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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 75

Abnormalities on a Moonlit Night

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 6, 2012 12:52 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 75

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[Billy Bat 75 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Woman: So?
Woman: They're not picking up, huh?
Not the police substation, either?
You can't expect somebody to be at the town hall in the middle of the night like this. But the police substation is odd.
Side: Kevin wants to head to Koumori Village as soon as possible to find Zofuu. But all contact to the village has been cut off?!

Page 2:
Woman: Honestly, it's like Koumori Village as a whole decided to shirk their payments.
Hey, you know, you..........
Sign: Shop

Page 3:
Woman: really look a lot like Ikebe Ryou.
Yamashita: Ikebe Ryou?!
Title: Chapter 75 Abnormalities on a Moonlit Night

Page 4:
Woman: Do you get that a lot?
Kevin: No...... Who is that......?
Woman: You don't know? He's the handsome star, Ikebe Ryou!!
Kevin: Ah...... An actor, is he? I...... grew up in America, so............
Yamashita: AAAAAAAH!!
Kevin: ?!
I...... I found hi~~~~~~m!!
Kevin: Huh?
Yamashita: I finally found hi~~~m!!
The handsome man that looks like Ikebe Ryou~~~!!

Page 5:
Yamashita: Sensei really did do a good drawing. Waaaa!!
Woman: What're you crying about?
Yamashita: Y...... You're
"Kinji" written as "rich man", right?
Kevin: Y...... Yeah.
I guess so..........
Yamashita: UAAA!!
I did it, Zofuu-sensei~~~~~!!
Kevin: Zofuu......?!
You know Zofuu-sensei?!
Yamashita: UEEEE!!
Randy: Ah......

Page 6:
Yamashita: You really look just like Ikebe Ryou~~~~~ UEEEN!!
Kevin: Calm down! What happened to Zofuu-sensei?!
Akechi: For now, let's go with Ikebe Ryou as the lead.
Guy: Huh?
Sign: Arizona----

Page 7:
Guy: Wait...... Ikebe Ryou, the Japanese actor?
Akechi: If this job is gonna be an influential movie, then I thought somebody like him would fit the bill.
Gaskin: I've seen all of your movies, Director Akechi,
but that actor hasn't appeared in any of them.
Akechi: Yeah. I've been wanting to work on something with him for a while, but our schedules never lined up right......
Well, I'm not saying he's a particularly good or compelling actor or anything like that, but..........
For some reason, I get the feeling
that Ikebe Ryou makes special effects real.
Gaskin: Makes special effects real?
Akechi: Hey, you over there!!

Page 8:
Guy: Yes?
Akechi: That sand dune's gotta look like it's muuuuch farther away!!
Guy: Farther......?
Akechi: Perspective, dammit! Perspective!!
You ain't playing in a sandbox! Use your damn head----!!
Guy: O...... Okay!! Let's break down this mountain for now------!!
Akechi: This is what I'm talking about. Any fake can look real with a little ingenuity.
Ikebe Ryou is that little ingenuity. He's got a subtle real-life feel.

Page 9:
Gaskin: Real-life feel?
Akechi: Yep. For anything preposterous, you need a real-life feel.
Why, they say the moon is a lot like the earth, don't they?
Gaskin: I...... Is that so?
Akechi: Huh? Don'cha know? They say a freakin' long time ago a giant meteor hit the earth and bounced back off............
And when that happened, the meteor took a lot of soil from the earth with it.
They say that all hardened together and made the moon.

Page 10:
Akechi: So what I'm sayin' is the Moon and the Earth are made of the same soil.
So you shouldn' be afraid of making a fake moon's surface.
Gaskin: I see...... The deep emotion I'm feeling from hearing the mysteries of the genius Director Akechi's creating techniques explained
is giving me goose bumps.
Akechi: That power of imagination brings reality to the screen.
And it actually creates astounding conceptual ideas.
Gaskin: Oh?
For example..........?
Akechi: Like say, maybe when the giant meteor hit the Earth, it brought lots of different viruses with it from space, or something.
Gaskin: Different kinds of viruses.......?
Akechi: Like on nights with a full moon,
a germ that makes you go crazy when you look at the moon.

Page 11:
Akechi: Maybe even that's an illness left behind on the Earth by the moon in ancient times.
Akechu: Eh? Interesting, ain't it?
Hya hya hya!!

Page 12:
Someone: No...... That's not good.
Even if you do say you have a taxi you're not using......
Woman: I don' mind. Anyhow, the old geezer died, so it doesn' have a driver.
Jackie: Thank you very much, m'am.
Randy: Hey, Jackie!!
Either way, I doubt the battery's working.
Randy: Ah!!
Jackie: Yahoo! You did it, Dad!!

Page 13:
Kevin: Sorry, Momochi-san, but I'll need you drive the taxi until we reach our destination......
Randy: No, no, no, I'm only licensed to drive a taxi in New York. If the Japanese police find me......
Kevin: Yamashita-kun, I'm counting on your to show us the way there.
Randy: ..........
Yamashita: Yessir! Understood!!
Randy: ..........
Kevin: The mountains on Zofuu-sensei's manuscript that you brought.............
I'd like to slowly check through each page, but......
Right now there's no time. For now, just please hurry to Koumori Village.
Randy: "Just please hurry"? Geez......

Page 14:
Randy: I don't get this whole thing......
Jackie: We sure are deep in the mountains......
Yamashita: It should take about another 30 minutes.
Randy: Another half hour, huh?

Page 15:
Kevin: ......So, Yamashita-kun, what did the repeated suicides in the village have to do with Zofuu-sensei......?
Yamashita: He didn' really say anything about that.
Kevin: But......?
Yamashita: He said "It's finally come".
Kevin: ..........What?
Yamashita: A foreigner.
Kevin: A foreigner?
Yamashita: A foreigner that gave the kids patches.

Page 16:
Kevin: Patches..........?
Jackie: Why'd you stop all of a sudden for, Dad?!!
Randy: Ha~~~~h. This is the end of the line............
Jackie: Eh?
Randy: It's a policeman.
Kevin: Eh......?

Page 17:
Yamashita: He's a resident officer!!
Kevin: !!
Randy: I'll try to slowly pass by.
Slowly, so I don't look suspicious......
Kevin: I'm getting out.
Randy: Eh......?
Kevin: Officer!!
Randy: Geez~~~~
Kevin: I called the police substation several times.
But no one picked up, so I got worried. Has something happened?

Page 18:
Kevin: Is something going on in the village?
Yamashita: He's like a different person.
Kevin: Eh?
Yamashita: That officer is always blaming people, I've never seen him be that quiet.

Page 19:
Kevin: ..........
Randy: Is...... Is everything okay..........?
Kevin: Y...... Yes. Anyhow, let's just head into the village.

Page 20:
Jackie: HYAAA A kid!! ["HYAAA" big]
Randy: There's no way a kid would be walkin' around at this time of night!!
Yamashita: Oh-no!! U...... Up ahead~~~!!
Randy: Eh?!
Randy: H...... Hey. What the hell's this?

Page 21:
Randy; What's such a huge hole doing in the middle of the road......?
Kevin: I think if we go on the edge of the road, we can just get around it.
Randy: Hey, you still wanna go~~~~?
Sign: Koumori Village.
Yamashita: We've entered the village.
Randy: ......So it seems, but......

Page 22:
Randy: Even if it is the middle of the night, doesn't it seem too dark?
Yamashita: It's a village in the mountains. It's always pitch black like this......
Randy: But what?
Yamashita: Something about the village is different from normal......
Randy: What's different? Spit it out!!
Jackie: Ah, Dad! Stop!!

Page 23:
Yamashita: Who's that?
Jackie: Is it someone you know?
Yamashita: Wha? He's all covered in mud!!
He's covered from head to toe in mud! I can't tell who it is!
He's got a pickaxe.........
Randy: WAH!
He's coming this way!
Jackie: Dad, back up!!

Page 24:
Randy: Ah...... Huh? Shit!!
Jackie: Hurry!!
Jackie: HURRY~~~~!!
Jackie: Go back......
Mud: Go back
Side: Are the abnormalities in Koumori Village the work of aliens or zombies......? Who could've seen this coming......?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 75 / End
Next chapter appears on 2/16 in issue 12! Look forward to it!

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