dignified appearance, like it has a long and distinguished history, doesn't it?
And there's a refined and delicious smell coming from inside
hanging in the air out here.
Toriko: Okay, let's head in, Komatsu!
Komatsu: Okay.
Toriko: Hellooo!
Komatsu: Pardon the intrusiooon!
Toriko: Hm?

Page 4:
Toriko: Ah?
Komatsu: Huh?!
Toriko: .............
Toriko: Th... The shop disappeared?
Komatsu: I'm sure we were just...

Page 5:
Komatsu: A... A person!!
Toriko-san, someone's there!
Toriko: Eh?
Komatsu: Look, over there.
H... Huh?
Toriko: Where, Komatsu?
Komatsu: I'm sure someone was...
Someone: Press your hands together
and bow...
Komatsu: Eh?!

Page 6:
Both: !!
Komatsu: WHWHA?!
Toriko: The shop appeared again!
What the hell's goin' on?!
......Hey, uh...
Did you hear that just now, Komatsu?
Komatsu: Y... Yes...
Quite clearly...
It said "press your hands together"... and "bow"...
Toriko-san, do you think
that's a charm used...
to get into "Disappearance Cuisine", or something?
A charm?
Would ya need something like that to get into a restaurant?
Komatsu: W... Well, let's just give it a try.
Hands together.
And bow.

Page 7:
Toriko: Ooh?!
A... Awesome...
We really got in...
Even though just finding the restaurant in the first place is really hard,
entering "Disappearance Cuisine" can't be done normally either, eh...?
Komatsu: It... It's a restaurant full of mysteries.
Toriko: Yeah... But,
I'm still getting a nose full of the smells of deli~~cious ingredients!
Enough to make me believe those "10 stars". [quote bold.]
Someone: Welcome...
Toriko: Hm?

Page 8:
Guy: Welcome to our shop. Come right this way,
to "Disappearance Cuisine".
I am the head chef, "Chiru".
It is an honor to have you.
Description: "Disappearance Cuisine"
-----Head Chef-----
Toriko: A... Yeah.
Komatsu: Uwah. It's Chiru-san, the 15th place ranked chef.
U...Um... We don't have a reservation..
is that okay?
Guy: Of course. There are many customers that do make reservations but are unable to reach the restaurant.
I would be sincerely grateful to serve anyone who found our restaurant.
Komatsu: N... Naw~ we just coincidentally happened upon it...
Chiru: Now, please come right upstairs.
I'll show you to the customer room.
Toriko: Heh...
Is there another customer here...?

Page 9:
Komatsu: U... Umm, Chiru-san?
Chiru: Yes?
Komatsu: Why is "Disappearance Cuisine" all the way out here in the sea of trees?
Wouldn't it be easier for customers to get here if it were in an easier to find location...?
Chiru: Our shop uses the most delicate of ingredients....
For that reason, if just anyone came in lightheartedly, it would pose a problem.
Komatsu: A... a problem...?
Chiru: Unless one has courtesy and etiquette towards food, in other words, "Food Honor", [quote white/bold.]
they cannot eat at our restaurant.
Komatsu: F... Food... Honor...?
Toriko: Food etiquette...
But in the Gourmet Age, people are given lessons in "Food Honor" from elementary school age...
Chiru: Yes... But recently there have been many people that do now know etiquette.
In order to protect our ingredients from such wild customers,
we have setup business operations here in the sea of trees.

Page 10:
Komatsu: Then, when wild customers come,
do you refuse them entrance to the restaurant?
Chiru: It's all right. Such customers cannot find this restaurant.
Komatsu: Eh?
Chiru: This chop is made of the wood of mysterious trees that create "camouflage".
Located in Gourmet World, it is said to be the world's shiest and most cowardly tree. It is known as "Ongyoujyu". When wild creatures come nearby, they immediately disappear from sight.
T/N: Ongyoujyu = Hidden Form Tree. Also could be translated as "stealth" or "invisible through magic" tree. There are too many words in this arc that have lots of meanings...
Chiru: The materials used to make this building itself are meant to protect the delicate ingredients inside.
Toriko: I see... Using natural optical camouflaging... you get an invisible building...
That's a material that's been used for vaults to hide valuable ingredients or treasures recently.
Komatsu: S... So that's why the shop disappeared for a minute...?
Chiru: Two people being gladly accepted
by both this building... and the "ingredients"... That's quite rare as of recent.
Though what is most impressive is that you discovered this shop in the first place.
Toriko: Naw~ I just followed
a certain guy's smell, is all...
Chiru: A certain guy?
Guy: Chiru-saaan!!
That customer is still hungry!!
We're not gonna have the cooking done in time!!

Page 11:
Toriko: Ah.
Guy: Ah.
Chiru: Eh?
Chiru: I see...
One of our staff has been incredibly rude.
Chiru: Chirin.
Please apologize.
Chirin: B... But... The Ehou Maki was already broken apart by the time I found it!!
And I just took a little!
Description: "Disappearance Cuisine"
-------Employee---- Chirin

Page 12:
Toriko: So you're saying the one who gouged out that mountain wasn't you either...?
Chirin: Of course!!
Like I could even do something like that!!
Toriko: You got that right.
Komatsu: W... Well, anyhow...
Luckily thanks to you, we were able to find this shop...
Toriko: Yeah!
Though our guide to Shokurin Temple got cut off. Well, we'll make it there somehow.
Chiru: Shokurin Temple?
Komatsu: Yes! We're on our way to get the Bubble Fruit at Shokurin Temple. ["Yes" big/bold.]
Chiru: Oh... my.
Shokurin Temple's temple treasure, the "Bubble Fruit"?! [quote white.]
Komatsu: Yes. You know of it, Chiru-san?
Chiru: Yes, it's famous.
The "Bubble Fruit" is said to be one of the most delicate ingredients in this world.
It's an ingredient once handled by a previous generation head chef here at "Disappearance Cuisine".
Komatsu: Heeeh, amazing! You could even eat it here?!!
So you're not still serving it now, then?

Page 13:
Chiru: N... No.
I'm embarrassed to admit, but my skill is still too immature...
Komatsu: Eh~~~~ You, Chiru-san? The person ranked 15th on the Chef Rankings?
Chiru: Yes.
Chiru: !
Guy: Can you hurry that next serving up?!!
Chirin: Ah.
Yes, just a minute!!
Chirin: That customer's been eating like crazy!
Chiru: Hey, Chirin.
That's rude to the customer.
Komatsu: !
That person...
He's the one I saw in the forest before...
Chirin: Would the two of you come right this way, as well...?
We'll have food prepared soon.
Toriko: UHOH! Finally!! [Heart after the "Uhoh" which is in the fancy font.]

Page 14:
Toriko: Th... This sure is exciting, Komatsu!
Komatsu: Y... Yeah. I barely ever get to eat 10-star cooking.
Chirin: Shisshisshi. It'll be good if you can eat it well.
Chiru: Chirin.
Thank you for waiting.
Toriko: Oh!
Chirin: First we have an aperitif.
It's Kelp Sake extracted from a *"Kelp Stone". [quote bold.]
Asterisk: *Shizuoka Prefecture's Penname Casey-san's work!!
Toriko: Ooh, Kelp Stone, huh?
SFX: Soooo...
T/N: Kelp Stone = Konbu Ishi

Page 15:
Narration: You start with water at 3 degrees Celcius and raise it 1 degree each hour. And at the same time, you need to soak it into the water at a fixed rate, millimeter by millimeter, over the course of one hour...
It has to be done by hand, and in that time if you move the stone just one millimeter in another direction, the stock will stop releasing part-way through.
Chiru: It depends on the size of the stone, but at worst the preparation takes five whole days. It's a super special preparation ingredient.
Toriko: Awesome. Itadakimaaasu!
Chiru: Ah! Wait a second!
Toriko: Eh?
Toriko: ?!
Toriko: H... Huh? What just happened?
Chiru: It... It lost the "savoriness"... [quote bold.]
Toriko: What?!
Chiru: There's a specific "etiquette" that must be adhered to when drinking Kelp Sake... If you neglect it, all savoriness will evaporate... [quote bold.]
Toriko: Eh~~~ For real?!
Chiru: I'm deeply sorry for taking so long to say so...
Speaking of which, the movements for it require considerable patience...
Komatsu: S... So there are even special appreciation ingredients, huh...?
K... Keep calm~~...
Narration: 10 minutes later----
20 minutes later----
Komatsu: Aaah, I messed up!

Page 16:
Chiru: *"Sunshine Cheese"---
Unless it is eaten while being hit by the light of the sun, it gets rock hard.
Asterisk: *"Sunshine Cheese" Is Hiroshima Prefecture's Penname Misonabe Neko-san's work!
Toriko: Okay, here goes.
Toriko: Yyy
SFX: FURU FURU (trembling)
Chiru: *"Million Tomato"-----
The preparation for it is to carefully peel off 1000 membrane layers, and during the actual eating, it must be done softly as to not crush the fruit.
Asterisk: *"Million Tomato" is Nagano Prefecture's Penname Lariss [Music Note]-san's work!!
Toriko: Ah
Dammit, I plucked it too hard...!!
Chiru: *"Star Rice"---- By washing and drying one grain at a time, it's a rice that will really sparkle like a star.
When eating it, you must stare at the rice and absolutely never blink as you eat it. If you blink even once, all of its flavor will instantly deteriorate.
Asterisk: *"Star Rice" (Hoshi Gome) is Hyougo Prefecture's Penname YK-san's work!!
Komatsu: A~~h.
Oh darn, I blinked!!
People: Dammit!!
This one's another failure!!
This one's fine. YUummyy~~~~!!
This one's no good!!
And this one's a no-go, too!!

Page 17:
Both: Go...
Gochisousama deshita...
Aw, man. We couldn't eat most of it!!
Komatsu: E... Even the cooking for these are so difficult they make removing the Puffer Whale's poison look easy...
But the biggest thing is I didn't even know ingredients that were this hard to eat even existed in the world...
So these are "Disappearance Cuisine's" delicate ingredients...
Chiru: Just a little agitation or a slight disturbance of spirit...
This shop's ingredients discern the customer's state of mind and react to them.
Toriko: Ingredients this delicate...
They're all ingredients that would really ware on your nerves if you tried to just store them...
Now I get why this shop couldn't operate in the congestion of the city.
But more than anything... they're delicious...!! Even though we could only actually eat a little...
They were all excellent and refined dishes...!! ......If we could...
If we could have, I'd like to taste them all~~
Both: !

Page 18:
Komatsu: .............
He... He's being so rough...
Toriko: Yeah... But...
He's eating it all...
Chirin: He...
He... finished it all.
Chiru: ...Well...
of course he did.
Chirin: Eh?
Chiru: Long ago...
in the natural world......
there was an age where these were the only ingredients that existed, I've heard...
It was an age where unless one had impeccable "food etiquette", they would starve to death...

Page 19:
Guy: If you lived in that age, you'd die.
Tomiko and Koike...
Toriko: !!
Chiru: You seem well..
"Master Chin".
Side: We go Chin's way!!
Komatsu: Eh? M... Master?!
Chiru-san, that person...
Chiru: Yes...
He is "Shokurin Temple's" "Master" and one of the "Gourmet National Treasures"... [quotes besides "master" are bold.]
"Chin Chinchin"-shi. [quote white]
(On Page): Hm? Was it Toruko?
Komatsu: EEEEEH?! This person-----?!
(In Bubble): Chinchin?
T/N: Chinchin means penis. Though his name is made up of the kanjis for "rare" and "weight" or "temple supervisor" or "calm". His shirt says "Food Honor".
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 180
/ End
Next issue, a center color page! What strange statements will come from Master Chin...?!

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