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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 185

Bubble Way!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 28, 2012 09:07 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 185

Only for use by HWMN.

This part's awesome.
But this week's Gintama is really something else.

[Toriko 185 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: To get the Bubble Fruit and to power up, they quiet their hearts. And now... zen!!
Shuu: They can maintain 10 "Torchorsetails" for 2 hours...
They've had magnificent growth.
Okay, 2 hours have passed.
Toriko: ------Huu.
Komatsu: We're able to relax quite a bit while we appreciate now, huh?
Toriko: I feel like I'd be okay doing Food Zen Meditation an hour longer.
Shuu: It seems my turn will be coming to an end soon...

Page 2:
Insert Text: Until the day both of them hold it in their hands!
Title: Gourmet 185 Bubble Way!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Right Insert: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV,
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆Compiling Gourmet Tasting from beginning to end!
Jump Comics Volume 10 is now on sale with rave reviews!!
☆The big introduction of the new shot of sticker gummis!
For info on Toriko good, go to page 12!!
SFX: MORIH (Serving)
Shuu: I... Incredible...! You have all of this "Rice Among Eggs" without any breaking...
Toriko: Let's hurry up and boil it, Shuu-chan! [Heart]

Page 3:

Page 4:
Shuu: ......
Komatsu: Look, Assistant Master Shuu!!
Look how fine I'm able to julienne cabbage now!
Toriko: Awesome!! It's so thin I can barely see it!!
And the cutting speed was remarkably faster than before!
Shuu: Dear me. Your knife handling has become quite amazing indeed, Komatsu-san.
Toriko: I've increased the delicacy in my movements and gotten my energy consumption better!
And it's made my speed and power all the greater.
Shuu: I never would've guessed that the two of you would make "Food Honor" your own in such a small period of time...
I doubt I could win against the two of you now.
Komatsu: We've got to learn the "Top-Class Course" soon and pass the final exam!
Shuu: There is no need for that.
Komatsu: Eh?

Page 5:
Shuu: The training you've been doing from the start has been the "Top-Class Course".
And the ingredients we have you eat in the final exam, the two of you have already eaten during your training... In other words,
The two of you have already learned "Food Honor".
Chin: Exactly.
Both: !!
Both: WAH
Both: ...?!
Master Chin!!
Chin: Huhhuhhu......... Umm...
..................What were your names, again?
Toriko: At least remember them wrong!!

Page 6:
Chin: Yes, yes, they was Toriko and Komatsu.... I thought so the who~~~le time...
Good work with all the difficult training you've done... I suppose I praise you for being faster than I expected.
I'll be taking compensation for the buildings you destroyed, though...
Shun, you did a good job as well.
While I'm training them...
assemble all of the other assistant masters for me.
So if anything happens to the temple, you'll be able to deal with it...
Komatsu: Shuu-san, you have our sincere thanks for all you've done.
Toriko: We really appreciate it, Shuu-chan.
Shuu: All I did was bring out the natural power the two of you already had...
The real training starts from here,
Try your utmost...
not to lose your lives...

Page 7:
Toriko: Eh...?
Shuu: Master's training is draconian-----
Shuu: Huhhuhhu. Now, you two,
come this way.
Toriko: ..........
Chin: Your goal was the "Bubble Fruit" wasn't it?
First, come take one of the "Bubble Fruits" floating in the garden.
Toriko: Eh?
The "Bubble Fruit"?
(In Bubble): So suddenly?
Chin: As you are now, it should be possible for you two obtain one.
Toriko: O...

Page 8:
Chin: Now, go give it a try.
Toriko: ..........
Toriko: ..........
It's true...
They're not disappearing...
At first, the "Bubble Fruits" disappeared just from me outstretching my arm...
but now I can get this close without them disappearing...

Page 9:
Toriko: ..........Ooh...
Th... This is...
the "Bubble Fruit"...!!
I touched one...
B... But...
Komatsu: Toriko-san, this is...
Toriko: Yeah...
I can tell by touching it...
This thing... isn't an ingredient... it's empty on the inside...
It's nothing but a delicate soap bubble...?! ["soap bubble" in italics]
T/N: Usually the word "Shabon" in Bubble Fruit usually, but not necessarily, means a soap bubble.
Shin: Huhhuhhu.

Page 10:
Chin: To be precise, those are "empty" "Bubble Fruits". ["Empty" in bold.]
They're ones for training purposes to practice to get a "real" one. [quote bold]
Toriko: F... For training...?!
Then where's the real Bubble Fruit...?
Chin: The real one is in a place straight down the temple's back path...
I do intend to go to get that now.
And that will be the only act of training
that I will administer.

Page 11:
Chin: The path of bubbles that extends over the mountains behind Shokurin Temple. Nicknamed "Bubble Way"----- [quote white]
This path is the single road linking to the Temple Treasure the "Bubble Fruit".
Komatsu: A... Amazing... It's really made of bubbles...
Chin: But it's nothing but a straightforward walk.
That's the training.
Toriko: Eh?! That's all of it?!!
Chin: Yes... If you can clear this and claim the "Bubble Fruit"
then your "Food Honor" training will be complete.
At that time, you should acquire food "secret techniques".
Toriko: Seriously?!!
Chin: But the real "Bubble Fruit" is an ultra-shy ingredient, you see...
If you include me, only one other person can walk this path at a time.
What's more, it's very jealous so you can't bring other food with you, either.
Toriko: So it wants to be the only thing seen and eaten, huh...?

Page 12:
It's interesting, that "Bubble Fruit".
I'll go capture it!!
You wait here, Komatsu!!
Komatsu: O... Okay! Toriko-san!!
I'll wait here, and get ready to cook!!
Chin: Huhhuhhu.
Now then, let's depart immediately.
Good luck, Toriko-saaan!
Toriko: Yeah.
It's just walking, so it should be easy.
...there's no way that's it...
Some incredibly strong monster? Horrible weather?
Just what kind of trial is waiting up ahead...?

Page 13:
Toriko: Hey, Master Chin.
Chin: What is it?
Toriko: How is this training different from the "Food Honor" training we've done up until now?
Chin: Hm. They're the same.
Toriko: The same?!
Chin: Unrelenting appreciation towards food.
It's training to heighten that to the limit. ["to the limit" italics.]
Toriko: S... So...
Will I really learn "secret techniques"?
Chin: In the Food Honor world, to completely immerse one's self into a meal is called "Food Immersion". [quote bold.]
T/N: Food Immersion = Shokubotsu. As opposed to Food Honor which is Shokugi and Food Luck which is Shoku-un.
Toriko: Immersing one's self in a meal is a secret technique?
I'm always immersed in those sorta things.
Chin: The deepness is different.
Yours are only means. ["only" in italics.]
Toriko: Hmm...
"Food Immersion", huh......?

Page 14:
Toriko: S... So damn long.
Does this bubble road keep going long...?
Chin: Still quite a bit.
Toriko: Where are the wild beasts-----?

Page 15:
Toriko: Where's...
the harsh weather?
It's... so long...
Just how far does it go...?
No... more importantly...
There's nothing here?!
There are... no wild beasts... not even any plants...!! N... No way... Are there no "food supplies" or "water" either...?!!
It's seriously just a bubble road...!! ["just" in italics.]
Chin: Hey... there's still
a long ways to go.
Toriko: Could it be that this... ["this" in italics.]
is the training...?

Page 16-17:

Page 18:
[That guy looks like Toriko.]

Page 19:
Chin: Hurry, Toriko.
Soon, I too must return
a thorough
"Food Immersion".
Side: "Growth", "Danger", "Anxiety", whiling components, the moment of fruition!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 185
/ End
Next issue, a big pinch at Shokurin Temple?!
The final stage of the Bubble Fruit Arc...!!

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