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Translations: Gintama 651 (2) , One Piece 877 by cnet128

Toriko 184

Shokurin Temple Training!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 19, 2012 01:28 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 184

Only for use by HWMN.

Oh God, this chapter was so wordy and complicated... I wish I had an EASY manga to translate like Gintama where all they do is punch each other for 10 pages. Oh wait, I need to check that, too. Fuck.

[Toriko 184 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: 5 AM----- Morning at Shokurin Temple...
Side: In the early morning at Shokurin Temple...
Narration: It is not Zen meditation...
but Food Meditation that begins-----!!
Shuu: Food Meditation is an exercise of preparing one's heart to give thanks towards food...
First you calm the heart, then you focus you ears on the palpitations of your own life.
Toriko: So it's that "state of perfect selflessness" thing, right?
Shuu: No, it is not.
Toriko: Huh? It's not?

Page 2:
Shuu: "Unselfishness". To put it another way, it is the state of wanting "nothing". ["Unselfishness" big.bold.]
In "Food Honor" this falls under the category of worldly thoughts.
Anyhow, expressing "gratitude" is the foundation of Food Honor.
What the two of you see in front of you is the flame of the *"Torchorsetail"... [quote bold]
Asterisk: *Chiba Prefecture's 三木駿汰-san's work!! Torchorsetail = Taimatsukushi
Shuu: It is a horsetail plant that burns like a torch which Master Chin developed for use in Food Honor training.
When it senses worldly thoughts besides that of gratitude, the fame immediately extinguishes.
The larger the number of torches, the more they can sense worldly thoughts,
but first, please try your best to maintain one flame for 30 minutes.
And when you're done,
we'll eat breakfast.
Toriko: Breakfast...
Komatsu: AH!
Komatsu: AAAAAAH. The flame went out, Toriko-san!!
You had worldly thoughts right out in the open!!
Toriko: S... Sorry...
Shuu: .........
(Handwritten): That was fast...

Page 3:
Title: Gourmet 184 Shokurin Temple Training!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert Text: Sink your heart deep into gratitude----
Lower Left Insert: ☆The big Golden Week even! "Toriko Gourmet Tour"
At Ikebukuro's Sunshine City, Hall B,
an open exhibition from 4/28 (Sat.) ~ 5/6 (Sun)!
There's a 13-page special collection! Check it out, soon!
Lower Right Insert: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on FujiTV
The TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆A compilation of Gourmet Tasting from beginning to end!
Newest from Jump Comics, Volume 19 now on sale!!
☆Shimabukuro Sensei's other masterpiece!
Shounen Jump Remix "Seikimatsu Leader Den TakeshI!"
The newest publication goes on sale 4/27! This time Takeshi is in heaven!!
Toriko: Bue~~~ We finally finished 30 minutes...
In the end we couldn't make the flame last for more than 5 minutes at a time...
Komatsu: Gratitude towards food is surprisingly difficult...
I guess you really need patience...
SFX: YORO.. YORO... (unsteady)
Shuu: Now, for breakfast.
Toriko: All right!!

Page 4:
Shuu: There's rice in the vases,
so take as much as you'll be eating in the bowl.
Toriko: UHOH! We can take as much as we want?!
Shuu: Yes. However, the tools you must use to take them are chopsticks.
Toriko: Ee~~~H?! Chopsticks?!
Asterisk: *Hiroshima Prefecture's Penname Shautan-san's work!! Rice Among Eggs = Tamago Iri Gohan (TIG).
Shuu: Among each grain are tiny eggs. *"Rice Among Eggs". [quote bold]
If you boil them, they make piping hot boiled eggs, but
before being boiled, if the raw eggs are together with the rice, they break down. If you gently scoop them up with a cup or something, they'll break apart from the shock.
So please use those chopsticks to pick carefully.
Toriko: GUNUU~~~ Another irritating meal like the beans yesterday.
Komatsu: Th... This must be part of the training, too, huh...?
Toriko: Ah, oops. I broke one!!
Shuu: By the way, if one breaks, it will set off a chain reaction breaking the grains of rice around it and their taste will deteriorate.
Toriko: GYAAAA Today's breakfast!! ["GYAAAA" big.]
Shuu: The fundamental stance of Food Honor is "hands together" and "bow:.. [quotes in different font.]

Page 5:
Shuu: Memorize that correct form for me.
Komatsu: We putting our hands together and bow all the time, right, Toriko-san?!
Toriko: Well, all my meals starts with that.
I give thanks to all of the ingredients in this orld.
Itadakimasu------- There.
Komatsu: !
What are those...?
Those holes on that wall...
Toriko: !
Komatsu: Eh..>?
Toriko: Wh...

Page 6:
Shuu: Please earnestly try not to let your form deteriorate.
Because if you let the proper form break down, you'll sustain major injury.
Both: EEEEE~~~~~H?!
Both: Hey-
Toriko: M... Major injury...?
Komatsu: HAA
I think it's going directly to our lives, this training...
Shuu: In Food Honor, the correct posture is of the utmost importance.
Now then, that will be all for meals today.
Toriko: Eh? It's over already?!
Shuu: This is a *"Roast Ham" seed that blooms a Ham Flower.
Asterisk: * Kanagawa Prefecture's Kurichii-san's work!!
Shuu: Until this germinating flower blooms, please look after it without any sleep or breaks.

Page 7:
Toriko: .........Look after it?
Without any sleep or breaks?
Shuu: And try your utmost...
not to forget the idea of gratitude, okay...?!!
Toriko: .........
Komatsu: .........
Toriko: Eh...
What is this...?
When the hell is it gonna bud?

Page 8:
Toriko: ..........
Toriko: A... All right!
A bud finally appeared!!
Shuu: Congratulations.
Toriko: Assistant Master!!
Shuu: But for it to take one night to bud...
the "Roast Ham's" flower blooms faster the stronger the thought of gratitude is.
Do your best and keep appreciating, because if you can't
you'll never eat another meal.

Page 9:
Toriko: We... We did iiiit! The Ham Flower blooomed!! [Letters get bigger in the yells.]
Komatsu: We really did it, Toriko-san!!
Toriko: B... But...
What dull training...
Will we really...
master "Food Honor" like this...? [quote bold]
Komatsu: Are you worried, Toriko-san?
Toriko: We~~ll, what do you think, Komatsu?
About this training...

Page 10:
Komatsu: I... I think...
it's fun...
I... I certainly think that what we're doing is dull and difficult, but...
But it's... fun.
I'm going at the same pace as you, Toriko-san...
Thinking of how we're growing together... makes me happy.
Toriko: ............
Well growing and all is good, I guess...
Komatsu: When...
When you lost to Assistant Master Shuu...
I was sort of... extremely frustrated...
Toriko: !
Komatsu: It was humiliating... And I felt like I wanted to cry...
It was the first time I had that kind of feeling...
Toriko: ............
Komatsu: I...
honestly felt
like I wanted to avenge you.

Page 11:
Komatsu: Because I was too weak...
I was decisively defeated, too...
(Handwritten): HAHA...
Toriko: .........
Komatsu: Toriko-san...!! Let's learn Food Honor together!!
And next time, we'll really beat him!! The Assistant Master!!
we'll get
the "Bubble Fruit"!!
Toriko: Yeah.
That's right!
Thank you...

Page 12:
Toriko: ------Haa
Komatsu: -----Huu
Shuu: Looks like you've cleared 30 minutes.
That was some good concentration.
It usually takes a month to maintain a "Torchorsetail" flame for 30 minutes...
And they did it in just a few days...
Toriko: I never thought being constantly thankful could be this painful...
Komatsu: It takes quite a lot of stamina, doesn't it...?
Shuu: Eventually you will be able to do it naturally.
Starting tomorrow we'll extend the Food Meditation to one hour.
And after that we'll increase the number of "Torchorsetails".
Toriko: E~~H?!

Page 13:
Shuu: Today's meal is *"Icefish Soumen".
Asterisk: *"Icefish Soumen" is Kanagawa Prefecture's 龍崎翔里-san's work!! Icefish Soumen (Thin white noodle) = Shirauo Soumen
Shuu: Their surfaces and smooth and slippery, so they're difficult to pick up. So concentrate hard and try to catch them.
Toriko: ............
Komatsu: I...
I can't pick them up at all!!
Shuu: The pudding from the hump of a *"Pudding Camel".
Asterisk: *"Pudding Camel" is Mie Prefecture's 森木馨五-san's work!!
Shuu: Please that on your head, and assume the stance of Food Honor.
However, this pudding is extremely soft.
If it moves just a few millimeters, it will break down.
So please concentrate.
Toriko: AH.
Toriko: ......
SFX: PURU PURU (shaking)
Toriko: Ku
Is doing this stuff really making us better at...

Page 14:
Toriko: Ah.
What the hell...?
That force just now...

Page 15:
Shuu: It is because by repeated gratitude towards food...
you have increased "power of concentration" on the target before you eyes... [quote bold.]
Toriko: Assistant Master!!
Shuu: The improvement of the power of concentration brings about better nimbleness and precision of actions.
In other words, you naturally cut down on useless movements and become able to use the minimum of power and form to send out techniques.
Toriko: ......It... It's true that...
I didn't put that much power into that...
but it had so much force...
Shuu: All one's strength cannot compete with proper form...
Efficient movement leads to more effective use of energy.
That is the true natural power...
of your techniques.
Toriko: This is...
"Food Honor"...!!
Shuu: You're still at the entrance of Food Honor.
Eventually, as easily as you would blink or breath
you'll be able to produce techniques with even more explosive power.
Toriko: A...

Page 16:
Toriko: The training is dull, but the results are tremendous!!
Komatsu: Th... That's amazing, Toriko-san!!
Shuu: Komatsu-san, the same goes for you.
Komatsu: Eh?
Shuu: There's an an ingredient I would very much like for you to handle, Komatsu-san...
Would you come with me a moment?
Komatsu: Eh...?
This this...
A Puffer Whale?!!
Shuu: You've handled them before, yes?
Komatsu: Yes... Technically I have, but...
Shuu: It's had Knocking applied to it. Please try to remove the "Poison Sack".
Komatsu: B... But...... The location of a Puffer Whale's "Poison Sack" varies from whale to whale...
And based on that, the way you handle it is...
Shuu: It'll be fine. Go ahead and try.
Komatsu: O...

Page 17:
Komatsu: !
What's this sensation...?
I know... ["Know" in italics."..
I know the procedure...
SFX: SU...
Toriko: OoOoO, awesome, Komatsu!!!
You did the special preparation ingredient, the Puffer Whale, in an instant...!!!
Komatsu: I... I can't believe it...
I even surprised myself...
Shuu: You've increased your power of concentration toward ingredients through your repeated expressions of gratitude...
That, coupled with the abundant cooking experience and knowledge you had originally
you've become intuitively able to tell how best to handle that ingredient... the best methods with which to make it taste better...

Page 18:
Komatsu: S... So this is thanks to the power of concentration as well...?
Shuu: Yes...
However, there's something I should call your attention to, Komatsu-san.
The state of the Puffer Whale.
Komatsu: Eh...?
The state...?
Toriko: AAAH!!
Its "Poison Sack" has been removed, but it isn't shining gold?!
Komatsu: AH!
Aaaaaaah, it's true...!!
Shuu: Yes.. This is proof that the Puffer Whale itself has not yet noticed it has been handled and had its poison sack removed... ["not yet noticed" in italics.]
Komatsu: Eh~~~~? Really?!!
Shuu: That's because of just how delicate and speedy your knife handling with, Komatsu-san.
This is your essential natural ability with all unnecessary movement pruned off...
Komatsu: M...
Shuu: Among those that have become masters of "Food Honor", there are chefs that use delicate techniques
that directly remove the poison sacks from Puffer Whales which haven't had Knocking applied to them and and are still swimming.

Page 19:
Shuu: There are records of huge fish that that level of chef have handled...
that keep swimming for years without noticing that they're dying.
Komatsu: A... Amazing...
I hope that someday I'll......
Shuu: Yes!
I'm sure you'll be able to!
Toriko: Okay, Komatsu! Let's train even more
and master Food Honor!!
Komatsu: Okay, Toriko-san!!
Chin: Huhhuhhu.
You could certainly say they're doing well...
But for me, this will probably be my last job in the Human World...
I had best fill my tank (stomach)...
Insert Text: Are they near the completion of their training?!
And the shadow of unease is near...
Bottom: Toriko
... Gourmet 184
/ End

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2012
Wordy and complicated? :-P This is my life every week Shifu.
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